Swipe in 1 Second (Celebrity Dating Challenge)

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
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    Swipe in 1 Second (Celebrity Dating Challenge)
  • Runtime : 13:14
  • Swipe in 1 Second (Celebrity Dating Challenge) tinder online dating celebrity dating ariana grande react reaction thefinebros fine brothers dating fine brothers entertainment finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh try to watch without laughing or grinning react gaming kids versus food staff reacts lyric breakdown poker face the 10s guess that rctone1939


    REACT   6 months ago

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  • selin
    selin   5 months ago

    I wanna be friends with ashby so bad

  • Faiza Rafika
    Faiza Rafika   5 months ago

    can this boy stop saying "i would like to have a conversation with them" lol u seem like the guy to hook up with republican girls and be the token brown guy

  • Joseph Gallego
    Joseph Gallego   5 months ago

    I hate how one of the people just care about the men/women looks

  • clancy gonzales
    clancy gonzales   5 months ago

    Y'all have to do another one of these but use young Josef Stalin as onr of the people

  • monkey moo
    monkey moo   5 months ago

    I ain't gonna get that thank u next thoughThanks labib

  • Juana Alami
    Juana Alami   5 months ago

    The girl in 4:58 is Tomi Lahren (get this to the top so everyone can know!!!)

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst   5 months ago

    Most of them are pretty recognizable. How did they not see how they were?

  • kperrr
    kperrr   5 months ago

    i have a crush on haley

  • art.sthetic _18
    art.sthetic _18   5 months ago

    "He has an untrustworthy smile to me so I'm gonna say pass"no comment

  • art.sthetic _18
    art.sthetic _18   5 months ago

    6:40 I automatically thought he was a president lolOH MY GOSH IT WAS HAHAHA

  • -Daniel Lopez-
    -Daniel Lopez-   5 months ago

    The guy at 2:12 was definitely hurt by a girl. That's still no reason to shade ari though.

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117   5 months ago

    this challenge was so stupid.... why use old photos of the celebrities????? i didn't even know who most of them were

  • Cami
    Cami   5 months ago

    Ary reminds me so much of April from Parks and Rec.

  • skylar d
    skylar d   5 months ago

    omg please do more of these

  • amedilen
    amedilen   5 months ago

    i feel like being friends with Haley would be so fun

  • Alex Harley
    Alex Harley   5 months ago

    "I think it's converse.. Just say talk"

  • lovely skyler
    lovely skyler   5 months ago

    “That makes up for the trump one” 😂😂😂😂

  • really regular
    really regular   5 months ago

    They really looked for one picture where riri didn't look like herself ☹️

  • really regular
    really regular   5 months ago

    I keep waiting for Mikalea to come out as Victoria justiceJust me?Ok

  • k slob_
    k slob_   5 months ago

    Your girl looks like tori vega

  • Alex Gottiman
    Alex Gottiman   5 months ago

    You just matched with DAVID bECKHAM!!! “ Cool, that’s dope that’s dope”

  • Waterfawl
    Waterfawl   5 months ago

    Me: Did you swipe right on me??Girl: Ya!Me: YE-Girl: Aw my phone was upside downMe: FU-

  • AlexIS T
    AlexIS T   5 months ago

    Malcom x supported violence and hatred

  • Rhianna Gale
    Rhianna Gale   5 months ago

    My name is Rhianna and people call me Rhi Rhi, and listen to people compliment Rihanna the singer makes me happy to think its me lol. I look like the white version of her lol

  • Natalie Fannin
    Natalie Fannin   5 months ago

    How did no one recognize bill clintons face???? Lol