Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • Is leaded fuel better as than unleaded gasoline? 100 octane low lead aviation fuel (100LL avgas) is tested in several engines: Wankel rotary, see through piston engine, fuel injected generator, small engine for lead build up, and Predator 212 for top speed performance. A special thanks to Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube channel for loaning his rotary engine to me! Please check out his channel. His videos are absolutely amazing!!! Also, thanks to all the viewers that requested this video. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:46
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  • PcItalian
    PcItalian   1 hours ago

    Would testing different stud finders be a potential video in the future? There are so many and I really just wanna save myself extra work by not going into plumbing and electrical

  • Caden James
    Caden James   2 hours ago

    I have 2 suggestions will a engine run on linseed oil and will drain opener clean a engine

  • redneck 1137
    redneck 1137   5 hours ago

    Can you take a jar of gasoline and a jar of diesel and a jar of kerosene and put pieces of rusty metal in three of the jars and see what's one takes off rust faster or works better

  • Tony Cole
    Tony Cole   5 hours ago

    I ran a 1990 BMW 525i on avgas for 9 years before I sold it, i did turbo charge it in SA , it developed way more power, ran and idled a heap better the exhaust burned a lovely cream colour and it never missed a beat, no sensor or cat problems it was in SA car magazine and on testing extensively, blew the M5 off very satisfyingly , I would line up amongst Cessna aircraft and fill the tank with this excellent smelling green fuel, which average around 119 octane , leaded back then in Cape Town SA, the only difficulty was the fuel dispensed at a much higher rate,so filling was quick and messy, great days

  • Twobarpsi
    Twobarpsi   8 hours ago

    Led Zeppelins are better than unleaded ones...

  • Jtto Bingodingo
    Jtto Bingodingo   12 hours ago

    Got 1 for ya.ratchet strapsLord knows some are better than others, strap seems to last, ratchet, not so much.Cheers :) :) :)

  • boutcha
    boutcha   12 hours ago

    Look at all these subs. Been here from the start and can say....I told you so. Great job growing your subs! I remember when everything used leaded gas. My grandpa used it even after the made the tank fuel fill neck downsized, he hammer and punched it open and this was in the day of Service Stations. They'd warn him it was illegal but would still fill his tank. They stopped selling it before catalytic converters were ever installed. According to him that old Ford station wagon that he ran leaded gas in turned the odometer over so many times he swore that he thought it was over 700,000 miles. I believe it because he pulled a old small camper and traveled a lot, I mran a lot.

    4WHEELN 4FUN   12 hours ago

    how about holding power for velcro products. there are many kinds and i often wonder which is the best and then i think, this sounds like a job for project farm!

  • Steven Dx
    Steven Dx   14 hours ago

    Lets dust ourselves with DDT as bug repellant while we are at it? Any fuel not burned will be sprayed into the air you breathe. Peanut Butter and Lead paint chips for lunch too? Who cares if it is more efficient?

  • Ed Mertsching
    Ed Mertsching   15 hours ago

    Would you be willing to test if graphite would lubricate an engine? I'm rather doubtful of the outcome.

  • Brendan Early
    Brendan Early   15 hours ago

    Should have cones for a marker of where you start wot and let off for consistency. And accurately getting g top speed

  • Leland Holton
    Leland Holton   15 hours ago

    100LL is energy dense. It’s intended to be used at specific engine speeds. Beyond it being 100 octane and low lead it isn’t a stable fuel at higher rpm because of its burn characteristics. It also has a pretty specific oxygen content in it because it’s operated in lower density atmospheres than standard fuel.

  • Andy Wohlgemuth
    Andy Wohlgemuth   15 hours ago

    Test to see what toilet paper brand will break down the best for septic systems.

    LOST CREEK ATVs   16 hours ago

    Will you do a comparison between ps-4 polaris oil 5w-50 vs Ams oil atv UTV oil 5w-50

  • Coby Mortin
    Coby Mortin   16 hours ago

    Can you use hand sanitizer in a 2 stroke cue it uses the alcohol and what's left is a liquid would it work

  • Phil McWain
    Phil McWain   17 hours ago

    Do a video on diesel additives and if their claims work or not. Diesel Kleen, etc

  • Jeibaru Turay
    Jeibaru Turay   17 hours ago

    What happens when you mix 2 stroke fuel and put it in a 4 stroke engine and the 4 stroke engine doesnt have a oli suplie only the Oli Gasoline Mixture of a 2 stroke wil it Turn in a 2 stroke🙃

  • john N/A
    john N/A   19 hours ago

    Call me a mad man but im sitting here wondering what would happen (if anything) if you put used motor oil through a water filter

  • Kenneth Barbee
    Kenneth Barbee   19 hours ago

    Can you test impact driver bits? Like the Milwaukee impact phillips power bits, Makita, and Bosch? That would be really cool because the bits I use are cast and they always chip and break.

  • Ace Solomon
    Ace Solomon   19 hours ago

    Hey project farm, any chance you can test the top brand's impact wrenches? (DeWALT, Milwaukee, Snap-On, Ryobi & Kobalt)Much appreciated!

  • Alith Wolf
    Alith Wolf   19 hours ago

    I have an interesting one for you and I hope you're up for the challenge! my question for you is can you use brake fluid as transmission fluid replacement clutch fluid replacement and power steering fluid replacement? hope you get to read this one!

  • Astroid
    Astroid   22 hours ago

    @proyectfarm next video test water filters(for refrigerators) and for the sink

  • North Side Modder
    North Side Modder   1 days ago

    Wonder if you mix diesel with gasoline wonder what would happen

  • James Fogarty
    James Fogarty   1 days ago

    another great video,I enjoy your video's very much,and it looks like fun.Thanks for posting

  • slerb ster
    slerb ster   1 days ago

    idea.... can you frezz Lucas grease I would love to see if that's possible

  • Travis Mullins
    Travis Mullins   1 days ago

    I'd like to know if hot liquid candle wax would work as engine oil

  • Aiden
    Aiden   1 days ago

    Video idea what's the best double sided tape

  • john dowe
    john dowe   1 days ago

    which paper towel is best? :D

  • Helitack32f1
    Helitack32f1   1 days ago

    Love the channel! One idea for you I have, would be difficult to test and take a lot of time. Testing tire and/or dashboard protectant. I hvae heard people say Armor All actually dries things out so even testing Armor All protected parts against non-protected parts would be awesome.

  • thenewyorker34
    thenewyorker34   1 days ago

    Project farm idea: as a motorcycle rider and pick up truck guy, I use tie downs alot. I wonder if u have test various tie downs,the gearing on em and motorcycle specific tie down. Srk cycles channel has something called a tankstrap, used for motorcycles.. while just watching his vid, I thought... wonder how those would fair on project farm against the other stuff I use for tie down jobs.Ties downs can get unsafe when they !go! But I still wonder us tensil and gear/ cam mechanism are 6of1 across the options available.

  • Tslim
    Tslim   1 days ago

    the go kart test doesn't say anything in the way of other than how a 212 will run, no fuel will change the top speed very much if at all because the speed is dependent on engine rpm and what gear ratio the kart is set to. your max speed will be whatever the engine is governed to as far as max rpm.

  • olejimmm
    olejimmm   1 days ago

    I think you should test out shop soaps. Which ones are best, waterless vs water, pumice vs pumice free etc...

  • Kriss Bennett
    Kriss Bennett   1 days ago

    Just so you and others understand 100LL aka 100 low lead av gas has THREE time the lead as 80/87 the red avi gas. The only reason it can be called Low Lead is because it has less lead then the original 100 av gas, I don't remember how much less lead it has but 20 % comes to mind. People need to remember the higher the octane the fuel has the slower it burns under combustion.

  • Ash qelon
    Ash qelon   1 days ago

    Wifey: Honey will you pick up a Grande carmel frappuccino at Starbucks on the way home.?Project Farm: I have to see how well it will run in the lawn mower and how many deposits it leaves on the cylinder heads first.

  • XP Kustomz
    XP Kustomz   1 days ago

    I have an idea! There's these crazy guys saying you can clean a catalytic converter using Lacquer thinner!? Can you test the legitimacy?

  • Jackson J
    Jackson J   1 days ago

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