THE ICE AGE: The Story of Chuck Liddell, the First UFC Superstar

  • Published on: 27 May 2019
  • Chuck Liddell connected, with knockout punches and with fans around the world, like no UFC fighter before him, and became the UFC’s first true crossover superstar.

    Originally released on UFC FIGHT PASS, UFC 25 Years in Short is a 25-part documentary series celebrating the UFC silver anniversary. This compilation of short films presents 25 captivating UFC stories, one for each year of existence, and every piece stands alone as an independent feature. Viewed as a whole, these films form a larger, mosaic narrative of the UFC’s amazing evolution, fascinating characters and lasting influence.

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  • Runtime : 17:53
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  • barryh122
    barryh122   7 hours ago

    The best of the best 💖 always loved the way of fight from him. A legend

  • soulless
    soulless   12 hours ago

    Best part is that he seems like a genuinely really awesome guy. Much respect to him.

  • TheGamerMK
    TheGamerMK   16 hours ago

    he looks quite good but i dont think its fair for them to allow him the use of nuclear weapons

  • Pin Cushion
    Pin Cushion   1 days ago

    What was more of an upset is the 3rd Tito fight it shouldn't of happened being well past it....still one of my top 3 fighters tho

  • jessica green
    jessica green   2 days ago

    Me and my father has not got much in common but the only thing we have in common is Chuck Liddell he got cancer now and hey Beat It he's doing good still got it a little bit though and we never saw eye-to-eye but when Chuck Liddell was fighting we watched it together and that's one thing that we got along the whole time we watched it so I know he won't see this but I want to thank Chuck Liddell for everything he done for the sport he is a real man and a real fighter

  • Henk X
    Henk X   3 days ago

    thats a ton of drama for a fighter who. just. grew. too. old.

  • Avelardo Bermudez-Magaña

    Connor McGregor is the type of pussy to take chucks credit for UFC s success.. But this is the MAN that put UFC on the map for a lot of people.. Connors just Danas Bitch

  • brk49er
    brk49er   6 days ago

    I've watched UFC since the very beginning and every fighter has that day coming, when he just isn't as quick, not as explosive, loses that step, its hard to watch happen.

  • Jerald Hite
    Jerald Hite   1 weeks ago

    Great Coach he cares for his fighters!

  • Uncl Dolan
    Uncl Dolan   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how he looks these days, he was great but alcohol and cocaine got the better of him.

  • Allen Newlin
    Allen Newlin   1 weeks ago

    When I met Chuck I was so scared to approach him and ask for a selfie with him. He was so cool to me even though he was eating and waiting for a connecting flight in Phoenix. I'm not a little guy at 5'11" 200 lbs but I felt tiny to him. He had to duck down so low to be in the picture with me! Hahaha great moment!

  • Mr BlepBlopBlup
    Mr BlepBlopBlup   1 weeks ago

    i got hooked to ufc after hearing about a bad motherfucker named chuck lidell.....truely a great

  • MindTreat
    MindTreat   1 weeks ago

    Someone should make a good comedy movie, and make Chuck and Michael Rooker play brothers that are trying to win back something by entering a fighting championship.

  • Ke Pe
    Ke Pe   1 weeks ago

    How fast the referee cancelled the fight in the young 2000s Holy shit xD in one scene Chuck ask the referee "why?" xD hahah

  • kevin15chopper
    kevin15chopper   1 weeks ago

    Did chuck ever get clean?? I seen the interviews of him so fucked up he was nodding and could barely talk!!!!!! I felt bad for him

  • Carmona Crafts
    Carmona Crafts   1 weeks ago

    His trainer made me FUCKING cry holyshit that was heart felt

  • Mohamed Amaria
    Mohamed Amaria   1 weeks ago

    3:45 Dana : not a lot ground game that people don’t understand I will explain that That’s how Khabib smashed your Irish girl friend Dana!

  • Mike Fee
    Mike Fee   1 weeks ago

    I thought the ice man was a drug dealer

  • omar alashqar
    omar alashqar   1 weeks ago

    Chuck is the reason why I started watching the UFC, he's the best real fighter in my opinion, God bless him.

  • Steven Stack
    Steven Stack   1 weeks ago

    We LOVE you Chuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay COOL Ice Man !!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey   1 weeks ago

    Chuck and his trainer are real hero's and I'm honored to have grown up watching him! You're #1 Chuck!

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey   1 weeks ago

    Chuck knockin' out Tito, HOLY SHI!!!!!!!! Michael Clarke Duncan in the crowd always, class act! R.I.P.

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo   1 weeks ago

    Chuck would not fight cause pride was top at that times

  • braaap 509
    braaap 509   1 weeks ago

    Much love chuck. First ufc ppv fight I ever watched years ago

  • CHECK M8
    CHECK M8   1 weeks ago

    You know for a fighter with a wrestling background . Chuck liddell wrestling is nonexistent