AC Milan vs Manchester United 5-3, KAKA SHOW HIS MAGIC TO THE WORLD - UCL 2007

  • Published on: 18 April 2019
  • back to the moment in 2007, Ricardo Kaka surprised the world with its extraordinary football talent at Old Trafford and San Siro when AC Milan meet Manchester United in Semifinals UEFA Champions League 2007
  • Runtime : 14:2
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  • gigi ga
    gigi ga   12 hours ago

    when you talk about magic>>>> you should mention RONALDO, RONALDINHO, ROBINHO,

  • JUVE fans
    JUVE fans   1 days ago

    jangan lupa subcribe juga channel kita ya gusy..

  • Matheus Santos
    Matheus Santos   2 days ago

    Hoje em dia se botar um Milan x Manchester United capaz de ser pior que um Remo x Paysandu kkkk

  • katumbu gola
    katumbu gola   4 days ago

    Fergusson have good formation, but Ancelotti have better players..

  • Matt L
    Matt L   6 days ago

    Seedorf was such an underrated player

    DK FALCON   1 weeks ago

    How this Both Great Clubs have fallen is unacceptable. Hope 1 day we will see this clubs revive.

  • Burr Melesh
    Burr Melesh   1 weeks ago

    that night (2nd leg) vidic was seedorf's and kaka's bitch

  • Rodrigo Sanabria Caballero

    Que buenos partidos se veían en aquella época, ahora se ven partidos aburridos con puros toques horizontales en la mitad de la cancha

  • Andre Ana
    Andre Ana   1 weeks ago

    Kaka best forever .Fuck Madrid

  • Daniel M m
    Daniel M m   1 weeks ago

    Éramos felices y no lo sabíamos

  • Alex Brito
    Alex Brito   1 weeks ago

    Olha essa zaga Maldini e Nesta pqp.

  • Gareth Henson
    Gareth Henson   1 weeks ago

    what do you mean, kaka is trash, have you even seen ole gunnar solskjaer

  • nooo yess
    nooo yess   1 weeks ago

    those was the best football times today footballl is trashhhh

  • Naz Shey
    Naz Shey   1 weeks ago

    Kaka was a Monster back then! Its sad that injury took him out.

  • Hazik _
    Hazik _   1 weeks ago

    What is that shit music

  • Hadi Hinnawi
    Hadi Hinnawi   1 weeks ago

    Seedorf was the most Underrated midfielder of all time.

  • Giordano Da Frassini
    Giordano Da Frassini   1 weeks ago

    Actually the worst managed clubs in high level football....what a disgrace for their amazing supporters!!!

  • Pedro
    Pedro   1 weeks ago

    3:37 "Gooool do Manchester Unite- do Milan" kkkkkkkm

  • thestick52
    thestick52   1 weeks ago

    Kaka used to be such a wonderful player and I miss him a lot!

  • Andrea Miele
    Andrea Miele   2 weeks ago

    I'm an ACM supporter, but we must talk about Scholes's pass in the 2nd goal of MU

  • Majid Habib Khan
    Majid Habib Khan   2 weeks ago

    you could tell this kid was in prime form and confidence - he was shooting from 30-40 yards! against VAN DER SAR!!!