Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

  • Published on: 10 June 2019
  • All the biggest announcements from this year's press conference.

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  • Runtime : 14:1
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  • SoLucky
    SoLucky   2 weeks ago

    Ubisoft: "You can recruit anyone. And I mean.. ANYONE."*proceeds to show only black characters

  • POP46
    POP46   1 months ago

    we demand prince of persia

  • joker3053
    joker3053   2 months ago

    only prince of persia can save UBI Soft

  • Prahalad Kangeyan
    Prahalad Kangeyan   2 months ago

    So no splinter cell wtf ubi noone gives a shit about ghost recon anymore

  • booker dewitt
    booker dewitt   2 months ago


  • Govi K
    Govi K   2 months ago

    Bring back POP pleasee😤😫

  • Ethan Crowley
    Ethan Crowley   2 months ago

    Where is the new Splinter Cell? Please, make another Splinter Cell as good as Chaos Theory and Double Agent (First XBOX).

  • Decal03
    Decal03   2 months ago

    Jon Bernthal is dope!😎💪 but Splinter Cell is your best offering so where is it🤔??

  • johan van sas
    johan van sas   2 months ago

    oh gawd run its grim the new Shaun Murray XDDDD

  • Glen Waldrop
    Glen Waldrop   3 months ago

    Came here hoping for a Punisher game...lol

  • YOU tv
    YOU tv   3 months ago

    where is prince of Persia?

  • FlyingPhilUK
    FlyingPhilUK   3 months ago

    Encouraging violence on the Streets of London- thanks, that's all we need!

  • Rohan Andrew
    Rohan Andrew   3 months ago

    Me hears the Terminator soundtrackMe: Wooooooh

  • Mh A
    Mh A   3 months ago

    Same old boring games.

  • Levani Koshadze
    Levani Koshadze   3 months ago

    r6 community : can we have the outbreak event back for some timeUbisoft : what's that? you want a whole new game you have to pay the full price for?r6 community : no we just want the event ba-Ubisoft : proceeds to make another rainbow six game presumably based on the outbreak event

  • Nomar 99
    Nomar 99   3 months ago

    Terminator will be in the Ghost Recon ⚡️

  • Cassie
    Cassie   3 months ago

    She's such a Megan

  • less kiss
    less kiss   3 months ago

    "GHOSTS NEVER DIE" Thats because they're FuCKinG DEAD

  • Budsy Venom
    Budsy Venom   3 months ago

    I was hoping for another south park game😢

  • richard hockey
    richard hockey   3 months ago

    When's Watchdogs Legion set, next thursday? 'is becoming a surveillance state'? no, it's already here

  • Adam Lowe
    Adam Lowe   3 months ago

    anyone else cry when the terminator came on?

  • Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly   3 months ago

    The division=shoot an npc, and another one.....and another.......😐

  • magiccoupons
    magiccoupons   3 months ago

    "The UK has become a surveillance state">has... Lmfao

  • Zed
    Zed   3 months ago

    no new ac and splinter cell ...

  • ssjadam
    ssjadam   3 months ago

    Thanks for all the garbage you’re about to give us. None of which seemed any good. More reskins of old crap

  • risbo qrac
    risbo qrac   3 months ago

    no new prince of persia or splinter cell instead they keep shoving watch dogs down peoples throats

  • Revas Elvhen
    Revas Elvhen   3 months ago

    i personally am very disappointed in Bethesda w/all the online only crap ~ especially in the case of the Elder Scrolls ~ & have not bought or wasted my time & $$ nor been interested in/with anything they have done since Fallout 4!!!! i am not sure @ this point that they can ever start 2 redeem themselves 2 me....Bethesda still big time ehh & such a major disappointment! But Square Enix is GR8 & doing wonderful & so awesome & they're keepn my faith & trust!!! i still also really like Ubisoft & they're still doing a fairly & pretty good job!! Final Fantasy VII remake ~ WOOHOO YEA BABY!!! i really hope they will do VIII next now & then XIII....i am def interested in Outriders & like what i c!! Will keep an eye on that game IV sure!! i am also still hyped & excited IV Skull & Bones, Cyberpunk 2077, TLOU pt2 & Ghost of Tsushima!!!!

  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo   3 months ago

    me : Dont blink you might miss itubisoft dev : blinks