• Published on: 22 February 2019
  • Merrell twins video:
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  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • Arrow
    Arrow   1 weeks ago

    9:00 that question i thought it was: never have i ever kissed a TOILET

  • Kylie Moore
    Kylie Moore   1 weeks ago

    Nessa and Harrison need to date there’s only one thing in there way it’s that Harrison lives in the uk but he always visits la they would be so cute together

  • Julia Charlwood
    Julia Charlwood   3 weeks ago

    “Never have I ever worn shoes on a Friday night tomorrow Chris brown” I died😂 every time he said it I would laugh harder

  • dog lover •_•
    dog lover •_•   1 months ago

    0:58 why did i love that so much tho💀hand comes in anderson: WHAT WAS THAT? 🤣

  • Yumi Bela
    Yumi Bela   1 months ago

    Me sees the videoAlso me: ohh merrell twins i will subscribe to the webb brothers

  • Deadlocked21
    Deadlocked21   1 months ago

    6:21 yikes. Imagine that - happy new year! You're single :)

  • Avocado Girl
    Avocado Girl   2 months ago

    Everyone we must make a form and send it to Merrel twins and any other twins on YouTube saying every single twin on YouTube had to collaborate with each other and have a twin party... that would be crazy!!!!!! Use this as an I agree button 😂👇🏻

  • Tutorial Journey
    Tutorial Journey   2 months ago

    Question: never have I ever twerked in front of a mirrorRoni: “I have”Also roni: Just to see if I’m good at itMe:*dies*😂😂😂😂😂

  • Astrid Miland
    Astrid Miland   3 months ago

    Roni you kisst your sister wen you ware a kid it in a vidio

  • Jessica Appolon
    Jessica Appolon   3 months ago

    3:15 lie because Aaron vanessa ex is a youtuber i use to watche his videos and Aaron Burriss aka @lazyronstudios veronica boyfriend is a youtuber so why u lying why u always lying ur welcome muahh

    ADITI TUPE   4 months ago

    Harrison feel free to break my heart

  • Roni Dc
    Roni Dc   4 months ago

    Dude. It's been SOOOOO long since I've shipped Harrison and Nessa!❤💜😍

  • Ghena
    Ghena   4 months ago

    4:43 u can tell bobby’s mannerism along with kian and jc’s are rubbing off on him

  • Hayley Tamara
    Hayley Tamara   4 months ago


  • Michelle G
    Michelle G   4 months ago

    Roni on the twerking question: JuSt To SeE iF iM gOoD aT iT😂💀💀

  • Joanne
    Joanne   4 months ago

    Was nezza talking about aaron?

  • modiehi mohapi
    modiehi mohapi   4 months ago

    4:46 nessa and harrison : just sitting there in their own worldnessa : starts gigglingme : these two are just too perfect together😂❤️

  • ranim faizul
    ranim faizul   5 months ago

    I spilled my entire coffee over the table laughing when at 3:43..Harrison opened her hand

  • beautyimge
    beautyimge   5 months ago

    what is a Friday night Chris brown someone please tell me

  • The Tommo
    The Tommo   6 months ago

    I find Anderson weirdly funny 😂😂😂❤

  • The Tommo
    The Tommo   6 months ago

    I dont understand how can Anderson just casually wipe the board off with his hoodie 😂💔

  • Vxnessa
    Vxnessa   7 months ago

    “Never have I ever kissed a twin’’mind instantly plays to when nessa kissed Marco in “where is my Romeo” episode 3

  • zenah eilish
    zenah eilish   9 months ago

    Oh my god , Vanessa is dating Harrison in secret and you cant tell me otherwise

  • Devika Rajiv
    Devika Rajiv   9 months ago

    did u guys notice in 3:44- 3:54 harrisons board changed

  • Arianna Diaz
    Arianna Diaz   9 months ago

    Anderson: have u ever twerked in front of a mirror Me: waiting for roni and needs to answer A AD POPS UP

  • anyoung merrell
    anyoung merrell   10 months ago

    "Never have i ever kissed a twin" nessa has more than just that once. Marco

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green   10 months ago

    Wait I though nessa dated a youtuber and did a collab with him