String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

  • Published on: 01 March 2018
  • Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?

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    String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
  • Runtime : 8:1
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  • Korstmahler
    Korstmahler   4 hours ago

    New agers be like"M-muh subjectivity means objective reality is whatever I want now watch me bless these crystals"Seriously though they'll start ditching string and other quantum theories once those theories start disagreeing actively with whatever magic woo-woo BS they're misusing them to support. Same with all cults. 'Evidence' is the fair-weather-friend of humans with BS to proport, to be dropped the moment someone with actual qualifications in the subject comes along.

  • PowerOn YT
    PowerOn YT   10 hours ago

    Can electrons travel and teleport through time? i mean they have mass of 0

  • Balram Pillai
    Balram Pillai   22 hours ago

    Your videos are all EPIC and beautiful... awesome music too! Thank you Kurzgesagt !!

  • Michaela René
    Michaela René   22 hours ago

    Anybody else here stoned af? This is my 5th video in a row 😂

  • Sam Selvaraj
    Sam Selvaraj   1 days ago

    "Wait, now I know everything!...But then how did I get to know this?

  • The Wrong Way Home
    The Wrong Way Home   1 days ago

    does string theory still go together with the quantum entanglement?

  • SchwartzerAdler
    SchwartzerAdler   1 days ago

    The first time I actually understood what Heisenberg's principle is all about!

  • BrainGoo
    BrainGoo   2 days ago

    Don’t electrons come in different(Binary) options of color and hardness, meaning some are different

  • Сергей Богонос

    Please, make the video about new, modern theory of everything "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything"Some materials is on channel "Quantum gravity research"

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep   3 days ago

    Confused - it looked like A Link to the Past but was being played on a NES so must have just been The Legend of Zelda :/ Science is hard...

  • Mansi Rawat
    Mansi Rawat   3 days ago

    very very nicely explained! thankyou!

  • xavier stephen
    xavier stephen   3 days ago

    thankyou Kurzgesagt this made a lot of sense and will help me better understand the basic principles of string theory

  • Pierre Marais
    Pierre Marais   3 days ago

    Everything is just a theory therefore no one really knows the truth.

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan   3 days ago


  • Jarimin Daimary
    Jarimin Daimary   3 days ago

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  • Kanashi
    Kanashi   3 days ago

    I’m not nearly smart enough for this video

  • Writer Kaz
    Writer Kaz   3 days ago

    Im the president of my 10th vrade and this video inspired me to think about ways I could influence my school to get a quantum physics class

  • Rhianne Moll
    Rhianne Moll   3 days ago

    Infographics to explain string theory.... I think not.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith   3 days ago

    It's not totally right, but it might get us a little closer to the answer.

  • GoPro Today
    GoPro Today   4 days ago

    3:07 Since when do electrons have positive charge?

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma   4 days ago

    I have a doubt, what about using very low energy light rays?They should be nearly straight, better chances of hitting particles than a curve like ray.

  • Demon Cloud
    Demon Cloud   5 days ago

    If String Theory does not work try G-String Theory

  • Elyen
    Elyen   5 days ago

    All i could think right now is Sheldon Cooper

  • Jarimin Daimary
    Jarimin Daimary   5 days ago

    SEARCH THIS IN KINDLE STORE " The theory of relativity for dummies "Its a fun and simple book which anyone can understand..

  • Christopher Klix
    Christopher Klix   5 days ago

    I really enjoyed this Episode! The best "easy" explanation video of String Theory I've ever seen! And in combination with the beautiful animations, it really comes to life and creates an engaging video!

  • Ultra Blue Instintc
    Ultra Blue Instintc   6 days ago

    what if the universe or gravity is a ginormous ball and with more gravity an object has the more the ball pokes in on itself