Animal Expert Dave Salmoni: Spider Monkey And Coyote Pup - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on: 21 October 2016
  • Dave Salmoni introduces Conan to a shy spider monkey and an affectionate coyote pup.

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  • Runtime : 4:34


  • yalkulaib
    yalkulaib   5 days ago

    conan is the only talk show host that actually lets dave salmoni speak

  • Timothy Bergeron
    Timothy Bergeron   1 weeks ago

    "I didn't realize that I would bring all of these animals for us to rub our heads against."You don't know Conan.

  • Will
    Will   1 weeks ago

    Both of the animals literally gave Conan the side eye or turned away from him lmao

  • Sig
    Sig   2 weeks ago

    Conan is the best late night show host.

  • Jake Etheridge
    Jake Etheridge   1 months ago

    My uncle had a pet coyote for about 8 years and ended up having to put it down because it got out and killed his neighbors dog. They can be really sweet but you have to remember they are wild animals and want to hunt. I remember playing with it when I was a little kid and then a few years later not seeing it anymore and it wasn’t until I was older that my parents told me it had been put down. Cool animals but terrible pets.

  • S U R V I V O R
    S U R V I V O R   1 months ago

    That spider monkey baby was incredibly shy. He was acting how I acted in school😂

  • SUBSCRIBE or DIE eventually

    Wtf did just watchA ginger freak makes a fruit basket out of a poor dude's head while a primate and spider monkey spectate.

  • Samantha Maynard
    Samantha Maynard   1 months ago

    This same spider monkey shows up in an appearance with David Misjewski. (I just saw the David clip a few minutes ago.) Seems interesting that they get the same animals but different people?

  • Lucky Lana
    Lucky Lana   1 months ago

    The coyote ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez   2 months ago

    And, I have a feeling Conan could speak to animals 😂🤔😳

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez   2 months ago

    3:14 the coyote may look comfortable but he looks freaked out now a lil 😂

  • Stevie Chan
    Stevie Chan   3 months ago

    Conan: "Can I have that?"Dave: "You can hold it."Conan: "No, I wanna have it." XD

  • Spit-Shine Tommy
    Spit-Shine Tommy   3 months ago

    I love how Mr Salmoni is desperately trying to give informations about the animals he's presenting while nobody's listening

  • Theta
    Theta   3 months ago

    Conan thanks for being nice to animal expert / science guests and all guests in general.

  • ge -
    ge -   3 months ago

    Good lil boy.

  • Jan Berkemeier
    Jan Berkemeier   3 months ago

    Conan O'Brien - making entertainment out of failing to befriend animals since 2010

  • kailaash krishnamurthy
    kailaash krishnamurthy   3 months ago

    Animal expert : brings a grown Komodo dragon next timeConan with a pretty face : can i pet him

  • x k
    x k   3 months ago

    more animal experts and animals on conan please.

  • Stephen T
    Stephen T   3 months ago

    Watches this videoStill excited for coyote season

  • Annick N
    Annick N   3 months ago

    Conan is the only host who doesn't seem to fear animals, he'll even lick them

  • Mia phoenix
    Mia phoenix   4 months ago

    Conan is better than jimmy... he let Dave to talk

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker   4 months ago

    Amazing. A late night host that has no problem with the animals.

  • Sunako Kirishiki
    Sunako Kirishiki   4 months ago

    He was so cute with the coyote until the creepy stuff came up. 😂 still it's so so cute🥺🥰

  • christmastiger
    christmastiger   4 months ago

    Dave Salmoni usually does Jimmy Kimmel's animal segments, he was probably delighted to finally have a talk show host who wasn't terrified of the animals, seemed engaged in learning about them, and made him laugh.

  • Jordan Utley
    Jordan Utley   4 months ago

    I feel like Conan brings this guys on because he's so bad with the animals as opposed to the bigger guy 😂 Dave's still my favorite animal guy

  • TigerLily
    TigerLily   4 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like “what the hell is trump doing on Conan?”

  • Soonoknim
    Soonoknim   4 months ago

    Conan with animals hilarious 😆