The Division 2 | Legendary Roosevelt Island Stronghold

  • Published on: 08 March 2020
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    In this video, I show our full legendary Roosevelt island stronghold run, its a legendary mission in the division fighting the black tush in white uniform, so more like the white tusk
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  • Runtime : 1:23:25
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  • widdz
    widdz   2 months ago

    Legendary builds & the strongholds! DPS Build: TANK Build: Build: District Union Arena : Roosevelt Island: Capitol Building:

  • TUMSonY
    TUMSonY   2 weeks ago

    It says Heroic NOT Legendary !?

  • Holy Sinner
    Holy Sinner   2 weeks ago

    soo... all that shit and no BigHorn?? fuck this lol Im not even gonna try it

  • Colin Wall
    Colin Wall   2 weeks ago

    Lmao I did this mission by myself 😂

  • Shade455
    Shade455   3 weeks ago

    legendary is bs. Just beat district union with my guys. Just stupid mechanics that they think make it challenging that really just break everything. Cheap coding rather than clever difficulty. And you're right. Bugs break anything you have to even have a chance at winning. To hard need to dull it down. 70% success rate.

  • yojimbe1980
    yojimbe1980   3 weeks ago

    This sucks. Every encounter is run back to a hidey hole and shoot over your teammates. There is no build\synergy that lets you stand in those areas and stand your ground.

  • Lukas Gravley
    Lukas Gravley   3 weeks ago

    Just curious. This video says legendary Roosevelt but the on screen difficulty says heroic......

  • Karan Shah
    Karan Shah   4 weeks ago

    better try Liberty Island on Legendary 🤣💀

  • debbah
    debbah   1 months ago

    LUL you almost ran back to the spawn xD

  • Swank Zapper
    Swank Zapper   1 months ago

    the game screen says heroic not legendary...... just sayin ;o))

  • Graeme Warnes
    Graeme Warnes   1 months ago

    How do you keep instantly repairing your armour without using an armour kit or any other item? (Unless I’m missing something!)

  • Dhgff Fhcdujhv
    Dhgff Fhcdujhv   1 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video, but not for reasons you may think.I really enjoyed to see that me and my group play this game right and all ''the bugs'' they winge about in this game actually work for our advantage. May i elaborate ?What you see here stands out clearly - they do no take cover properly, do not utilise moving from cover to cover ( you take no damage during that), they are not using a right set of skills. Theres a thing called choke point or an ambush if you like. The way you set it up is by splitting your forces as much as possible so when enemy has to return fire it is allso split. Reason being - divide focused fire. To turn it to your advantage - you focus fire on a single point were enemy is shooting to all sides. Hence choke point.How it works for my group ? Well, we set up a choke point, someone draws fire and sits in cover while other players deal damage by focusing enemies that are trying to flank those who are suppressed in cover. Never ever we all sit like a bunch of goats in one spot, one line of fire shooting eachothers backs and taking a bullet hosing from a whole enemy team.I know its hard to grasp for those who are mindlesly run and gun in every game. But if you ever experienced teamwork and an overwhelming sence of control it gives in dealing with any enemy push you will certainly know what im talking about.Higher dfficulty in the game means enemy is more agressive. Sponginess is there for a reason so you dont stop their agresive pushing in its tracks by hosing them down with bullets before they even make any threat for your positioning. Speaking of which, when in an ambush 2 guys on oposite sides is a standart model. You dont just shoot random targets. You shoot those that try to push the other 2 team members and you shoot them in a side or back. Ideal circumstances - enemy pushed your 2 teammates and sit in cover. Guess what, you shoot that enemy in the back if they try to run they get shot by other 2 teamplayers to. Other scenario - enemy is poring in through a choke point ( small area of passage) where you normaly focus fire, or elites walking through. Someone in a team is focused by their fire. So having some teammates on a left and right side of that passage makes it easy kills to enemies back and sides and weakspots.It seems not possible ? Why do you have different levels of difficulty in the game ? Its to put tactics in to practice and get better acquinted with games mechanics.Wingeing about things you dont do right in this game and calling them '' game breaking bugs'' is flat out stupid and cringy, and thats why i enjoyed the most in this video - watching stupidity in action.

  • Gaming Fibre
    Gaming Fibre   1 months ago

    Hi widdz, i love your gameplay. How can i play with you?

  • Jin Adozuki
    Jin Adozuki   1 months ago

    ugh.. I cant find a good Group to do LEGENDARY WITH UGH FOR FUCK SAKE WHY CANT I FIND A GOOD GROUP ????

  • Sworks
    Sworks   1 months ago

    Originally on Legendary 4 guys should not have to go through 800 rounds each and out of ammo just to shoot one elite. If you are doing that then give us endless ammo.

  • youngsimp_
    youngsimp_   2 months ago

    How can I start a legendary mission ? I only see heroic

  • Antonio Ayala
    Antonio Ayala   2 months ago

    Looks tough but I wish to be in an active clan to be doing this content

  • red-baron97 red-baron97

    you know really grind my gears. key bored players dont see recoil. shit pisses me off that ubisoft doesnt adjust so they have recoil. shit urks my soul

  • egshane
    egshane   2 months ago

    sleepy is the first Rogue agent

  • Jorda n
    Jorda n   2 months ago

    Y’all complain about this but don’t say shit about dark souls

  • Debo S 281
    Debo S 281   2 months ago

    I know u longer and u are better Solo player. Ur Tesm Sucks not good one. Cya Bless

  • RAGZTER007
    RAGZTER007   2 months ago

    @widdz you sure this is legendary as it says heroic on the top left corner

  • Homer_Ate2
    Homer_Ate2   2 months ago

    With you on the darkness man. The lighting effects are screwed in this game. Goes from beautiful to grey.

  • matthew fowkes
    matthew fowkes   2 months ago

    How do you heal like that but don't use any med kits

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard   2 months ago

    Drones need a nerf the fact that they send out drone after drone after drone is fucking ridiculous especially on console...

  • Trust37_
    Trust37_   2 months ago

    How are we supposed to run roosevelt in 15minutes for the league wtf

  • Chris Meyers
    Chris Meyers   2 months ago

    Um, this is not Legendary, it's on Heroic, says it in the top left of the screen, and if you guys are struggling as a team on heroic, then you guys would be a mess on actual Legendary difficulty lol

  • x SpinDrift
    x SpinDrift   2 months ago

    The games always had game breaking bugs! But gotta keep the hype alive.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson   2 months ago

    Dude it's on heroic not legendaryJk lol 😃👍⭐

  • IRatchetI
    IRatchetI   2 months ago

    Man Ubi must have taken their loot drop ratios from Anthem because that was terrible!

  • Tugra Han ZEYBEK
    Tugra Han ZEYBEK   2 months ago

    Game is dead already...And UbiFAIL started to ban who is criticizing game...

  • Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction

    I’m tired of these honeymoon phase fanboys saying stuff like “its suppose t be challenging”I reply to you with this:Go back and play the first Division game.Challenge mode enemies were strong but FAIR. The non named enemies did not have armor I had to empty 5 clips into (headshots) to kill.The challenge came from their tactics, along with increased health. Depending not he build I use, I can actually either tank more damage or not. Same with dealing more damage or not.No one likes bullet sponge enemies that can kill you in 1-2 shots no matter your armor or build.

  • Meekys
    Meekys   2 months ago

    It’s funny how every elite Npc has the health of a tank and damage of an elite sniper, oh, and did I forget to mention how they can instant repair their armour with their infinite num of armour kits

  • Xi
    Xi   2 months ago

    I want the exotic from Legendary but solo players really got FUCKED with this update. How am I supposed to find a group first off and then convince them a 5% chance at an exotic is a good way to spend over an hour?

  • Santo Valentino
    Santo Valentino   2 months ago

    Thanks for the gameplay! Unfortunately this doesn’t look fun at all. “Everyone just stay in the back and shoot until you’re empty.”(I know he mentioned this in the video and I agree zzzzz)

  • Rob Scott
    Rob Scott   2 months ago

    Anyone complete a Legendary Mission Solo? ??