String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

  • Published on: 01 March 2018
  • Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?

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    String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
  • Runtime : 8:1
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  • Bret Netherton
    Bret Netherton   4 hours ago

    Consciouness (awareness) is but a secular name for God and by the same token it cannot be quantified or objectively defined simply because it is the source of quantification and objective defifinition.

  • Bret Netherton
    Bret Netherton   4 hours ago

    Thoughts appear in the same dimensionless space of awareness, in which the universe appears. You are that.

  • Bret Netherton
    Bret Netherton   4 hours ago

    The phenomenal world is what consciouseness looks like through the limited perceptions of the mind. The mind is limited, consciouseness is not. You are that.

  • Noah Spacedude
    Noah Spacedude   7 hours ago

    Thank you so much! This video is extremely interesting and helped me write my paper.

  • Connie
    Connie   21 hours ago

    Is math related to science

  • Jeramie Curtice
    Jeramie Curtice   1 days ago

    We don't know what we don't know. Until then, we keep searching for the unknown.

  • Irus
    Irus   2 days ago

    I'm so very glad smart people exist because if everyone had my talents and intelligence, we would just have figured out how to make fire. But our caves would have beautiful paintings on the walls.

  • bosna
    bosna   2 days ago

    I hope you make a lot more videos i love listening and learning from them keep up the good work 😁👌🏽

  • Thando Mlalazi
    Thando Mlalazi   3 days ago

    Immanuel Kant told us that a over 2 hundred years ago – the things in themselves are out of reach for humanity.

  • Olga Sergeyeva
    Olga Sergeyeva   5 days ago

    I feel like gravity is not a particle but a property of particles, so gravity is the property that all particles share that draws them towards each other.

  • Christoforos Nikolaou

    Not sure if the subtitles are created by you or by volunteers but the Greek ones on this video are so horribly filled with spelling mistakes I had to disable them to stop my head from exploding.

  • My name is dan
    My name is dan   6 days ago

    String theory has been proved by Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr Amy Farah Fowler

  • Daniel Felipe
    Daniel Felipe   6 days ago

    cool and all but you didn't really 'explained' what string theory actually is...

  • husserliana
    husserliana   6 days ago

    There is no "nature of everything" : you need to put up with a bit of philosophy here ; the world is my representation ; and in last analysis the mind can't really understand its own nature. In other words our brain isn't designed to know or understand the nature of everything : it is merely designed to "beleive" there is such thing as the nature of everything. Can you grasp that?Moreover, as Levinas once wrote, "it is in moral terms that I understand subjectivity" (or something very close). In other words it is pretty useless to try and understand the physical nature of things, as this problem is a false one and we're not designed to solve it ; what you should aim at, to make with in accordance to your own nature is dignify yourself morally. Our problems with the world should be delt with vertically (in our relation toward God, in a self perfectionning process related to good and evil) and not horizontally (trying to understand what we're not designed to). Yup?

  • Akash Bava
    Akash Bava   6 days ago

    That Gravity deserves some spanking for not fitting in the standard model

  • mahesh raju
    mahesh raju   1 weeks ago

    Who came here intrigued after watching big bang theory??

  • R Velu
    R Velu   1 weeks ago

    Can you please make a video on photoelectric effect

  • Dave Langlinais
    Dave Langlinais   1 weeks ago

    Hey Kurz - in this video at the 7:14 mark, there's a series of runes/glyphs covering the floor tiles of the dungeon - are they fabricated, or did you pull them from some culture or mythology? And if it's the latter, where do they originate from? And what are the meanings behind them (if any)?

  • Dean Henthorn
    Dean Henthorn   1 weeks ago

    If you really want to understand String Theory, ask a seamstress

    DO DOST   1 weeks ago

    String theory is a 21st century theory just got itno our hands by mistake

  • The Living Graveyard
    The Living Graveyard   1 weeks ago

    Alternate title: Kurzgesagt tries to explain string theory without string theorists being able to

  • J Chr G
    J Chr G   1 weeks ago

    Het zijn allemaal wormen...tubelaire wormen

  • Ernand Omar
    Ernand Omar   1 weeks ago

    All we know is only a part of the multiverses

  • Konijntje Wiebel
    Konijntje Wiebel   1 weeks ago

    I love how the light wave / particle hits the birds ass 😂