• Published on: 14 November 2017
  • A very Happy Birthday to Olga Kurylenko. Olga played the revenge-driven Camille in QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008). Find out more at www.007.com/focus-of-the-week-camille-montes/
  • Runtime : 8
  • Happy Birthday Olga Kurylenko Camille Camille Montes Quantum of Solace James Bond Daniel Craig Bond Bond 007 007 James Bond 007 Spectre Casino Royale Skyfall


  • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
    Daniel Solis Rodriguez   6 months ago

    Quamtum of solace, with the orange girl (Literaly, by the sun), this movie has a lot of action but little dialogs and resumed words, very short movie, dosent like a real bond movie, after that, bond begins with 20 aventures, to finally entrance on skyfall with a old bond but we dont know wtf happened to that girl, she survives, but i believe no much, the bond bad movie, i love spectre and skyfall my two favorites, Casino Royale... a little😂😂😂

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund   2 years ago

    My favorite Bond girl. Happy Birthday, Olga!

    GLUTTONY   2 years ago

    Does anybody know if that rash on her back is real or just makeup

  • Charles Rat
    Charles Rat   2 years ago

    Quantum of Solace IS really underrated ...