• Published on: 22 February 2019
  • Merrell twins video:
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  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • The Tommo
    The Tommo   8 hours ago

    I find Anderson weirdly funny 😂😂😂❤

  • The Tommo
    The Tommo   8 hours ago

    I dont understand how can Anderson just casually wipe the board off with his hoodie 😂💔

  • cOCo
    cOCo   1 months ago

    “Never have I ever kissed a twin’’mind instantly plays to when nessa kissed Marco in “where is my Romeo” episode 3

  • melanie eilish
    melanie eilish   3 months ago

    Oh my god , Vanessa is dating Harrison in secret and you cant tell me otherwise

  • Devika Rajiv
    Devika Rajiv   3 months ago

    did u guys notice in 3:44- 3:54 harrisons board changed

  • Arianna Diaz
    Arianna Diaz   3 months ago

    Anderson: have u ever twerked in front of a mirror Me: waiting for roni and needs to answer A AD POPS UP

  • anyoung merrell
    anyoung merrell   3 months ago

    "Never have i ever kissed a twin" nessa has more than just that once. Marco

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green   3 months ago

    Wait I though nessa dated a youtuber and did a collab with him

  • Ella Murdock
    Ella Murdock   4 months ago

    Who else DIED at 6:48 ? Just me ok......

  • Nathalynn Vonghom
    Nathalynn Vonghom   4 months ago

    At 6:24 when Roni was talking about how her ex bf dumped her on New Years, I knew exactly who she was talking about😂

  • Chantal Benz
    Chantal Benz   4 months ago

    Been so long since nessa and harrison did a video together

  • Canadian Viewer
    Canadian Viewer   4 months ago

    Wait, wasn’t Vanessa dating that buddy a few years back? He did a girlfriend tag on his channel with her.

  • Ari Belle
    Ari Belle   4 months ago

    Is it just me or are Harrison and Vanessa super cute.

  • kindle
    kindle   4 months ago

    5:16 who else saw her hand & just me? ok...😐

  • Elena Dascalu
    Elena Dascalu   4 months ago

    WAIT did nessa say srew hariss DUDE nessa said a bad word but i still love her anyway...but also idk why am i saying that because she is 22 so she is allowed love you roni and nessa i subscribed to your chanel please lile this comment even if i said something wrong LOVE YOU GUYS!! ❤❤❤💘💘💘😘😘😘😘

  • Project Video
    Project Video   5 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie I totally ship Ron Ron and nessa and Harrison but was it me or was Harrison and roni staring at each other for most of the the video

  • maaida farhad
    maaida farhad   5 months ago

    9:06 did harrison just say he made out with the dolan twins? Ahhh does any one want to let me know if i heard that right?

  • Sofia Olvera
    Sofia Olvera   6 months ago

    Wut about Roni 😕 she ain’t got nobody;(

  • Cool Soto 0311
    Cool Soto 0311   6 months ago

    They should do a who is most likely to on the Merrell Twins and wear their merchandise

  • Sebastian Viel
    Sebastian Viel   7 months ago

    THAT STOOPID INTRO IT ALWAYS GETS ME!Purposely spelled stupid wrong (just saying)

    NOWHERE GIRL   7 months ago

    Nessa has dated a youtuber sorta (Aaron) and she has a twin (Marco from where is my Romeo)

  • Kitastraphee
    Kitastraphee   7 months ago

    Ughh nessa and Harrison is just...ugh😍❤️

  • Addison Hooke
    Addison Hooke   7 months ago

    Veronica we know you are basically dating Arron! Haha love you guys 💕

  • Ryan Thomas Woods
    Ryan Thomas Woods   8 months ago

    I love how I'm the guy at @4:34 LOL Harrison your laugh wasn't that bad mate! Had to rewatch our old collab cause it was too funny