Pete Buttigieg Is The First LGBT Person To Win Delegates In Any Presidential Contest

  • Published on: 07 February 2020
  • Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made history at the Iowa caucus and he hopes his success in that contest will provide some amount of comfort and inspiration to young people who feel marginalized in their families and communities. #Colbert #Comedy #MayorPete

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  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana   1 months ago

    I’m definitely voting for this guy, he’s like the next Obama

  • Chris Mc Evoy
    Chris Mc Evoy   2 months ago

    I’m so glad Mitt Romney wanted to remove President Trump from office.

  • Chris Mc Evoy
    Chris Mc Evoy   2 months ago

    When I think of Iowa I think of the movie Field Of Dreams.

  • Chris Mc Evoy
    Chris Mc Evoy   2 months ago

    I would’ve voted for him for President Of The United States.

  • Sheeleima Sorokhaibam
    Sheeleima Sorokhaibam   2 months ago

    It really takes boundless courage and grit to publicly come out as gay. But this guy has got something divine, i bet. He is gonna be the greatest role model of all LBGTQ community. Let's help him ascend to the throne and bring an end to the fallacious notion that many people held about LBGTQ community.Let's be what we want to be. Its our birthright.

  • Bennett Hall
    Bennett Hall   3 months ago

    I like him cuz I didn't know he was gay. he doesn't shout it out, he focuses on what's important.

  • GrandNoble
    GrandNoble   3 months ago

    jesus christ Colbert has fallen so far from grace. jesus CHRIST he sounds like such a shill. it's so depressing.

    THE SCHOOL OF ART   3 months ago

    Just what we need a Gay president smh....yea the world is over

  • Fred Frond
    Fred Frond   3 months ago

    Just a terrible candidate. This is how the working man sees him.

  • paecpc
    paecpc   3 months ago

    Great candidate!

  • uefamikep
    uefamikep   3 months ago

    Pete is a slime ball. Pass it on

  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno   3 months ago

    What a joke. Too funny that the LGBTQ community basically wouldn't trust him with any office beyond mayor of a small midwestern town. The king of smarm, Mr Disingenuous, a big McNothing burger on milquetoast. About as authentic as a Chick-Fil-A sponsored float in a gay pride parade.

  • EDR1976
    EDR1976   3 months ago

    Pivot counties matter. See results by Ballotpedia. Do your research people! Everyone has a stump speech.

  • Dog Savvy Los Angeles
    Dog Savvy Los Angeles   3 months ago

    I love Pete and would vote for him if he got the nomination. However, his social media campaign strategy is hurting him. It's not a good idea, like declaring victory before 100% sure of it, to already be referring to Chastain, his husband, as the first gentlemen in his marketing campaigns. If he wants to win on moderate appeal, his campaigns should about the issues, not blue ties and flamboyant games like Butti-Bingo. It's a shame because whoever is running his social media campaign is destroying his image.

  • Hello SUN
    Hello SUN   3 months ago

    If he were the next president, how to call his partner? First gentleman?

  • Liberty Forever
    Liberty Forever   3 months ago

    This follower and acolyte of the communist Antonio Gramsci is not fooling anyone with more than oatmeal for brains. Spitting in Gods face with your lifestyle and then making the claim of being a Christian is not a good look Pete. God will not be mocked Pete and you are the definition of taking his name in vain.

  • george washington
    george washington   3 months ago Pete Buttigieg is a corrupt promoter of immoral wars, who cannot even win his own State, 2-23-20

  • Kreatyv
    Kreatyv   3 months ago

    Don’t forget, Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Sandy lt
    Sandy lt   3 months ago

    Pete made history? Bernie just made history by becoming the first to win the popular vote on all three of the first state primaries.

  • John Watt
    John Watt   3 months ago

    He is alright, at least he is more humane and not as immoral than Trump’s adulterous, petty, greedy, rotten morality, misogynist, unkind, unhelpful, bullying, disgustingly egotistical erratic and lousy pathetically lying characteristics and personalities. Oh yeah Forgotten to mention Trump is a big coward. Everything that the Bible denounce, Trump has it all, such a satan POTUS

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan   3 months ago

    No wonder he is a role model for the LGBT with this name: Butt Itch Itch

  • Armadio
    Armadio   3 months ago

    I just want to know if he will Put-it-in-Putin ?

  • Armadio
    Armadio   3 months ago

    He's not LGBTQ. He's all G for the D

  • frank stark
    frank stark   3 months ago

    congrats, mayor peter! we need more identity politics! i say we should stop looking at who can do the job best, and start electing people based on what they choose to do with their genitals, and their skin color!

  • Odalis Lazo
    Odalis Lazo   3 months ago

    How disgusting!!! A gay president???🤣🤣

  • J LV
    J LV   3 months ago

    I hope people do see outside his sexuality and just see him as a person. At least his spouse would actually do something as first gentleman.