For Honor - Apollyon's Moveset for Warden

  • Published on: 29 January 2020
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    Feel free to let me know what you think about Apollyon's moveset, or whether you think Warden even needs additional or updated moves.

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  • Runtime : 10:56
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  • papa wolf
    papa wolf   1 weeks ago

    I don't have appolyon as a selectable you have to buy him in the store?

  • SPECTER1887
    SPECTER1887   1 weeks ago

    I still want appolyon's armor for warden but they gave it to fucking lawbringer -__-

  • Smug The Clown
    Smug The Clown   1 weeks ago

    Warden doesn't need a pin it's too long long. Shogki charged heavy 🙄. why not add more moves for the old heroes. What about ochi having a unblockable kick in story and then gets dumb down online

  • Muhamin Ahmed
    Muhamin Ahmed   1 weeks ago

    Warden should be able to go into a halfswording stance like how highlander can go into an offensive stance.

  • Oni
    Oni   2 weeks ago

    Her moves would be cool as executions. Especially that lance attack of hers

  • Sir Wilhelm
    Sir Wilhelm   2 weeks ago

    I think Apollyon‘s moves are decent except the fact that these moves are useless as a tool, if you redo them then that should be fine though. Like her triple heavy chain, make it able to come from all sides and give it a decent animation. The Impale could be like Lawbringers impaling charge as a parry punish on Light parries and the unblockable heavy could simply be a combo zone like raiders but make it faster and do like 35 damage maybe so it has the properties of a heavy. Remove shoulder bash entirely and give warden more mix-up potential instead, I think then a lot of people would be quite fine with his moveset

  • Truesoul Radiant
    Truesoul Radiant   4 weeks ago

    And if.. Revenge mode unblocked new moveset ? The moves we have seen in story mode, but better. Like an ultimate you know, those kind of stuff are fun usually.

  • Damadiel
    Damadiel   1 months ago

    I think he just needs hyper armor on just a single damn attack

  • Eli Zorn
    Eli Zorn   1 months ago

    I just want murderstrokes and stabs. What is this, SCA?

  • Klopson
    Klopson   1 months ago

    I just noticed that we almost had peace, but Vikings came, fffs.

  • Limit
    Limit   1 months ago

    The person at 9:09 with the axe and shield should be a character he looks sick

  • Kentity
    Kentity   1 months ago

    How bout you can change move sets in combat arts

  • InstiGator
    InstiGator   1 months ago

    They can be implemented with a rework

  • Elrik Wilder
    Elrik Wilder   1 months ago

    If they allowed him to chain a light after a heavy that'd help balance him out I think. The lack thereof makes almost no sense in today's meta where every other character has it. Same reason I think lawbringer shouldn't have a 400ms top light but have a light, light, heavy/light chain instead.

  • MrSnikeerSneer & Ph4nt0m

    The only thing I wish for warden is for him to have a little variety to his kit I get he's a vanguard and all but god damn he's plain bread as fuck Kensei and Tiandi while still have a simple kit that doesn't take nearly as long as the others to master still offer some variety and don't need to be entirely mastered to maximize usefulness while warden is just hur dur shoulder bash just wish he had something else in addition so I don't feel a sense of deja vu whenever I play him

  • Comical Core
    Comical Core   1 months ago

    the problem isn't that shoulder bash is a strong move, it's that its his only move, and because its supposed to be his main opener it's buffed. if he had 2-3 good moves, that would be better than the single move that can beat anyone at any level of play. Strong moves being part of a moveset aren't a problem, but one main move that every single good Warden player must use or they won't be a good player is a problem that Ubisoft somehow hasn't noticed yet.

  • Bernardo Bastos
    Bernardo Bastos   1 months ago

    Crushing counter-strike is the perfect example of what warden's moveset should be like. I'm not saying remove the shoulder bash, but his kit should feature his longswird more heavily.

  • Satan sama
    Satan sama   1 months ago

    Here's a crazy idea how about we take away weeb bois 400ms lights on console

  • APerson
    APerson   2 months ago

    it seems to me like there's no risk to shoulder bashing.

  • DrummerBB
    DrummerBB   2 months ago

    Please no. He's strong enough as it is

  • Massive Degenerate aka Certified Human Waste

    If I where to change something form warden is the heavy animation, instead of using the blade and the attack just being a slower slash, I would make so he/she uses the guards of the sword.From what I know, knights fought mostly with the guards of a sword, since the impact of these was strong enough to damage enemies with armor, using the blade to hit armor was a bad choice since it could chip or even break the blade.

  • ThatOneSwed
    ThatOneSwed   3 months ago

    Im mostly sick of ubi saying, "ohh you can faint it anytime before you move"Warden: moves*Me: dodges*Warden: faint to gb*Me: "YoU cAn FaInT bEfOrE yOu MoVe"

  • Jackal the Bat Pony
    Jackal the Bat Pony   3 months ago

    Don't think you get the argument FreezeNo one just wants Apollyon's moveset to go straight to Warden with zero changes, ofc people know that half the shit will never landBut Ubi have shown they can tweak moves to be faster etc, so the expectation is the same would be done for Apollyon's moveset, but it would still make warden FAR more fun to fight than just "dear god what another bash?" and then dodging because you saw the warden move only to find out they cancelled it after their feet already left the ground

  • Blade Vizor
    Blade Vizor   3 months ago

    Warden is just boring. Sure he’s good but just really boring to play and boring to fight. I just think they can come up with a much more interesting move set.

  • Microwave
    Microwave   3 months ago

    Anyone else feel bad for that warden and kensei ? They never said to attack

  • Eye of Horus
    Eye of Horus   3 months ago

    They could just add a "Secondary" move-set option, letting you choose either the normal Warden move-set, or Apollyon's move-set.

  • Justin Tong
    Justin Tong   3 months ago

    I want that move set just because it's cool

  • Jamesharpoon
    Jamesharpoon   3 months ago

    You missed the ball on this one. It's not about mechanics people are upset about. It's the aesthetic.

  • Dax Orlom
    Dax Orlom   3 months ago

    Instead of doing new heros, what if they gave 2 versions of each hero? In the Campaign, you can see Raiders with a Shield and axe, Wardens with a Shield and Sword. Stuff like that would be cool.

  • Fr Og
    Fr Og   3 months ago

    I just want her stab move cause it’s cool, i couldn’t care how practical it is.

  • William Bosse
    William Bosse   3 months ago

    Raider: big fucking axe has multiple vortex and normal amazing combos and concussing throws.Kensei: can morph heavies side heavy attack dodges and amazing parry times and many great mixupsWarden: SSSSSHHHHHHOOOOUUUUUULLLLLLDDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRR BASH INTO DASH OVERHEAD OH YEAH LETS DO IT AGAIN

  • Will
    Will   3 months ago

    I feel like warden needs some lawbringer lessons on how to use a weapon.