Bratz Doll Makeup Challenge (With an SFX Twist💀)

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • My concussed take on the Bratz Doll challenge.. glam&gore style so stay till the end for the sfx twist!

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  • Runtime : 25:48
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  • I Wales
    I Wales   1 days ago

    You kinda remind me of dove Cameron Which is a compliment btw you're so pretty

  • Willow Diana
    Willow Diana   2 days ago

    When I was 8 I fell backwards 6 stairs from the tile and I hit my head 8miles hard on the tile and this is why I forget things I am 13 now 😌✌️

  • Angela Mills
    Angela Mills   2 days ago

    I agree on 2019 I broke my femur in February and am STILL healing. Been binging your videos all day. Been a highlight. Lol.

  • Kaya Lee
    Kaya Lee   2 days ago

    I can’t get over how orange that Barbie was 😂

  • Miranda Du Toit
    Miranda Du Toit   3 days ago

    While being on antibiotics forgot i took them earlier had a view drinks I lost my balance and fell butt first on a concrete planter didnt feel much at first but the next day it started to hurt. So we took exrays and saw i actually broke it 90° angle inwards I had to have it removed im in 8 week recovery and it still hurts and i still cant sit properly.

  • Kathryn Boyd
    Kathryn Boyd   4 days ago

    I've had 3 concussions. My first was was during band my freshman year. I was on the marching field and my flipfolder with my music was on the ground. I was bending down to get it, and one of the seniors, who was built like a tank mind you, was flat out running and slammed his elbow into the temple of my head. So yeah. My first head injury. The other 2 were just car accidents. My dad on the other hand was hit by a semi and dented the metal frame of his car with his head. The doctors were convinced he had a fractured skull. He didn't. He also cut his scalp one about 6 inches to the skull while fixing his race car and just slapped a period pad on it and used a ski cap to hold it down. Because who has time to see a doctor? Another time, his ankle gave out in the shower and he fell backwards onto the toilet. He was fine, but he broke the toilet with his head. No joke. The porcelain was severely cracked. There was also that one time where he broke 4? (It might have been 5) ribs and decided just to drive back home. This was after a race and he was a little over 1p hours from home. So yeah.... long story short. My dad doesn't have a guardian angel. He has a drunken tinkerbell. And I think I'm starting to inherit it.....

  • Metal RubyGrl6
    Metal RubyGrl6   5 days ago

    This is the beginning of the end. Just didn't see it, but should have. 😔

  • Ellie A.
    Ellie A.   1 weeks ago

    "This is the tutorial that I keep walking away from" well you did walk away four times at least

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn   1 weeks ago

    16:11 Cutenesses overload

  • Riina
    Riina   1 weeks ago

    You look like me in seventh grade in the intro with the long blonde hair and a plait shirt 😂

  • Fissy Rae
    Fissy Rae   1 weeks ago

    Looks so good. Seen one melted Bratz doll video

  • Andi Anderson
    Andi Anderson   1 weeks ago

    I’ve split my head open 3 times and 4 concussions 🤕

  • Amanda Powers
    Amanda Powers   1 weeks ago

    Have you ever seen Big Mouth? I wanna see you pull off Connie from that show! PLEASE! I feel like you're the only one that can nail that character.

  • Psycho Path
    Psycho Path   1 weeks ago

    When I was a little girl, my friend and I decided it was a good idea to jump on the bed in our bikinis( we were five) and I ended up falling off and cutting the side of my knee on the sharp corner of the bed frame. And 13 years later I still have that scar, and it makes me laugh everytime I see it!🤘🏻😁💋🖤

  • Majda Fayj
    Majda Fayj   1 weeks ago

    Don't think of yourself needing to go to the hospital. Cause the way you think about yourself is what's going to make you feel not normal.Cause simply you're normal, it's just the way we love you.

  • Cool Bean
    Cool Bean   2 weeks ago

    This is the 1st and only time im going to say i don’t like this look

    KERRIGAN WRIGHT   2 weeks ago

    I'd love it if you did subscribers pick my makeup challenge!!!!!!!

  • Tricia Jane
    Tricia Jane   2 weeks ago

    In 3rd grade, I sneezed and slammed my head against my desk (my sneezes are extremely violent) and gave myself a concussionIn 4th grade, I ran into a semi, like ran straight into it, and gave myself another concussion and cracked my head openWhen I was camping with my family when I was about 6, me and my sister were sitting on opposite ends of a table and she got uo without warning me and the table flipped over on me. Again, cracked my head open on the cementI could honestly continue, I have the worst luck and always hurt myself in the weirdest ways, but I feel like this is getting really long already

  • Vily Rose
    Vily Rose   2 weeks ago

    Girl I got a really severe concussion last February and his is the most relatable video ever 😂

  • G'Anna Worry
    G'Anna Worry   2 weeks ago

    Omg my sister has the same Barbie she used

  • purple rain
    purple rain   2 weeks ago

    Hoping you have a speedy recovery xx

  • Jeff Burnham
    Jeff Burnham   2 weeks ago

    Can totally relate to dogs with sharp teeth and powerful jaws destroying toys. I finally found this tube covered in the same material they use for fire hoses. My GSD loved it and never was able to even put any rips or tears in it.

  • Blink here
    Blink here   2 weeks ago

    that barbie’s outfit kinda look like BLACKPINK Jisoo’s outfit in “Ddu Du Ddu du” m/v

  • sn0lly
    sn0lly   2 weeks ago

    this is seriously one of your cooler looks. super awesome.

  • LivingThroughLove
    LivingThroughLove   2 weeks ago

    Coming back to this and it's just like... What the he**, Mykie? Heavy concussion post cracked skull Bratz action that's super beautiful and freaky

  • Darlingl3
    Darlingl3   2 weeks ago

    Now you look like dove Cameron

  • Faith Tucking
    Faith Tucking   2 weeks ago

    On my fourth birthday, my brother gave me a trip to the hospital for my birthday. My birthday is in July, so it was baseball season and my siblings were practicing their hitting. My brother claims he didn't know I was there, I feel like he should have known, but anyway he smacked me straight in my forehead full swing. I wasn't concussed, but I had a massive goose egg on my head for what I assume was several weeks, as well as a huge bruise.