I Bought a TOTALED FERRARI at Salvage Auction with MYSTERY Undercarriage Damage SIGHT UNSEEN!

  • Published on: 26 May 2019
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    I took a big gamble on a cheap wrecked Ferrari 360 Spyder at the Salvage Auction. It had undercarriage damage that was not shown in the photos. It's a big risk, but it could lead to a bigger reward.

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  • Runtime : 20:57
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  • Nolan Wilson
    Nolan Wilson   2 weeks ago

    Does anyone notice at 1:10 he skipped 2nd?

  • Manuel Puig
    Manuel Puig   2 weeks ago

    Can someone please please tell me where he says what auction he bought this car on??? Or if anyone already knows the website he was on when he bought it??? Help me out

  • Taylor Linehan
    Taylor Linehan   1 months ago

    Dear lord. You speak way to much. Even on top of that the more you speak, it makes me want your windpipe to spontaneously crush.

  • Rosario Polanco
    Rosario Polanco   1 months ago

    Walmart oil on a Ferrari 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • snixn
    snixn   1 months ago

    I heard on these cars your actually supposed to check the oil when it’s running

  • Dayron Crespo
    Dayron Crespo   1 months ago

    The next video that you cut the video on the best part I'll give you a dislike

  • fazzi lover
    fazzi lover   1 months ago

    Which website you are using for auction

  • rad1ant
    rad1ant   1 months ago

    what is the purpose of ending the video like that?

    EFRANEED   1 months ago

    Venezolanos creo? Jejje

  • Charles charlie charles

    Watching you try to drive your r8 is horrifying, you steer like a 3 year in an arcade 😂😂

  • Big Izzy84
    Big Izzy84   1 months ago

    On those you check the oil while its running

  • Canadian Maps
    Canadian Maps   1 months ago

    So basically you stole a 'rarri but you paid a little bit?GOD I wish I had that amount of luck.(edit:) nope, u didn't.

  • Gettin BeyWay
    Gettin BeyWay   2 months ago

    Why don’t you say you paid for the car? Instead, you yelled, “I WON PEOPLE, I WON! Idiot!

  • Mehmed Tiro
    Mehmed Tiro   2 months ago

    "Moment of truth.."* ends video*WHY!?

  • I farted
    I farted   2 months ago

    I thought I didn't move under its own power it's going up to reverse just fine why I feel like I've been bamboozled

  • Noti Bog
    Noti Bog   2 months ago

    Dammn you talk too much ..dissliking video :)

  • Farzan Khan
    Farzan Khan   2 months ago

    How much does it cost before fixing it and after fixing it please let me know

  • Ur average Savage
    Ur average Savage   2 months ago

    Well that’s the first time I’ve ever seen somebody change oil on a Ferrari with Walmart oil

  • Rodney Fosdick
    Rodney Fosdick   2 months ago

    The owner must be friends w his insurance agent go ahead and total it out for me so I can get a good check

  • Colao Lombre
    Colao Lombre   2 months ago

    He put Walmart oil in a Ferrari. I’m dumbfounded right now.

  • Václav Vlach
    Václav Vlach   3 months ago

    Tohle mě zajímá už delší dobu, co Vy víte o riskování? Vy s Vašema hloupýma rozhodnutíma dělanýma od stolu? Mě by to vážně zajímalo!

  • D D
    D D   3 months ago

    Yourmomscrack bought a $3k junk and proudly calls it "risking it all" lmao

    ALLGAMING404   3 months ago

    Honestly that was the smoothest honey advertisement

  • Thor USMC
    Thor USMC   3 months ago

    What would something like this at an auction go for?

  • jake90770
    jake90770   3 months ago

    Supertech conventional oil from walmart that's real budget

  • Rozay
    Rozay   3 months ago

    Yo sooo, what the fuck? What happened

  • Fifa Dillon
    Fifa Dillon   3 months ago

    Those wheels 🤮🤮 who would put those cheesy cheap looking things on a Ferrari

  • I H
    I H   3 months ago

    Sam. Lucky sob! ^5 buddy!!

  • J Peezie
    J Peezie   4 months ago

    “I think you might have lucked out my friend”! Yeeeeah as long as you don’t fuck it up anymore. Thanks