Bratz Doll Makeup Challenge (With an SFX Twist💀)

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • My concussed take on the Bratz Doll challenge.. glam&gore style so stay till the end for the sfx twist!

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  • Runtime : 25:48
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  • tea bag
    tea bag   22 hours ago

    why are her bruises yellow?

  • Jessica Rich
    Jessica Rich   1 days ago

    Mykie looks so beautiful in her natural skin tone

  • Shauna J
    Shauna J   1 days ago

    can you do a glam/glore look of Bride of Chucky?

  • Anika Angel
    Anika Angel   1 days ago

    1:36 "I wonder what's worse than cracking my head"Me: "2020"

  • Kaitlyn Ryan
    Kaitlyn Ryan   1 days ago

    I cut my head open when I went on some think that you exasis on and it bashes my head on

  • Rachel-Lynn Atchison Lee

    Well if you must know I've had two minor concussions and 2 a little savvier concussions and 1 very very very bloody concussion and I mean very bloody!

  • Charlotte T. Smith
    Charlotte T. Smith   2 days ago

    I had a stroke May 2012. Also, at the age of 2 I walked across a floor heater and burned the palm of my hands and the soles of my feet. Gnarly scar though.

  • The madness Video/story director

    it was actually Monster High than ran Bratz into the ground because kids were all like “WOAH I WANNA DRESS LIKE A MONSTER HIGH GIRL!” And Hence forth little goths were made 😂😂😂

  • Ember Daemos
    Ember Daemos   3 days ago

    I think I am one of the only people that can say and not be lying that I cracked my head open in a pillow's a long story

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw   4 days ago

    My father and I got into a car accident. My father went into the windshield. He had little pieces of glass coming out of hi forehead for weeks later!

  • Neža Kotnik
    Neža Kotnik   5 days ago

    in mi animal lover heart thjey both hold theseym place

  • someone_hah
    someone_hah   5 days ago

    24:46 i cracked my head open in my sleep somehow

  • dino nuggie
    dino nuggie   6 days ago

    When she said "wonder what's gonna happen next"me CORONAVIRUS

  • Cheyanne Morrell
    Cheyanne Morrell   6 days ago

    "2019 has not been the best year..."oh if only she knew what 2020 would hold... lol

  • Mimsy Laatsch
    Mimsy Laatsch   6 days ago

    Mykie: almost halfway through the videoalso Mykie: only has foundation on "tHis iS sNow!"

  • MA C
    MA C   6 days ago

    WAIT TILL 2020 lol

  • Kailey Carreno
    Kailey Carreno   1 weeks ago

    Mykie talking about 2019was the worst year Us in 2020: r u serious

  • Madison Naranjo
    Madison Naranjo   1 weeks ago

    I used sooo many dolls when I was younger. All types. I had a head injury when I was younger; way younger. I wasn’t even going to school. I was jumping on something a trampoline or a bed and I fell back and I cracked my head open. I did get staples as a baby and yes Mykie, I was conscious. My mom and dad were holding my smoll hands while the doctor took a staple gun to my head and staples my scalp shut. Since I was a baby, I didn’t know what it felt like but it probably felt like what Mykie described it as. So that’s my story😌

  • Freya Waddams
    Freya Waddams   1 weeks ago

    I was two and learning to walk (late I know) and I walked into a door handle and split my head open and I had to go to the hospital to get it put back I don’t remember how they did it

  • Michelle Hernandez
    Michelle Hernandez   1 weeks ago

    You are too cute, your all worried about us when your the one who we should be worried about for a head concussion..Even with a head injury your cranking out bomb ass looks!!!

  • Verity Preston
    Verity Preston   1 weeks ago

    This year was maybe worse then a split open head

  • lastimosa
    lastimosa   1 weeks ago

    1:40 me watching in the middle of quarantine..

  • lastimosa
    lastimosa   1 weeks ago

    i cant believe i finally found a glam and gore vid I HAVE NO YET WATCHED ! IM SO HAPPY !

  • Dana L
    Dana L   1 weeks ago

    Just wait for 2020

  • DiDiDragon
    DiDiDragon   1 weeks ago

    "2019 has been a nightmare year" LOL. we now know you are not a time traveler

  • Cryssy Carr
    Cryssy Carr   1 weeks ago

    mykie: a small mark behind her earsme:that is for her glasses so it stays on

  • Girlkitty Plays
    Girlkitty Plays   1 weeks ago

    I never had a concussion, and will never want one but i did break my left arm at a haunted house during my freshman year of High School. Funny thing was, is that I was acting so my screams of pain probably scared the group walking by even more 😈 but in the spirit of Halloween I also scared my family XD I had to get flipping surgery to fix my arm but now i has a cool scar XD( Let's just say that I will not be acting at a haunted house anymore T_T )

  • Halle Place
    Halle Place   1 weeks ago

    "Im curious about what comes next."2020: Heeeey!! Issa bout to get a whole lot worse.