How the Largest Structure on 2b2t was Built (Spawn Mason Logo)

  • Published on: 01 January 2020
  • This is the largest structure ever built on 2b2t other than the highways. Let's take a look to see how this thing was built.
  • Runtime : 4:59
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  • New Cuber
    New Cuber   10 hours ago

    4:37 did anyone notice the swastika?

  • Aniven
    Aniven   11 hours ago

    Can’t you just spawn withers under the logo, create a large platform under ur so it doesn’t float down, and get aggro for it to destroy obsidian with a bot

  • Blindi
    Blindi   16 hours ago

    are these people actual masons or just using the mason name?

  • godsavegrunge
    godsavegrunge   1 days ago

    This cost at least 1,586 unless those bots were on cracked Minecraft accounts

  • sorsa
    sorsa   1 days ago

    1:29 Anyone else noticed the chat?

  • Rees -
    Rees -   3 days ago

    If headmaster didn’t wish me dead, I would demolish that in 5 mins by myself.Maybe 10 mins with backdoor injection lag 😉

  • bop sop
    bop sop   4 days ago

    death to the freemasons...

  • xxX_Mouiz_Xxx ___
    xxX_Mouiz_Xxx ___   5 days ago

    why dont they ruin it by building over the gaps so the logo change the shape

  • Kardall
    Kardall   5 days ago

    LOL write a bot system that basically fills the entire known world from inside out on the top layer with obsidian. so anyone taking map pics = black screen.

  • Sky
    Sky   6 days ago

    Create a bot that spawns withers

  • Glacier Brain
    Glacier Brain   1 weeks ago

    thats weird there is a masonic logo, arent they a cult?

  • MattCatt
    MattCatt   1 weeks ago

    Someone should make an ai made to fill the gaps therefore making just a big obsidian blob

  • Hi
    Hi   1 weeks ago

    Bruh no one has seen nazi symbol in 4:38/:

  • TrollerMcgeeTV
    TrollerMcgeeTV   1 weeks ago

    You could probably just build a container under the logo and build a wither in it

  • CommanderNosrac
    CommanderNosrac   1 weeks ago

    Gosh bro you and your group are SO cool🤙🏻 fuck you

  • Mr Bobak
    Mr Bobak   1 weeks ago

    Hold my beer, i found nuker that work in 100 by 100 area

  • Derpy Pedro
    Derpy Pedro   1 weeks ago

    Someone needs to create baritone bots to grief called skynet bots and the spawn masons can fight a 2b2t war against skynet lol

  • 為元張
    為元張   1 weeks ago

    anyone try to plant more trees? or breed more animals ?

  • DNA_ Ghazi250
    DNA_ Ghazi250   1 weeks ago

    My squad includes 12 members. If all of us mine the structure, it will take 17 597 hours / 12 = 1466 hours which is 61 days. I'll think about it...

  • YQ17
    YQ17   1 weeks ago

    I’m shocked

  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan   1 weeks ago

    4:33 even in minecraft construction, one guy does all the work while three others watch

  • Dwit Beathead
    Dwit Beathead   1 weeks ago

    Wait, what If they use bots to destroy it lmao

  • Emanuele Del Grande
    Emanuele Del Grande   1 weeks ago

    two years to destroy it, but you just need to cover it with lava to make it look bad

  • Transit_Van007
    Transit_Van007   1 weeks ago

    NobodyAbsolutely NobodyFitmc ThE OlEsT AnArChay SeRvEr oN MiNeCrAfT

  • Smug Megumin
    Smug Megumin   1 weeks ago

    Just fill the air gaps with more obsidian

  • Edin Hodzic
    Edin Hodzic   1 weeks ago

    Yeah, they will fill the entire logo so its just a fuck damn square instead of anything recognizable.

  • Benilda Agda
    Benilda Agda   1 weeks ago

    Wait 2 years what if somebody used the same idea 61 specialized bot but it destroys blocks and a software that destroys blocks specialized to destroy obsidian