The Pun Challenge!?

  • Published on: 27 April 2018
  • Go and bother the youtubers that you think would be good at this Random Word Generator Pun Challenge or try it out yourself and tag me in it! Looking forward to cringing!
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  • Runtime : 10:18
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  • Nile Thompson
    Nile Thompson   16 hours ago

    What do you call a fish that poops?A BASS TURD

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere   18 hours ago

    my friend guessed what is my main handit was right

  • 01101000 01100001
    01101000 01100001   1 days ago

    Every lawyer has a case, so its normal for him/she to reopen the case.

  • Samuel Shimabukuro
    Samuel Shimabukuro   1 days ago

    I think cheese puns are really gouda honestly. Whenever I tell to much people get feta with my puns. I camembert a moment when nobody cringed.

  • Claude
    Claude   4 days ago

    I can make a corn joke but, it’s probably will be corny

  • Minecraft Ruler
    Minecraft Ruler   4 days ago

    Puns make me want to PUNch someone I’m mean they aren’t PUNny

  • Ade
    Ade   1 weeks ago

    i love this video and i love ryan but i have to give this a thumbs down solely based on principle

  • Ezy Cuberz
    Ezy Cuberz   1 weeks ago

    @0.33 seriously dude!? i already have button phone only -_-

  • EnerJetix
    EnerJetix   1 weeks ago

    Am I the only one that laughed at all of them?

  • nomiqwywqtfkwa
    nomiqwywqtfkwa   1 weeks ago

    i would make a scientific joke but it has got no reaction

  • Lu Bebee
    Lu Bebee   1 weeks ago

    8:08 when you see the lamp god

  • The army Solider
    The army Solider   1 weeks ago

    I am not punny oh sorry I just said a pun right OH MY GOD I FELL DOWN THE PUN HOLE

  • Rania K
    Rania K   2 weeks ago

    But i really like puns😊

  • Gruesome Twosome
    Gruesome Twosome   2 weeks ago

    why is your twitter profile a gay horse.guess what vid i'm referencing.

  • biibu bob
    biibu bob   2 weeks ago

    My word: dyingI really want to dye my hair, maybe I should use DYE INK

  • Anthony Leeder
    Anthony Leeder   2 weeks ago

    This is cheesy only read if u like .....What did the cheese say when it looked at itself in the mirror haloumi

  • Anthony Leeder
    Anthony Leeder   2 weeks ago

    I was gonna make a door pun but I forgot it because I KNOCKED my head on the wall and after that all I heard was RINGING

  • Anthony Leeder
    Anthony Leeder   2 weeks ago

    I wish Ryan would just suck some Carbon Oxygen another carbon and some potassium That means 🐓

  • Anthony Leeder
    Anthony Leeder   2 weeks ago

    One of the greatest inventions ever is when we put some fireworks in a dinosaur that’s how we got dynamite

  • Khánh Chi Lê
    Khánh Chi Lê   2 weeks ago

    “Why u so fat these days? Where r all ur abs?”“They’re absent”

  • Shane Montecillo
    Shane Montecillo   2 weeks ago

    I can't stop making jokes and my classmates are tired of me hahahaha

  • Potter Harry
    Potter Harry   2 weeks ago

    I asked post malone if he wanted breakfastHe said "call me toast malone"

  • Chris Fazio
    Chris Fazio   3 weeks ago

    I’m the same wayA fungi who makes punny punsLike I like dilling people pickles

  • 1k Road
    1k Road   3 weeks ago

    Why did the dog cross the road? Because he wants to do some road things to dog ars hall the thyme (Because he wants to do some rude things to the cars all the time)RoadDogHallThyme


    Friend: wanna go to to mcdonaldsMe: hydrogen uranium hydrogen Friend: McDonalds Me: yttrium Friend: to eatMe: sodium