Guy Fieri Tries Fresh Homemade Ramen At Eight Noodle Shop | Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

  • Published on: 09 October 2019
  • Guy Fieri visits Eight Noodle Shop in Napa, to try some of their delicious Asian fusion food, including kimchi fried rice and mouth-watering ramen.

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  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts   2 days ago

    all the customers were so polite and nice 😃

  • Jp T
    Jp T   2 weeks ago

    They went out of business after the show aired,. Missing cats in the neighborhood

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis   3 weeks ago

    Only saw the top of his head on the thumnail and thought it was a sun burnt hedgehog

  • Jimbo B.
    Jimbo B.   3 weeks ago

    MMM Damn love to have that ramen. I wanna go to Flavortown LOL

  • 70Slinger
    70Slinger   1 months ago

    His chopstick game is shit, for someone in the industry.

  • AMed
    AMed   1 months ago

    The new camera and zoom are a little too fancy for this show

  • marissa falch
    marissa falch   2 months ago

    Awww this place is closed according to my Google search

  • Sabian Vorachev
    Sabian Vorachev   2 months ago

    Liquid smoke.. gives it a little smoke flavour. Carbonated water.. gives it a little carbonation. Thanks for breaking it down didn’t have any idea till you did

  • True
    True   2 months ago

    What's with the short noodles though? Short noodles in ramen should be just as bad as an Italian breaking spaghetti...

  • Civil Villain
    Civil Villain   2 months ago

    Incredibly bad form for Guy to breathe into the kimchee pot. Just throw that batch away...

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria   3 months ago

    Even the crickets stopped making noises 🦗🤐

  • MaKos2004
    MaKos2004   3 months ago

    Time to get faakking weeeiid

  • crooKkTV
    crooKkTV   3 months ago

    I could do without Guy's relentless corny/bad jokes ...

  • HDCali
    HDCali   3 months ago

    Too bad they closed. Place was bomb

  • Walter Cooper
    Walter Cooper   4 months ago

    I love when dozen other cultures/immigrants mix in with american culture for them to think different food is "interesting" and beloved (not all) global nations around versus casserole dishes are expected...its okay to be different and have your food with love SPICE,SALT AND PEPPER i respect immigrants for bringing our food to a nation unknown

  • brunogx27
    brunogx27   4 months ago

    The fuck is tin tin eating ramen ?

  • Alex
    Alex   4 months ago

    Let me guess guy "its ridiculous" right

  • Wow Factor
    Wow Factor   4 months ago

    Guy is such a corn ball!!😂🤣🤣

  • kd kd
    kd kd   4 months ago

    Being allergic to gluten sucks, but..then allergic to soy is too much. So jealous.

  • Ben
    Ben   4 months ago

    0:53 Is that a lesbian?

  • neil Taylor
    neil Taylor   5 months ago

    when your boss is wearing just shorts you know he loves his job

  • Anthyl
    Anthyl   5 months ago

    is his humor scripted or genuine? A mix maybe?

  • dabblebabblegal
    dabblebabblegal   5 months ago

    They need to make another food anime with him. If it looks this good in person, wow

  • ethan smith
    ethan smith   5 months ago

    None of guys dishes had the egg wow

  • Millian Macalintal
    Millian Macalintal   5 months ago

    Most fried rice is pedestrian? Then he obviously hasn’t had authentic yang chow fried rice.

  • Madlib Beats
    Madlib Beats   6 months ago

    Guy fieri looking like a hip youth minister

  • SkylerChanel
    SkylerChanel   6 months ago

    Shady comment- “such a small space to be moving all around” 😂😑 tried it

  • Jplayzgamez
    Jplayzgamez   6 months ago

    Where are these restaurants in my neighborhood ☹️

  • Ms.Emii
    Ms.Emii   6 months ago

    Guy Fieri is super cute