Everything Wrong With It: Chapter Two In Red Balloon Minutes

  • Published on: 02 January 2020
  • We wrote a lot of sins we liked; too many to make this video. Our Patreon members got a bonus second sins video of this movie, and you can sign up here: http://patreon.com/cinemasins

    It: Chapter 2 didn't really stick the landing on the promise of the first one, but it's not terrible. It does have a lot of sins though.

    Next week: One recent horror sins and one recent terrifying sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 23:48
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  • Gabriel Grasso
    Gabriel Grasso   7 hours ago

    I know pennywise comes every 27 years but it doesn’t say when he will go back into hibernation, so if that’s true wouldn’t “It” wipe the entire population and move on to another food source. Also pennywise shape shift as the man at the circus looks like Dwight Shrute from the office.

  • Sammy Wood
    Sammy Wood   11 hours ago

    No sin removed for Beverly and Ben making out underwater? Like imagine how much dirty water got in their mouths, AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN STOP!

  • southside shane
    southside shane   1 days ago

    I'm still waiting on the discount Christian Bale ding. Like wtf Jermey, do need me to join the writers team?

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown   2 days ago

    I'm reading the book. Adrian is 19, and It targets anyone 20 and under...and probably older than 3 years old? Adrian fits the age range. Also, It killed a teen mom who was 16.

  • KFC GOD !!!!
    KFC GOD !!!!   3 days ago

    Why dose cinemasins sound like he just went threw a Stephen king movie and back

  • IdkLol
    IdkLol   4 days ago

    This should be renamed “me getting angry for 23 minutes”

  • Baljet On The Block
    Baljet On The Block   4 days ago

    I was going to watch this movie again but now it’s not worth it I’ll wait maybe 4 months..... okay 3 months

  • Kagereneko
    Kagereneko   4 days ago

    HATED this movie, the first one had some bad things for me bur I liked it anyway; chapter 2 feels like a damn parody mixed with Evil Dead elements...

  • shadow officialy
    shadow officialy   5 days ago

    Title: Everything wrong with it in 22 minutes or lessMe: sees time REEEEEE

  • Stroh_The Derrick Show

    When he said “stranger things” when it was on Richie played by Finn Wolfhard who plays mike in stranger things😂😂😂

  • H0rcrux
    H0rcrux   6 days ago

    I see now. It was a leper down there with Eddie and his mom. I just always thought they got Keith Richards to cameo!

  • Yvonne Goodridge
    Yvonne Goodridge   6 days ago

    How the fuck did her mom not noice her get up and walk away?!? 7:24

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark   6 days ago

    I'm fucking pissed that cinema sins didn't go after the candles from the original IT, at the end of the movie. I mean come on.

  • Kashmira Dixit
    Kashmira Dixit   1 weeks ago

    Everything wrong with IT Chapter 2- IT Chapter 2

  • Edits_and_tiktoks :3
    Edits_and_tiktoks :3   1 weeks ago

    We all have to admit that the way they killed Pennywise is so shit, it’s an amazing movie (My second favourite movie actually) but they could have done something way better than that, ALSO RIP STANLEY AND EDDIE I LOVE YOU BABIES 💗🥺

  • Kokona Haruka
    Kokona Haruka   1 weeks ago

    i love how in this movie the legit just bully him to death

  • The Breakfast Clubber

    i’m surprised derry hasn’t advanced technologically, the place still looks old and dull in color.

  • Ninjakitten42
    Ninjakitten42   1 weeks ago

    How on earth did this get more sins than The Bee Movie?!?!

  • Ninjakitten42
    Ninjakitten42   1 weeks ago

    What's so scary about the baby-faced locust? I think it's quite cute.

  • Jack Pol
    Jack Pol   1 weeks ago

    You realize that It’s whole thing is that he scares his victims because he thinks fear takes good

  • Jack Pol
    Jack Pol   1 weeks ago

    You realize that It’s whole thing is that he scares his victims because he thinks fear takes good

  • DemDem
    DemDem   1 weeks ago

    The way the cinemasins guy says bullies though pisses me off but I'm not even sure why.

  • Mushtaque Qazi
    Mushtaque Qazi   1 weeks ago

    by the way james mcavoy is awesome.bill hader is superb and jessica chastin is scared anyway.

  • Mushtaque Qazi
    Mushtaque Qazi   1 weeks ago

    kill the casting director of this movie only 3 characters look youthful adults rest of them dont belong in the movie.can u name the 3 i am talking about?

  • MicahiLove
    MicahiLove   1 weeks ago

    I mean Eddie is a psych patient.Why would you expect him to make smart stealthy choices when trying to kill people?

  • Robby Casey
    Robby Casey   2 weeks ago

    It. Eats people ,he just likes them afraid , fear makes the meat taste better

  • ThirdGen
    ThirdGen   2 weeks ago

    The actor who played Eddie should not have played Eddie. One of the worst acting performances I've ever seen especially during the scene at the dinner table.

  • KageMaxwell
    KageMaxwell   2 weeks ago

    Not gonna lie. When I saw her with the flaming hair, my mind went right to Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal.

  • Jane Crawford
    Jane Crawford   2 weeks ago


  • Creative Void
    Creative Void   2 weeks ago

    8:34 You should’ve read the book, it’s a LOT more clear that pennywise is a reflection of the towns evil and corrupt people.

  • Lightning4563
    Lightning4563   2 weeks ago

    20:01 How does Richie survive that fall? He would have at least broken a few bones.