Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Banjo & Kazooie"

  • Published on: 04 September 2019
  • Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Banjo & Kazooie from the Banjo-Kazooie series in this new video presentation!

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  • Runtime : 25:14
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  • call me p
    call me p   22 hours ago

    "Poor souls" - Sakurai 2019

  • Dillan Barry
    Dillan Barry   2 days ago

    Banjo-Kazooie's Classic Mode Route:- VS Duck Hunt Duo on Spiral Mountain with the Main Theme playing- VS Rosalina and Luma on Tortimer Island with Treasure Trove Cove playing- VS Ice Climbers on Summit with Freezeezy Peak playing- VS Link and Zelda on Mushroomy Kingdom with Gobi's Desert playing- VS Fox and Falco on Luigi's Mansion with Mad Monster Mansion playing- VS Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on Jungle Japes with Donkey Kong Country Returns playing- VS Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Final Destination with Master Hand & Crazy Hand PlayingWhat could have happened instead:- VS giant red Mii Brawler in Tracksuit and Bear Hat on Spiral Mountain with Mr. Patch playing, referencing Bottles Revenge Mode in Banjo-Tooie- VS hard-level Mii Swordfighter in Yiga Clan suit and Mask on Great Cave Offensive with Mumbo's Mountain playing, referencing Mumbo's Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie- VS blue King K. Rool on Tortimer Island with Treasure Trove Cove playing, referencing Snacker the Shark in Banjo-Kazooie- VS golden Ganondorf on Gerudo Valley with Gobi's Valley playing, referencing King Sandybutt in Banjo-Kazooie- VS white Squirtle on Summit with Freezeezy Peak playing, referencing Sir Slush the Snowman in Banjo-Kazooie- VS Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Luigi's Mansion with Mad Monster Mansion playing, referencing Motzand in Banjo-Kazooie- VS Diddy Kong on Jungle Japes with DK Rap playing, referencing their appearence in Diddy Kong Racing- VS giant Bowser Jr on Castle Seige with VS. Klungo playing, referencing the Klungo fight in Banjo-Tooie- VS Giant Green 3-lived Bowser on Omega Temple with Lord Woo Fak Fak playing, referencing the Gruntilda fight in Banjo-Kazooie

  • Josh Lara
    Josh Lara   2 days ago

    Add Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot, Sakurai : )

  • xd CooperTheKid
    xd CooperTheKid   4 days ago

    Sakurai only called all the Banjo characters Poor souls because he already knew Sans would take all the spotlight.

  • Foxario Fox
    Foxario Fox   4 days ago

    Please make stage, kokiri forest from ocarina of time. Since you made Terry a stage. PlsDamn it your right

  • Hideous Veronicus
    Hideous Veronicus   5 days ago

    3:50 The two title characters from my two favorite N64 games...time to buy.

  • King X
    King X   1 weeks ago

    23:47 I wonder how easily everyone forgot this part???

  • Dragon killer 180
    Dragon killer 180   1 weeks ago

    Me: search up who's Joe on GoogleGoogle: shows me who's actually JoeMe: 18:21

  • Lazy Tortilla
    Lazy Tortilla   1 weeks ago

    I honestly still can’t believe this video exists

  • eclipse story universe

    Imo if Microsoft told rare to do as they please and become a 3rd party while retaining the rights we'd see banjo as a Nintendo character because Nintendo gave banjo its birth with great games then microsoft gave it 1 game nuts & bolts and it was awful

  • Zach Brewer
    Zach Brewer   1 weeks ago

    Sakurai: I wonder why he was hiding XDMe: probably because he was planning to sneak up on you? XD

  • War Chief V
    War Chief V   1 weeks ago

    this game to get all the characters is like $100 lol

  • Roy epic350
    Roy epic350   1 weeks ago

    Why is no one mentioning that sakurai is playing as 2 characters at once, AND STILL WINNING

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez   1 weeks ago

    Mr sakurai make shadow a playable character please

  • Sir Isaac the Great
    Sir Isaac the Great   1 weeks ago

    Me: MAY I use the bathroom?The teacher that always does the “I dunna can you” joke: 18:20

  • Raul Alvarez
    Raul Alvarez   1 weeks ago

    best/fastest selling fighting game in history. bye.

  • AdrianPR
    AdrianPR   1 weeks ago

    Sakurai PLEAAASEEEE I HAVE A REQUEST. Why not add a New DLC. and yeah. I know a lot of requests. WALUIGI here are some moves.Up Special: WALUIGI will fly Doing 8 Persent per each stack. He gives 3 punches. It functions kinda like Luigi's up Special.Tawnt: He does the Dance he does in a Mario sports game. Is like a dance similar to Luigi's breakdance in Mario olimpic games 2019.DOWN special: WALUIGI puts a bob-omb in the floor that follows opponents.Then Include a Stage that would come with him. Waluigi's pinball. AND music too obviously.

  • stickygrip
    stickygrip   1 weeks ago

    Can the next character be frisk from undertale?!!Look at if frisk was in smash. Please

  • Plant Gang
    Plant Gang   1 weeks ago

    Banjo is so annoying to deal with. As a Plant main he is literally my counter

  • Cool_Adrian7 Gaming
    Cool_Adrian7 Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Me: eats in classTeacher: Did you bring enough for the whole class?Me: brings more food to shareTeacher: 18:20

  • Iris
    Iris   1 weeks ago

    Sakurai out here flexing that 1 (or technically 2 as he says) vs 2 win

  • TheTerrarianTyler Yt
    TheTerrarianTyler Yt   1 weeks ago

    instead of Waluigi for smash, i think that i would like to see Dimentio in Smash Ultimate! Can you make that happen @NintendoPs. I dont actually play Smash, I just would start watching it on Youtube, AND i would HEAVILY consider purchasing it!

  • DANCERcow
    DANCERcow   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else here from the leak comparing the guy wearing the doomslayer helmet from Microsoft's e3 and Sakurai in this video to see if Sakurai was the one under the helmet?