The Next Viral Youtube Trend!

  • Published on: 02 April 2013
  • Its a simple math equation really...
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  • Runtime : 5:9
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  • Brandon Ung
    Brandon Ung   1 weeks ago

    Omg 6 years later and ryan was right. Rick rolling is a big meme now

  • Kiwi 123
    Kiwi 123   1 weeks ago

    If you watching in 2020 you the bomb

  • Sk8 Electro
    Sk8 Electro   2 weeks ago

    noooooooo cant believe I got Rick rolled in 2020

  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic   2 weeks ago

    I have never seen this;-;

  • Jacko Tacko
    Jacko Tacko   1 months ago

    Rick rolled and harem shake or whatever its called in 2020, huh

  • person #1
    person #1   1 months ago

    Actually he's Korean not Asian I think

  • Stephanie W
    Stephanie W   1 months ago

    Ryan is one of my favourite YouTubers :)

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner   1 months ago

    It's funny because no matter what he says in this video Is outdated now

    LAZAR BEAM   2 months ago

    6 year's later Youtube : time to recommend

  • Covid19
    Covid19   2 months ago

    Who expected a rick roll

  • man kri
    man kri   2 months ago

    I can't believe after 7 fucking years he was spot on.... Well done

  • Bax Playz
    Bax Playz   2 months ago

    I got rick rolled in 2020 r.i.p

  • Alex May
    Alex May   3 months ago

    Yo so watching from .49 on has the subtitles as (idiots pronouncing “nyan”) is this YouTube’?😂

  • saif almadani
    saif almadani   3 months ago

    Just Got rick rolled after watching the new rick roll video in 2019. AND I already watched this video before. :(

  • Tusemy
    Tusemy   3 months ago

    You've created great content, it's a video that really adds value. I'm trying to make this kind of content if you're wondering if you're sure to look at the benefit I say.

  • logan Broadwell
    logan Broadwell   4 months ago

    I thought the next big trend is gonna be RICardo Milo!!! 🤣

  • Bill C
    Bill C   4 months ago

    We got fuckin Rick rolled in 2019

  • Hippienolic 2
    Hippienolic 2   4 months ago

    This references everything that made YouTube good back in the days. It’s rewind time