Using Only Paper to Melt Metal

  • Published on: 24 March 2019
  • Today we're testing to see if a roll of paper can be used to melt metal. Could this be the cheapest foundry yet?

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  • Runtime : 13:5
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  • Kronken
    Kronken   21 hours ago

    Lets melt a metal, that isnt gallium, or an experiment with metal that isnt gallium.. hmm? Gallium just isnt that interresting anymore.. you guys use it for literally every experiment with metal now

  • 5기송민근
    5기송민근   5 days ago

    I can melt some metal with my brain power(mercury only)

  • Ping Chen
    Ping Chen   1 weeks ago

    make a thermal expansion rocket!

  • Nmccarville
    Nmccarville   2 weeks ago

    Use a Hard wood log with a rot whole (or drilled if your that ambitious) soak it for a day then set if directly on top of a already burning fire. we used it to melt glass, aluminium by the end of a week we had huge piece of melted glass an aluminium at the bottom an that log lasts hours so long as you make sure it is wet an also works better if you set some sort of burnable platform to sit on an... it was my rocket stove before I even knew what one was lol

  • Matheus
    Matheus   2 weeks ago

    Gálio é naturalmente líquido no Brasil

  • John Carl
    John Carl   2 weeks ago

    What are all the numbers randomly thru the video

    KAVIN K   2 weeks ago

    Can you melt metal by electricity

  • Zeldon567
    Zeldon567   2 weeks ago

    But can paper melt steel beams?

  • Patrick Falb
    Patrick Falb   3 weeks ago

    Can you pls use SI-Units for everything, no body is Interessed in Fahrenheit, and the imperial system. Welcome to the 21.Century! 99% of the world is using the metric system, Celsius and Kelvin! Use it too cause you don’t have only american subscribers!

  • Anshul Dang
    Anshul Dang   3 weeks ago

    No trees were harmed in making of this video

  • Nyan Llamas
    Nyan Llamas   4 weeks ago

    The paper you used is basically just wood tar logs with a hole in the middle

  • Your mom Hehehehehe
    Your mom Hehehehehe   1 months ago

    Hey guys today we are going to melt metal cans with ONLY paper And a lighter

  • SW3910
    SW3910   1 months ago

    can they just please be dating

  • EyelessWorld
    EyelessWorld   1 months ago

    Easier solution: Liquid ____(a wee bit of trivia.)

  • NebulaMagePlays
    NebulaMagePlays   1 months ago

    Fahrenheit 451... Isn't that an Albert Hitchcock book?

  • Jubert Marbella
    Jubert Marbella   1 months ago

    The roll of paper would be much effective if the bottom end was covered. Because the airflow went to opposite direction the heat go as well

  • Rhyan Wagner
    Rhyan Wagner   1 months ago

    I used the link for the game so useful i got addicted to it so well LOVE THE SPONSER!

  • MR prediction
    MR prediction   1 months ago

    Can u make your own metal or bricks home or not

  • Luke Teel
    Luke Teel   1 months ago

    Where is my girl at? Thats two videos in a row? Sooo, what's the deal?

  • The Keeper
    The Keeper   1 months ago

    Next time, instead of atmospheric air, use pure Oxygen.Then you should be able to melt steel...

  • Andrew Barker
    Andrew Barker   1 months ago

    11:28 you mentioned the steel rod and airflow twice, think its an editing mistake!

  • Coltz Gaming
    Coltz Gaming   1 months ago

    Paper was actually created by the Egyptians a while before China made it...

  • MechaDragon Clockwork
    MechaDragon Clockwork   1 months ago

    Fahrenheit 451 special edition the book can only be read when exposed to heat