Does This Make it Taste Better?

  • Published on: 12 April 2019
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    Today we're trying a few different pineapple hacks to see if they make eating pineapples a better experience.

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  • Runtime : 10:23
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  • Egle Vysniuke
    Egle Vysniuke   1 weeks ago

    is you put some salt on pineapple is more sweet

  • Amelia Joyce
    Amelia Joyce   1 weeks ago

    I'm pretty sure licking a pineapple doesn't make it taste better

  • Nevo Golan
    Nevo Golan   4 weeks ago

    So the only thing they dont imidiately put in their mouths is actual fruit

  • Halfblood Pixie
    Halfblood Pixie   1 months ago

    When you’ve been watching videos from Tkor before bed and watching get some weird dreams 😂😂 or at least I do.

  • Tad Tolbert
    Tad Tolbert   1 months ago

    Fibonacci!!!!! Did anyone else learn about that in GT?

  • Syler Goble
    Syler Goble   1 months ago

    My friend I allergic to pineapples, until you turn them upside down.

  • edgar campos
    edgar campos   1 months ago

    The little pineapple looks like sponge bobs home

  • Bush Crafty
    Bush Crafty   1 months ago

    they are not a berry they are genetic clones of the parent it is what is know as a pup that is the flesh of the plant hence why you can bury a cut pineapple and make another plant the family the are from is bromeliaceae aka bromeliads. berries have one purpose to carry seed there are no seed with a pineapple.

  • David Thibodeaux
    David Thibodeaux   2 months ago

    Humans:no pines and no apples let’s call it a pineapple.

  • Kaylee Figsby
    Kaylee Figsby   2 months ago

    What happens when you put a pineapple in a freeze dryer ?

  • Jonas Albert
    Jonas Albert   3 months ago

    You didn’t test the small ones WTF you should compleate all of Them that makes no sense

  • Evelyn and Rita
    Evelyn and Rita   3 months ago

    Did people give you looks when you bought all those pineapples?

  • Ana Emilia Rubino
    Ana Emilia Rubino   3 months ago

    The pinaple you can pull apart perfectly is a variety that isn't planted much bc it's high maintenance.

  • Eric Peelman
    Eric Peelman   3 months ago

    You know you can cut the top of a pine apple and put it in water till I roots and plant the top and grow a new pine apple plant that will produce pine apple

  • Addi32
    Addi32   3 months ago

    Try a little bit of table salt after cutting in peaces sour will be sweet!

  • Zach S.
    Zach S.   3 months ago

    It is possible to dehydrate and entire watermelon? Does it taste stronger/better? Can you make candy using the dehydrated watermelon if so,are they better than what you would get at the store?

  • chaoticinflation
    chaoticinflation   4 months ago

    I honestly kept waiting for them to even remotely reference That One Pineapple Taste Hack we all know about lmaoooo

  • kween kush
    kween kush   4 months ago

    He’s the guy who buys 18 pineapples at the store in math problems

  • Cindy Chau
    Cindy Chau   4 months ago

    Anyone normally eat their pineapple with salt or salt water and are wondering how their tongues are not stinging up a storm?

  • biggreenleaf
    biggreenleaf   4 months ago

    Dude your about to make SpongeBob homeless

  • Tiana Apps
    Tiana Apps   4 months ago


  • Fun Around My World
    Fun Around My World   4 months ago

    Nate with possibly poisen: im going to chug it all!!!!!Nate with pineapple: ill eat a little

  • Rachel Harrell
    Rachel Harrell   4 months ago

    I was hoping for a totally different experiment 😂

    DJ INTAN ISKANDAR   5 months ago

    Wow the small one is the sweet honey pineapples😍😍😍

  • StarriCerulean
    StarriCerulean   6 months ago

    If one more person says fihbihnahcce instead of fEbohnahccE