Boyfriend Turns Me Into a Bratz Doll

  • Published on: 22 February 2019


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  • Runtime : 16:17
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  • Silvermoon Luna
    Silvermoon Luna   1 days ago

    I used to be obsessed with Bratz when I was a kid n trust they had a loootttttt of good makeup tips in their magazines for kids was awesome I learned a lot about scents and yoga and how to blend makeup God I wish I still had the magazines I even learned recipes like guacamole lol 😅 slumber parties nails lol each Bratz doll was unique in their own way and beautiful for instance each Bratz doll (this is sad that I know this lol) had a makeup look that fit their personalities like Chloe for example aka the green eyed one she was more of a softer angelic look plus fit her nickname Angel Jade the Japanese one I think she is more into rock and roll and studies Sasha hip-hop music queen and Yasmine the Spanish yoga master of relaxation and the smarts with technology and computers lol each one had their own perfume and background lol I never knew anything about blending different colors before they become more and more popular lol trust me my first attempts at eyeliner used to piss me off so bad I looked like a raccoon Everytime lol slowly thought got better lol then I learned you can play with different styles lol ugh my childhood lol ROFL 😅😂 style fashion music All in one I always said Bratz kicked Barbie's ass any day lol not so sure about the boys but I think they also had their own unique abilities. But those magazines hasld so many helpful beauty tips it was amazing lol I always wondered why in the first cartoons they didn't have noses but their actual dolls had noses lol then they slowly started drawing noses lol like the closest thing to a nose they had was when they turned to the side and us see a tiny limp lol ROFL was so funny idk who invited Bratz but I'd like to thank them for an amazing childhood and all the freaking outstanding Beauty tips they gave and if u want to be a real brat you have have have to make your own clothes lol ROFL that was like one of their biggest talents lol ROFL passion for fashion lol it was Bratz dolls princess Jasmine from Disney and Michelle Phan who helped me perfect my winged eyeliners lol inspiration for cateyes I remember I used to hesitate to play with makeup cuz my mom always used to say Les is more makeup was invented to enhance your beauty not cover it up it's not like paint we're not painting the face. Then as time went on more and more people started Letting go of the plain natural makeup looks and started playing with more exciting new colors and styles it was when I was painting ceramics that I learned to paint makeup on faces then one day I looked down and realized it's practically the same thing we're painting the face except not with actual paint lol but powders and liquids lol got more fun to play with as time went on lol thank to Jeffree I learned makeup had an expiration date if it wasn't for that I never would've known lol in my HS days i played with makeup more and more and people really started to like it but always wondered why certain makeup make face burn lol thought it was normal until I went to Sephora one day and bought an expensive eyeliner had glitter and everything I went to try it no burn lol here I was thinking it was me lol but we learn lol learned I just couldn't wear cheap makeup lol

  • Jhe Rafael
    Jhe Rafael   4 days ago

    He looks like a sad bratz doll hehe

  • The Daily Bad Axe
    The Daily Bad Axe   1 weeks ago

    I want to see that compilation where he lifts the camera for Shane too. The background song can be You Raise Me Up

  • mr. whatzitooya
    mr. whatzitooya   2 weeks ago

    when ryland opens his eyes i swear he looks like he had teeth for eyelashes...

  • Elani Nyh
    Elani Nyh   2 weeks ago

    By the way you two are hysterical as well as your posse lol Morgan, Jeffree, Garrett, I really love you guys just being yourselves you all inspire me. Thank you

  • Elani Nyh
    Elani Nyh   2 weeks ago

    Shane you could come do my makeup anytime and teach me please lol. Go check out the area of the camp fire in paradise I'm only like an hour north of that lol bring your snowsuit 😁 and ryland and Morgan and the gang woohoo

  • Gail & Grant Carlisle

    Omg I just spit water all over myself!! That was hilarious. Ryland's reaction. 👀

  • J rocs
    J rocs   4 weeks ago

    Who are they watching on tv at 3:15

  • ats S
    ats S   1 months ago


  • Carrie Burrus
    Carrie Burrus   1 months ago

    Omg this was WOW! Ok...facetune I see you. When ryland smiles. Hahaha..Good job Shane❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Maxine Amelia
    Maxine Amelia   1 months ago

    Shane: Flubber! Oh you guys are too young for thatMe: remembers the words to the advert for the VHS release

  • Roxanne Leonard
    Roxanne Leonard   1 months ago

    I mean it's not James Charles but it was better then tana's. I'm impressed with what he did with the limited make up he has WORK.Besides the bottom lip, baby, no.

  • aatsista
    aatsista   1 months ago

    Owwie 😂 I have a migraine. Staahhhp. 😂

  • Michaela W
    Michaela W   1 months ago

    More like power puff girls lmfaoo

  • Wicked Deetz
    Wicked Deetz   1 months ago

    It's so precious to see this where he's joking around about his line and now that it's out he's so proud and happy. I love it.

  • Carolynn Nieto
    Carolynn Nieto   1 months ago

    Literally no one:Not a single soul:Shane: “I’m on pills I’m fine”

  • Kathy Vankleeck
    Kathy Vankleeck   1 months ago

    I love this but ryland looks like he definitely belongs locked up somewhere 😂

  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee   1 months ago

    Shane is getting really good with normal makeup.

  • mia
    mia   1 months ago

    why is this not the top comment 😭

  • Lindsay C
    Lindsay C   1 months ago

    Rylands video editing is everything 😂

  • Grace Miller
    Grace Miller   1 months ago


  • Elexale
    Elexale   1 months ago

    What the fuck is thatttt?! Aaaahhhhhhh

  • Alexann Garcia
    Alexann Garcia   1 months ago

    The fact Ryland used that clip from spouse swap of that crazy jesus lady has me in actual tears lmfaoo SHES NOT A CHRISTIAN!!

  • Erika Whitten
    Erika Whitten   1 months ago

    We need to see a redo Bratz doll! Give us some side by side pics! LOL

  • JanaRoxy Nelson
    JanaRoxy Nelson   1 months ago

    Love Ryland always being his most authentic self. He is the best

  • Ali Dyson
    Ali Dyson   1 months ago

    “Too young for flubber” 😭 I feel so old Lolol.