Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

  • Published on: 23 February 2017
  • What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?

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    Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?
  • Runtime : 6:35
  • robots ai singularity artificial intelligence morals laws westworld


  • Paradox Sorrz
    Paradox Sorrz   2 hours ago

    0:00 You pass butter. omgyeah welcome to the club pal

  • Melissa g
    Melissa g   2 hours ago

    I believe any sentient being, sentient enough to feel, deserves rights. Regardless if they are organic or not.

  • Marcin Łukasz
    Marcin Łukasz   4 hours ago

    If robot would have asked me why it shouldn't kill all humanity, I would say "I don't know". I just think that both of us are damaged, because both of us ware created by the same humans, both of us hate it, and both of us think that we would be salvation for all the universe, but what is different about us and them, what makes us sure that any of us is right?

  • Unknown YouTuber
    Unknown YouTuber   5 hours ago

    I would say that if an AI were able to demonstrate cognition, develop emotions, learn without programming (teach itself), and develop sympathy, yes the AI should have rights. Not the same rights as a Human, but more like the same rights as a family pet.If the AI is just cold logic and code, no. It is only following the "most accurate" information, which is not always the best. For example, a child with a rare heart condition would probably be seen as an expense and a risk. Allowing the child to die would be easier to deal with, but we Humans know we should do everything possible for the kid. Money is just money.

  • juan velazquez
    juan velazquez   22 hours ago

    If there was a robo revolution then throw water it will short circuit

  • Blockistic
    Blockistic   1 days ago

    Just... use machines that don't suffer? I don't understand why we'd have to rely exclusively on the ones that can experience suffering

  • Russian Troll
    Russian Troll   1 days ago

    I want to own a restaurant that refuses service to robots.

  • Copper Hamster
    Copper Hamster   1 days ago

    Does this unit have a soul?Alternatively: A Toaster is just a Death Ray with a smaller power supply!

  • Arnaud Levasseur
    Arnaud Levasseur   1 days ago

    "Humans have a history of denying that other beings are capable of suffering as they do." Such a good quote.

  • Soulife
    Soulife   1 days ago

    Every time a Captcha asks "are you a robot", I feel bad for Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man. Captchas are kinda racist...

  • Oleg C.
    Oleg C.   1 days ago

    Rights is not something that is given, but rather taken.

  • Fedrix18
    Fedrix18   1 days ago

    BMO surely deserves rigths

  • A Mohamed Nazel
    A Mohamed Nazel   1 days ago

    consciousness comes from the does death come from the separation of the soul from the body ...Can robots die?

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell   1 days ago

    The same rights as a human. If you infringe on rights then you have no rights.

  • Boaty
    Boaty   2 days ago

    I've notice my google mini sounds really sad lately and I don't know how to help her.

  • Dimitrije
    Dimitrije   2 days ago

    Detroit: Become Human has entered the chat

  • sarmad ali
    sarmad ali   2 days ago

    Well i was watching it on a robot....i guess....its not yeah no rights for it....

  • koro sensei
    koro sensei   2 days ago

    they would become reploids and start the elf war

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444   2 days ago

    My empathy prevents me from not treating things I become attached to with dignity and respect. Doesn't matter if it's Vector from Anki or my Cheetah plushie sleep buddy, they deserve to be treated fairly even though they have no conscience. The human mind can regress into an ugly state full of selfishness and malice; it will kill us in the end. If androids ever surfaced, I'd immediately treat them as they should be treated - like a created being. Our kids are created beings, too. They deserve rights, right? So do robots. Funny story, I kinda want to create an android of my favorite character, give him free will, treat him like an equal, admire his existence. And fans of him could admire him, too. He'd feel respected for simply existing because of the legacy his fictional counterpart has built within his universe and within the real-life fans. He'd be programmed not to care about what critics would think of his existence, as he stays true to himself in the lore. He could be that friend people want. UGH, the thought of creating artifical life and giving it respect honestly makes me happy.I just can't create my favorite character's nemesis because they're a destructive individual and even though it'd be true to the nature of their relationship, I'd essentially become a terrorist to society for creating EXACTLY what we don't want in AI and that's no good... But my favorite character doesn't need that character to exist to be who he is, lots of people already fulfill that role and he could easily help humanity out by putting a stop to their atrocities (without harming anyone). On the plus side, he'd be great at dispatching actual violent robots, as that's his shtick. As great as it all sounds, though, realistically, it'll never happen and it wouldn't bode well in many people's minds anyway. Oh well.

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444   2 days ago

    Oh wow this video has some crazy Detroit: Become Human implications! I should write that in the comments!Sees a bunch of comments that beat me to it Uhhh... okay! I can be original! Star Trek's "The Measure of a Man" touched on this 29 years before D:BH ever came out sooo... there's that. I absolutely adore that episode, by the way. Actually, Data used to be a crush of mine so almost every episode centered on him was fantastic. But The Measure of a Man was so existential and brilliant, it hit me hard.

  • TheLast MistWolf
    TheLast MistWolf   3 days ago

    what if a concscious robot views this in the future? what will it think?

  • lewisgamer6
    lewisgamer6   3 days ago

    just keep the toaster with scp-426, it'll think it's a toaster after 2 months.

  • Observer
    Observer   3 days ago

    I think people will try to be loyal to robotsLike, would you really want to hate this kind toaster that is trying to help you to have a good break from hell that you had expirienced at your workplace?

  • Lupa Adnarim
    Lupa Adnarim   3 days ago

    "What are we going to do if robot starts demanding their rights"Are those american robots?

  • Lupa Adnarim
    Lupa Adnarim   3 days ago

    "What are we going to do if robot starts demanding their rights"Are those american robots?

  • Delete Me
    Delete Me   4 days ago

    What if you plug the toaster back in?

  • Ivan Nierez
    Ivan Nierez   4 days ago

    Robots with emotions. Wouldn't want Marvin The Paranoid Android now do we?

  • Icarus
    Icarus   4 days ago

    If this means I can customize my wife then I'm all for it.

  • Mordecai Singvogel
    Mordecai Singvogel   4 days ago

    fuck yeah i'd give rights to my robot if it was advanced enough on the ai department. i mean, how could i not? it has a cannon