Official title reveal of Bond 25

  • Published on: 20 August 2019
  • In NO TIME TO DIE, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

    The film will be released globally from April 3 2020 in the UK through Universal Pictures International and in the US on April 8, from MGM via their United Artists Releasing banner.
  • Runtime : 31
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  • Greavesy
    Greavesy   1 weeks ago

    Dr No, time to die. I’m betting it’s a remake of dr no or something. If you look in one of the trailers there’s a plane flying and some kind of liar/oil rig in the background exploding and in the most recent teaser at 0:18, you can see the same liar and there’s some people in gas mask/hazmat suits I think.

  • rabiejos
    rabiejos   3 weeks ago

    Ram Malek safin will have sickness. His blood will be thickening in cold and getting back to normal in warm places. There was an episode of Dr house called mirror mirror with the same symphtom. Also j am guessing that he is Madeleine's brother. @jamesbond007

  • Paul Cowdroy
    Paul Cowdroy   2 months ago

    What’s the big reverse L all about. Is that him coming in from the woke left. Oh dear. Maybe it is time for the franchise to die after all 😪

  • Joe Hinojosa
    Joe Hinojosa   2 months ago

    Must be hard to be Perfect,Daniel Craig.

  • My Name
    My Name   2 months ago

    please god, we dont want or need a woke bond

  • G A
    G A   2 months ago

    Is there a better movie theme in cinema history? Seriously...

  • Real Prophet
    Real Prophet   3 months ago

    Go woke get broke, Next is you Mr.Bond, fucking stop these stupidity & make movies that fans want not what the Twitter SJW army want, They won't fucking pay you a penny.

  • Harmonical
    Harmonical   4 months ago

    Could THIS be the new Bond theme song?...

  • Gayatri.G R
    Gayatri.G R   4 months ago

    Waduh si om makin ganteng aja nih haha

  • Jamie Paul
    Jamie Paul   4 months ago

    I'm a woman, and none of my daughters or sisters, galfriends will watch this or any other 007 ever again. Daniel Craig sell-out cuck too. I got my master's degrees, worked around the world, original fans, my husband had all novels, over years we bought all movies, never again. Shame on every retard mangina cuck faux-male too stupid to live and realize the way we women get total victory over you is destroying your worth not only in reality, but your dreams and fantasies too. Same with all we vast majority anti-feminist women. We just don't whine and threaten spineless males like you to apologize for being masculine. I'm an evolutionary biologist, never feminist, PhD, sadist thing is y'all mark end of the species. Fact of science, evolution, the more masculine difference from feminine of species the more successful in evolution. No wonder like pandas male infertility, erectile dysfunction and female barreness.We've even got the interviews with author 'roll over in grave' before see any mention of what they called women's lib, today feminism. None of you are true fans therefore. Sad, pathetic.Same with Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, we were true fans, honest about future with no human males left, destroyed probably next greatest universal global link after Bond. Star Wars? everything, science itself feminist politicians now tell us we have to cease teaching in school. I'm old enough to recall when creationists demanded 'faith before reason', now edict upon all educators is feminist SCUM manifesto 'feelings INSTEAD of reason'. Sad. Sick. End.

  • PatCruiser
    PatCruiser   4 months ago

    Daniel Craig, agent on her majesty´s secret service with the licence to kill has no time to die. He will die another day, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow never dies, he said. If he has a view to a kill, he will take the shot with his goldfinger. Because better live, and let die! He is like a specter and a spectre only lives twice in the living daylights. He is the spy who loved me. Like an octopussy in my head was his perfect first performance in Casino Royale. For your eyes, only Sean Connery is the real Bond? Maybe you see it through a golden eye of nostalgia! It hit me like a Skyfall Thunderball when i heard that this is his last movie. A world box office high as a Moonraker. He was like a diamond for the franchise! Diamonds are forever, but thats just a quantum of solace... He is the only one man with the golden gun. The world is not enough prepared for a new Bond. But never say never again! From russia with love. Sincerely Dr. No

  • daniel royer
    daniel royer   4 months ago

    If it's Daniel Craig's permanent official successor to become another white male live action movie actor playing as James Bond in the future,then Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's James Bond 007 U.S. headquarters will have to move from Universal Pictures to either Warner Bros. Pictures or WB's New Line

  • RRR 98
    RRR 98   4 months ago

    DB5 Vantage Valhalla DBS Superleggera

  • Sahil Agayev
    Sahil Agayev   4 months ago

    Best Bond ever 😍 Daniel Craig ❤️

  • Sahil Agayev
    Sahil Agayev   4 months ago

    Best Bond ever 😍 Daniel Craig ❤️

  • Maja Krstic
    Maja Krstic   4 months ago

    Who will sing the main theme? Why not Eros Ramazzotti? We heard all best names in music singing Bond's theme, why not try something different?

  • Kevin John Samuel
    Kevin John Samuel   5 months ago

    Hmmm. Title card's the same font as the 70s series "The Love Boat". I'm wagering an action sequence on a cruise ship.

  • fathomflaw
    fathomflaw   5 months ago

    I want Daniel Craig to play James Bond one more time after No Time To Die, but he can't because sooner or later he has to quit the role and pass the torch to someone else. Five James Bond-007 films for Daniel Craig was a great run.

  • W. H.
    W. H.   5 months ago

    Marvellous! The beginning - Awesome, the middle - Unreachable, the end - Stunning! Guess, it's gonna be a hell of a last ride for Mr Craig as 007, on April 5th!

  • Mr. Bond News
    Mr. Bond News   5 months ago

    I have a channel in YouTube about 007but is in spanish, please subscribe

  • Suck MyToe
    Suck MyToe   5 months ago

    Bond is dead and when this flops the fans will be blamed

    POWERGLOVE KilleDX   5 months ago

    This movie is going to bomb.Its already been said they replace Bond with a black woman in the beginning of the movie.No point in seeing this trash.

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund   6 months ago

    I love it. It's a very Bond sounding title. I'm excited to see it. 😍

  • Alex Perrin
    Alex Perrin   6 months ago

    Can’t wait nice to bond is back 😁

  • ismael EVOLUTION
    ismael EVOLUTION   6 months ago

    Daniel Craig is incredible! He really won the reputation of 007, despite criticism from some spectators!By other hand, hope one day the Producer of 007 "can consider" the American-Asian actor "Daniel Henney" for the role of James Bond, inventing some fresh script for this case! Thanks!

  • Aledownload
    Aledownload   6 months ago

    I knew it had the production name "Shatterhand". Does that remember anything? " You Only Live Twice"?