Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • Is leaded fuel better as than unleaded gasoline? 100 octane low lead aviation fuel (100LL avgas) is tested in several engines: Wankel rotary, see through piston engine, fuel injected generator, small engine for lead build up, and Predator 212 for top speed performance. A special thanks to Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube channel for loaning his rotary engine to me! Please check out his channel. His videos are absolutely amazing!!! Also, thanks to all the viewers that requested this video. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

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  • Runtime : 10:46
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  • emdae921
    emdae921   14 hours ago

    Would love to see NOS through the see through engine!

  • Shawn
    Shawn   1 days ago

    In theory, higher octane by itself should not improve performance, and it might actually decrease performance as the engine is not optimized for it. The purpose of higher octane fuel is to allow higher compression without knocking. This is why putting premium gas in a car that doesn't need premium gas is a waste of money - the engine wasn't knocking to begin with.

  • drfix2020
    drfix2020   3 days ago

    I like to see a comparison between low price vs high price gasoline I believe when prices are low companies put less additives in, I'd like to know if that's a fact, it seems like I get worse gas mileage when the prices are low! Thanks!

  • Carnage88
    Carnage88   3 days ago

    Ah the sound that rotary makes is just awesome!

  • Robert Herndon
    Robert Herndon   4 days ago

    Great Videos. I have used 100LL extensively in 2 stroke racing motorcycles since the 1980's. I have not seen the type of buildup that you are seeing with 100LL, which contains 2.12 grams/gallon of TEL. Typical 2 stroke cranking pressures of 175-185psi may have an influence on the cylinder temperatures and how the TEL is consumed in the combustion chamber. I have also gone back to using Kemco Octane Supreme in 91 Super Unleaded. Kemco TEL concentrate contains 59.5 grams/gallon of TEL in a Tolulene suspension. in my 1982 Honda XR500R Desert Motorcycle, compression during cranking is a whopping 225 psi. I have found that 2.4 ounces/gallon of Kemco TEL provides notably smoother running, better hot and cold starts and zero deposits on the spark plug. To take this a step further, I tested the Kemco TEL at a very high concentration in a 5.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton lawnmower at 10 ounces per gallon. Plug color was very even light gray without any 'textured' deposits. In an engine with a very high static compression ratio, I find it necessary to use TEL to prevent high-rpm detonation. It is of little if any value in other applications. Have you experimented with Chevron Techron Powersports Ethanol Stabilizer??? I have had good results in extended storage of fuel in lawnmowers. It would be interesting to see your evaluation...

  • Bee Bop
    Bee Bop   4 days ago

    Lead had two functions. First to boost octane and second to lubricate valves. We used to get 102 octane at the pumps (the good stuff) and aviation fuel was 120. When lead was no longer allowed the octane dropped drastically and difficult to replace at the time. Older engines had to have lead additive purchased separately. If not the valves were quick to go if the detonation of the low octane fuel didn't blow holes in the higher compression pistons first. High octane fuel burns longer for higher compression engines. Low octane fuel burns fast and essentially explodes causing the "ping" heard from an engine. That's the top of the piston being rung like a bell. Modern engines aren't built to burn high octane fuel and don't need lead lubrication and there isn't any benefit by running it. Unless you drive an airplane or race car to work. :)

  • Far East Creative Media

    I hope you do realize that you just got lead poisoning by inhaling the exhaust................

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards   5 days ago

    will modern 2 stroke engines run 16 to 1 half pint oil to gallon of petrol

  • Coleton Ellis
    Coleton Ellis   1 weeks ago

    I noticed you have a beautiful Field! Would make a great runway. In one of your videos I noticed a propeller in the background. Are you a pilot also ?

  • Danny Kozuba
    Danny Kozuba   1 weeks ago

    What about this new ceramic coating for Paint it sounds like that coating for bad plastic which doesn't even last a year

  • Doug Henning
    Doug Henning   1 weeks ago

    Your need to do more investigations before you make such crap video

  • IzayoiSakuya
    IzayoiSakuya   1 weeks ago

    Let's see how this engine runs on aviation fuel and see if this vehicle will take flight with the power of this fuel

  • Jeffery s. Prockl
    Jeffery s. Prockl   1 weeks ago

    That makes for a very neat video, but you understand what leaded fuel is intended for for aircraft engines? Do you understand what leaded fuel is for.? And ask for oil additives that you test how about a product called power Punch?

  • Lord Edward
    Lord Edward   1 weeks ago

    There is little to be learned regarding the presence of lead in the fuel because of the vast difference in octane. The problem is with the timing. Higher octane fuel resists burning longer than low octane fuel. That explains why the fuel injected engine had no problem, because it is able to adjust the timing. There is a leaded low octane aviation fuel but it is difficult to find. I believe it is a dyed a reddish color.

  • Dan The Car Man
    Dan The Car Man   2 weeks ago

    Rotary engines are fun but a pain in the butt to work on if you don't know what you're doing. A buddy of mine and I used to joke though that they'd run on just about anything. But, I do actually think, as long as whatever you run it on is combustible, it will run on it.

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane   2 weeks ago

    Jet fuel us basically diesel.. so yeah

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones   2 weeks ago

    Watching PF just makes me smile...great test trials and way cool rotary engine

  • MrJanml
    MrJanml   2 weeks ago

    What do fuel additives like Cleanboost actually contain and how do they perform?

  • regie pera
    regie pera   2 weeks ago

    Use denatured alcohol to run the engine

  • Michael H
    Michael H   2 weeks ago

    Anytime I see a video from this guy, I know it will be good! There is no clickbait, and no BS.How about running an engine on fish oil?

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan   2 weeks ago

    Project Farm is one of my favorite channel on YouTube...This channel is much superior than other YouTube channels.....i really enjoyed watching your all videos....they are very informative and are of best quality......Keep it up

  • Andrew Godly
    Andrew Godly   2 weeks ago

    I heard they used leaded fuel back then because it was quieter and made engines vibrate less. They were actually aware of the hazards of leaded fuel but used it anyways. It wasn't until later when it became widely known that spewing lead into the air is not healthy.

  • Diego Pulido
    Diego Pulido   2 weeks ago

    Here's a dumb but cool idea you should. But try vape juice as an oil substitute.😂

  • Antonio Fdez
    Antonio Fdez   2 weeks ago

    The poblem comes doing the opposite, using unleaded fuel in very old engines it damages the valves and valve seats i use an additive for that purpose.

  • Tay S
    Tay S   2 weeks ago

    I remember on a local car forum I was on a fella with a pretty well built 302 in a ranger had to change his float setting with av gas. Different specific gravity. Sunoco even mentions it on their website about race gas.

  • Marc-André Servant
    Marc-André Servant   2 weeks ago

    "Not to be used as a skin cleanser"I was thinking about exfoliating my skin with neurotoxic heavy metals and volatile hydrocarbons, thanks for letting me know it is a bad idea!

  • Lazy D
    Lazy D   2 weeks ago

    Definitely the most rebuilt lawnmower engine on You Tube.Don't know it there is a prize for that, but I damn sure know where it should go if there is one.

  • brad treat
    brad treat   2 weeks ago

    Will a engine run on hexain or heptain

  • Adriaan Schep
    Adriaan Schep   2 weeks ago

    interesting video, but on the MSDS, the flaspoint is measured as lower then 40°C, not actually -40°C (<=)Secondly, Avgas has a lower vapour pressure, and has higher sulphur content then normal E10 gasoline. Its not comparable to normal gasoline as you found out, so please don't run that stuff in your car! Engines made for avgas are constructed way differently with normally higher compression ratios as the oxygen content is thinner higher up, so more air needs to be pushed in. And weight to horsepower ratio matters alot in a small plane.Avgas 100 stands for MON 100, not RON 100 which is euro 95/98 (Ron 95/Ron98 with Mon in the 86-87 range if i'm right) For your examples that realy doesn't matter as they don't use high compression, but a turboprop engine from a plane does use pretty high compressions so thats why the MON is 100 compared to 86-87 of euro 95. I would love to see a comparison on a high compression engine running avgas vs euro 95 to actually see that difference (run a aviation engine made for avgas on regular gasoline!!)Regards, laboratory analyst of a refinery checking that stuff daily on national and international specifications.

  • Bulk Mailbox
    Bulk Mailbox   3 weeks ago

    Farmers get pounded by COVID-19. Makes money on YouTube instead.

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S   3 weeks ago

    Leaded fuel was used to protect the valve seats on pre 1950's cars. They did not have the harden valve seats back then. The lead helped with the valve seat from wearing out prematurely . Todays engines have the harden valve seats which resist wearing and do no require the lead in fuel. I am sure leaded fuel will clog or harm fuel injectors and catalytic converters and o2 sensors on modern cars.

  • mrnickbig1
    mrnickbig1   3 weeks ago

    Ah, blue gasoline, I remember that from when I had my Piper Pa-22-108.

  • Joseph Franco
    Joseph Franco   3 weeks ago

    Thanks for premixing for the rotary engine! Not a lot of people know how a rotary works, and what it needs to keep running well.

  • Ma tt
    Ma tt   3 weeks ago

    how many gaskets on that lawn mowet have you replaced so far? lol

  • BunBun 143
    BunBun 143   3 weeks ago

    Heeellooo? Am I the only here who wishes I could clean my car engine as easy as he’s doing with his lawnmower engine. :(

  • Duarte Cabral
    Duarte Cabral   3 weeks ago

    The Lead in Gasoline was there to provide lubrication to the engine. It also creates deposits as you have shown.

  • jim gee
    jim gee   3 weeks ago

    i love your crop circle race track :)