Michael And Keke Welcome Members Of The US Women's Soccer Team

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • Carli Lloyd, Julie Ertz and Crystal Dunn talk about their historic World Cup win.
  • Runtime : 5:41
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  • u are you so good
    u are you so good   3 months ago

    They need a raise there better than the men's but they get less money booo

  • Willo
    Willo   3 months ago

    Salty Cunt: "They lost to 15 year old boys"Me: 1992 Barcelona DREAM TEAM lost to college students :)Jill threw that game the same way Chuck Daily did.

  • HispanicBoi
    HispanicBoi   4 months ago

    Its nice to see underrated players here

  • MrMmnngghh
    MrMmnngghh   4 months ago

    Crystal Dunn crushes wingers for fun. What a lady.

  • Allen
    Allen   4 months ago

    Thank God you did not invite that hag Rapinoe.

  • uwish7
    uwish7   4 months ago

    The woman is red 😁😁🤣

  • Emma Tarnowski
    Emma Tarnowski   4 months ago

    all of you people are down-right stupid if you think the uswnt doesnt bring as much attention as the usmnt. 20% more people watched the women’s world cup in 2019 than the men’s world cup in 2018. the usmnt didnt even qualify for the world cup last year.

  • Tom Sc
    Tom Sc   4 months ago

    American heroes

  • name no
    name no   5 months ago

    0:20 thats between the uswnt and the usmnt mens world cup was wacthed by 3 billion people

  • Lennette Wells
    Lennette Wells   5 months ago

    Three of my favorite players aside from Morgan and others! Congrats ladies🍾🎊🎈🎉 👟⚽️🥅🏟🇺🇸🏆🏆🏆🏆!!!

  • Donald Evans
    Donald Evans   5 months ago

    They are just soccer players put on some real heroes like teachers cops and people who really make a diffetence every day

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker   5 months ago

    Getting equal pay can be viewed in perhaps the same bracket as getting equal rights for LGBT...both are long term challenges. So much things can be done in the short term and while something can be done with the pay disparity, I can't agree for every thing to be equal. I'm sorry. I must say what FIFA is doing in light of the chaos is a step in the right direction and like life, it's a process. Just be patient guys. Peace.

  • Gordon G
    Gordon G   5 months ago

    Idiots... the men bring in more revenue !!

  • Tricia p
    Tricia p   5 months ago

    Dunn is Amazing! And from Long Island! She basically held off France in that game and brought It! So happy to see her get recognition.

  • Jmass 86
    Jmass 86   5 months ago

    My only argument is numbers. Look at the books. Men’s World Cup=4 Billion+ income. Payout is 380 Million for the winning team. Women’s World Cup brought in 130 million, with a payout of 30 Million. I have to say FIFA is greedy and doesn’t like to spread the funds around.

  • nisigate
    nisigate   5 months ago

    They make us all happy in these tumultuous times we live in.

  • Caprino
    Caprino   5 months ago

    Chrystal Dunn= Roberto Carlos 👌🏾

  • Stillone G.
    Stillone G.   5 months ago

    They have been everywhere but the alt-whitehouse.

  • uwish7
    uwish7   5 months ago

    Did you all miss the audience member hyperventilating?

  • Gudibinin
    Gudibinin   5 months ago

    Pay inequality in tennis? Literally women earn as much as men for winning every grand slam despite they have less viewership and the level of competition is way worst.

  • Roger Ward
    Roger Ward   5 months ago

    Great team....they lost 5-2 to u 15s Dallas boys....well done... what heroes, sorry I mean heroines, I'm so racist aren't I! Hopefully they can virtue signal in middle eastern countries, where people are being brutilised for being gay, lesbian, women are stoned to death for being raped, adultery, etc...but no I guess US is the easy target...

  • denny onsurez
    denny onsurez   5 months ago

    Smh people don’t watch like you think and they don’t sell out venues to have them make the same amount. Zoom out and show the full stadiums that’s why they don’t get paid as much

  • Haley G
    Haley G   5 months ago

    I LOVE JULIE ERTZ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • C J
    C J   5 months ago

    These ladies literally just woke Americans to appreciate soccer. Finally soccer taking it's top place on the cadar of sports. World cup not national cup. Thank you ladies.

  • milldog65
    milldog65   5 months ago

    Yep wouldn’t be an interview with the women’s team without the pay gap myth brought up. Strahan wasted no time getting to that. How many times does the fact that the men’s league generates more revenue. And also the fact that equal pay would actually take money away from the women since they get a bigger percentage of the revenue then the men do.

  • Brad Romans
    Brad Romans   5 months ago

    Cannot get them enough recognition for their accomplishments. Thank you USWNT.

  • Raj Khan
    Raj Khan   5 months ago

    The best team in the world gets 250 while the men made up of average mls players get paid more and can not even qualify

  • Noteman
    Noteman   5 months ago

    Rapineo is a dumb ass fag. Go play in North Korea. See what your fag mouth says there.Disgrace to America. Hope aids is in her future. Fix your teeth strahan and STFU.

  • John Gunn
    John Gunn   5 months ago

    You do realize if you have less revenue, you get less money right? ya'll sound stupid when you're complaining about how much they made from the world cup. The men's world cup in 2018 brought in 6 billion dollars in revenue whereas the women's world cup this year brought in 131 million dollars... If you bring in more money, you make more money, it's simple.

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings   5 months ago

    You know the amount they get paid is the based on the revenue they bring in. And women’s sports don’t bring in that much. So seems fair to me

  • Leo Poveda
    Leo Poveda   5 months ago

    Carli Lloyd is my all-time favorite! A true No. 10.

  • YO DB4L
    YO DB4L   5 months ago

    What a waste of air time!!!

  • Kripke The Chameleon & Friends

    I'm a never-ending fan of Carlie Lloyd, I especially love how she dominated in the previous WorldCup👏Congrats Team!