Using Only Paper to Melt Metal

  • Published on: 24 March 2019
  • Today we're testing to see if a roll of paper can be used to melt metal. Could this be the cheapest foundry yet?

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  • Runtime : 13:5
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  • matthew bowers
    matthew bowers   1 days ago

    Please don’t wear rubber gloves when working with fire. It melts. It sticks. It’s horrible.

  • Simon Pohl
    Simon Pohl   5 days ago

    Go with a leafblower to the bottom

  • Philip Green
    Philip Green   6 days ago

    Does anyone know why they put random letters and numbers in the middle of the video? M and 3 were in this and idk why they put it in

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh   2 weeks ago

    The big paper towel is a great way to make metal melter for crepeHit the like plz

  • TheSecretLifeOfMe
    TheSecretLifeOfMe   2 weeks ago

    Can y pi u use bike pump to concentrate oxygen and see if you can use it to scuba dive

  • nick savage
    nick savage   2 weeks ago

    Whats with the random letters that pop up@1:40

  • man manson
    man manson   3 weeks ago

    wow, gallium can melt just in the summer heat :O

  • Gruigi Memes
    Gruigi Memes   1 months ago


  • True Triathlon
    True Triathlon   1 months ago

    Gallium burns at 30 degrees Celsius. In Australia it hits 45 degrees Celsius. Save the gallium

  • Nigel Ying
    Nigel Ying   1 months ago

    I melted metal with paper! its called mercury

  • Torey Beau****
    Torey Beau****   1 months ago

    But is he actually burning paper or is it just the cardboard (close to paper)?

  • Draw Aestetics
    Draw Aestetics   2 months ago

    Wanna try gallium letting it sit in the sun on a hot day??❤️❤️🙏

  • Geometri cal
    Geometri cal   2 months ago

    What happens when u let liquid nitrogen interact with lava?

  • tx hogkiller
    tx hogkiller   2 months ago

    can you melt metal with a magnifying glass?

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar   2 months ago

    using only paper to melt metal me: burns a paper and put gallium or mercury

  • Vaughn Ruppe31
    Vaughn Ruppe31   2 months ago

    Do you guys ever think of what this stuff does to the earth

  • Mikee 1234444
    Mikee 1234444   2 months ago

    Molten metal versus paper in a vacuum chamber.

  • Kronken
    Kronken   2 months ago

    Lets melt a metal, that isnt gallium, or an experiment with metal that isnt gallium.. hmm? Gallium just isnt that interresting anymore.. you guys use it for literally every experiment with metal now

  • 5기송민근
    5기송민근   2 months ago

    I can melt some metal with my brain power(mercury only)

  • Ping Chen
    Ping Chen   3 months ago

    make a thermal expansion rocket!

  • DarkStar Wolf
    DarkStar Wolf   3 months ago

    What if you put liquid oxigin in the paper.