Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

  • Published on: 23 February 2017
  • What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?

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    Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?
  • Runtime : 6:35
  • robots ai singularity artificial intelligence morals laws westworld


  • Alegna Eniarrol
    Alegna Eniarrol   3 hours ago

    ok dont put a fork on a toaster you die THE ELECTRIC IDIOTS

  • George McCartney
    George McCartney   7 hours ago

    The difference between robots and animals/human slaves is that we have the power to choose what they want when we build them

  • bnkjkdsbklafj hjbvjhbfdasjka

    if something is programed to do something they must like ityou hate working beacose you were not biologicly encoded for that pourpuseyou love eating and drinking beacose you are encoded to do thata robot encoded to toast will hate working in the mines but love toastinga root encoded to work in the mines will love working in the mines but hate toasting

  • TheEnchilada Kid
    TheEnchilada Kid   19 hours ago

    It was only over a 100 years ago people was asking Do Blacks Deserve Rights?In another 100 ford will be paying reparations

  • Oniz uka
    Oniz uka   23 hours ago

    Let's destroy machine learning and deep learning so that we will not be able to make AI..... Just a joke

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit   1 days ago

    Yes, anything with sentience deserves the same right to exist as we do. Including the right to struggle for survival.

  • Marco Joselino Magtabog

    I have no strong feelings one way or another.A reference from the most balanced video of YouTube

  • Joshua Susanto
    Joshua Susanto   1 days ago

    How about in the future, somebody don't forget to ask an AI if they have consciousness

  • Drew Brar
    Drew Brar   3 days ago

    How can you program something to have feelings? Wouldn't that then just be simulated pain and emotions, unlike real emotions that humans feel?

  • nicplaybr
    nicplaybr   3 days ago


  • mgh714
    mgh714   3 days ago

    this is litteraly Detroit Become Human

  • Ragnar Lothbrock
    Ragnar Lothbrock   3 days ago

    Ich glaube ein Wesen ist programmiert egoistisch zu denken und dass wir darauf achten wire es anderen geht machen wir nur dass falls es uns schlecht geht wir wollen würden dass uns die gleichen Rechte zestehen was wenn Roboter Gefühle entwickeln würden wir gleich machen müssten und das Mitgefühl ist glaube ich in den menschen mit "einprogramiert" das wir uns forstellen in der Rolle eines anderen zu sein

  • KissedPuppet
    KissedPuppet   3 days ago

    The strawman of course being that likening suffering inflicted on people and animals to an artifice of humanity. here are video games where character suffer fear, pain, and/or death, lust desire, envy, etc. They were programmed to experience these conditions, their existence is perceived through the virtual world, but none the less real to them as this toaster scenario. Turning off a video game is therefore genocide. Then there is Westworld, which further depicts a bias against those that would "exploit" machines in much the way one might exploit a car at a demolition derby. If said car was a smart car and feared being damaged, is it then morally incorrect to use said car? Would entering said car without its prior consent be violating it? Set aside being sentimental, see the artifice for what it is. I say it's fine to indulge he idea where it serve humanity, but where it serves AI or artificial life, we open ourselves to a needless moral conflict with NO positive outcome. my 2 friggin' cents

  • Karel Bystřičan
    Karel Bystřičan   3 days ago

    the only thing robots should have rights to is factual information, they are tools

  • 7ill120 YT
    7ill120 YT   4 days ago

    AHH YES THE 5 STATES OF MATTERSolidLiquidGasPlasmaAnd Matter

  • danielr 2421
    danielr 2421   5 days ago

    Just never make sentient AI or just make aI just stupid

  • Enoc Junio
    Enoc Junio   5 days ago

    When the robots develop a real threat to destroy humanity and attach it to demanding rights, they shaw have them.

  • staytheknight
    staytheknight   1 weeks ago

    This whole thing reminds me of the golem in Jewish tradition. First the machine calls us master, now they call us friend, soon they’ll call us slave.

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein   1 weeks ago

    Yes robots deserve rights if you are rude at robots they can be rude to you.

  • Teen's Tea TV
    Teen's Tea TV   1 weeks ago

    After playing Detroit being human. I think they deserve their rights

  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike   1 weeks ago

    Sure if they pay the electrical bill

  • Rayan Siddiqui
    Rayan Siddiqui   1 weeks ago

    So in conclusion don’t forget to unplug your toaster