String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

  • Published on: 01 March 2018
  • Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?

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    String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
  • Runtime : 8:1
  • string theory string theory explained string strings quarks particle point particle quantum physics quantum field theory leptons bosons photon gluon electromagnetic gravity spacetime elementary particles Heisenberg uncertainty principle quantum solvent hadron therapy maglev train theory of everything true nature of the universe animation kurzgesagt


  • Kanashibari
    Kanashibari   6 hours ago

    Can you do one on Planck’s length? I’m still trying to figure out what it means. When explained, they say the time it takes light to travel over Planck’s time. Planck’s time is measured in the time it takes to light to travel over Planck’s length. Thanks either way!

  • okhstorm
    okhstorm   19 hours ago

    At 1:20 when the narrator says think about it, the animated dude's mouth turns into a

  • Бобер Лосось

    Kurzgesagt is a magic channel. Once you begin wathing a video, it begins the next one and you just can't stop watching it.

  • K. M.
    K. M.   1 days ago

    Pretty simple really. Let's just take our most brilliant physicists and have them pontificate while on weed, then DMT, then Mushrooms, Then LSD. We'd figure out some very interesting things really quickly. It would be a real "giant leap for mankind" moment.

  • Sanket Bharati
    Sanket Bharati   1 days ago

    Being neutral is essence of this channel, by showing only views and understanding of facts but still it was really good... 👏👏👏

  • Kate Byerley
    Kate Byerley   1 days ago

    Fun fact: String theory is only viable if the universe is ten dimensional :) Edit: I just realised this is mentioned in the video, I'll show myself out. On another note, if anyone is interested in higher dimensions I'd recommend reading Flatland, by Edwin Abbot Abbot. It's an analogical novella explaining how difficult it is to understand higher dimensions.

  • binu jacob
    binu jacob   1 days ago

    There is a Nintendo Console in the video.Find it if you can.... Dr. Fate

  • Jade Auburn
    Jade Auburn   2 days ago

    cool video! would love to see more diverse scientists though :p

  • Adeel Younus
    Adeel Younus   2 days ago

    I Loveeeee the video, the animation! It makes so much easier and fun to understand! Thank you

  • Daniel Zhou
    Daniel Zhou   3 days ago

    in this video the heisenberg uncertainty principle they said was that "by looking at a particle we change it" i was interested to know more and watched the ted-ed video and read about it online, it described it as not being able to measure both the position and velocity of something at the same time? i dont enderstand? pls help

  • mobspeak
    mobspeak   4 days ago

    You have a missing piece to your puzzle I notice, here fill it with these noodles that should work.

  • Dr.Sheldon Cooper
    Dr.Sheldon Cooper   4 days ago

    It only got interesting when i started doing it. Now i got my noble then i don't care what you people do.

  • Alan chen
    Alan chen   4 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: Unfortunately, string theory comes with a lot of strings attached. Bird (Who was preparing for a pun): Baa Dum KshhhhGottem quick....

  • Gib Me' Dank StuFFs
    Gib Me' Dank StuFFs   4 days ago

    By looking at my purse changes the contents inside it And it appears to be empty.

  • Snehal Majumder
    Snehal Majumder   5 days ago

    I can't be the only one to have gotten the legend of zelda reference lmaoo

  • Danny Allen
    Danny Allen   6 days ago

    brb becoming a physicist to find out the theory of everything

  • Arian D
    Arian D   6 days ago

    Sheldon loves string theory

  • Alex Rahul
    Alex Rahul   6 days ago

    Seeing is touching...Wow anjelina is so sexy?

  • ItsjustAD
    ItsjustAD   6 days ago

    All the videos of this channel are too much informative , much enjoyable & to be honest I'm never bored watching any of these videos ! Love the effort they give in each of their videos . I subbed !

  • Kelsey Stoudmire
    Kelsey Stoudmire   1 weeks ago

    I fucking line these videos. I'm props of the algorithm for this find. I needed this shit

  • NikkiRazvan
    NikkiRazvan   1 weeks ago

    It's just..., beautiful..., only one word

  • Kristijan 080
    Kristijan 080   1 weeks ago

    4:57 Only Sheldon Cooper can say it is elegant!

  • Lindhurst Meadows
    Lindhurst Meadows   1 weeks ago

    2+2=4 Is 2 Dimensional and is not recognized by other systems

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot   1 weeks ago

    - Say my name - Heisenberg

  • Student of Truth
    Student of Truth   1 weeks ago

    To see by only the eye is to be blind but though spirit you can see all Or more in degree

  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis   1 weeks ago

    Who changed the earth and sun ? Liars world._.

  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis   1 weeks ago

    If the sun is so huge and hot._. Why is space so cold ? How come on a round world, nobody feels upside-down?Is earth liars world?