Can Breath Mints Become Cotton Candy?

  • Published on: 02 November 2019
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    In today's video we're taking several of your comment requests and trying to see what kind of candy can become cotton candy, including bottle caps, smarties, pixy stix, nerds, cinnamon discs, breath mints, sweet tarts, and tic tacs.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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  • Runtime : 10:10
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  • YoBo YoBo
    YoBo YoBo   18 hours ago

    Like of your watching this video in 2020

  • Wolf Queen
    Wolf Queen   1 days ago

    Can bubblegum be made into cotton candy

  • Spiral Dread
    Spiral Dread   1 days ago

    Which cotten candy would be the king of random's favourite one? 😁😪

  • Hali Hart
    Hali Hart   1 days ago

    What about fruit snacks?🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Shane Demastus
    Shane Demastus   1 days ago

    Fun Dip might workBecause you can use the powder in it and grind up the stick

  • Justa shark lovin guy

    Would frozen shark gummy’s or any frozen gummy’s work? I don’t know if you’ve done this before tho?Edit: what.about.boba... :3 I love boba

  • Cayden Crouch
    Cayden Crouch   2 days ago

    Do a vid where you ex plane how a cotton candy maker works And for extra fun order on other one and take it apart and show us piece by piece You don’t have to do that bit but idc

  • Riley Kerr
    Riley Kerr   2 days ago

    what will happen if you just put sugar in the cotton candy machine

  • Kyojin_9
    Kyojin_9   2 days ago

    That’s actually what she said before you even started 7:39

  • Keegan Hall
    Keegan Hall   2 days ago

    What if you mix cotton candy sugar and another candy together and then pour it into the machine?

  • Ritesh Rajbhandari
    Ritesh Rajbhandari   2 days ago

    I get that it's mostly to do with how sucrose strings better but of all the sweet candies, I would've never believed that the Lifesavers would be the one that works the best

  • Rhett Malley
    Rhett Malley   3 days ago

    Did you get that stuff from VAT19 boss promo!

  • Saif Ali Nakhwa
    Saif Ali Nakhwa   3 days ago

    It must feel so awesome to have a partner as crazy and weird as you.

  • skull smasher
    skull smasher   3 days ago

    Smarties in America, are called Rockets in Canada

  • D4rKF1rE
    D4rKF1rE   3 days ago

    Me: High af at 3 amMe: “why doesn’t fire burn oxygen in the air uncontrollably•”

  • D4rKF1rE
    D4rKF1rE   3 days ago

    Quick answer for anyone bored af; Yes, yes it will.

  • Landie Man
    Landie Man   3 days ago

    8:29. Trick your friends into thinking you’re eating asbestos. Watch them scream.