Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • Offset goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about his love for Nike SB, older Jordans, and not being able to get sneakers growing up and how it fueled his current passion.

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  • Runtime : 10:23
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  • Key Z
    Key Z   37 minuts ago

    Please do sneaker Shopping with travis Scott

  • Lit 2winz
    Lit 2winz   9 hours ago

    Like this to see NBA YOUNGBOY

  • DoubleGlock
    DoubleGlock   11 hours ago

    Offset: needs to catch the flight so he ll send someone to pick the rest of them shoesAlso Offset: Poses with all the shoes when they are finished packed up...

  • Mintyy
    Mintyy   14 hours ago

    this man just -_- when he said the price..

  • IGutierrez15
    IGutierrez15   14 hours ago

    Sure enough he could’ve spent less if he would’ve just shopped online and looked for them deals 😂

  • jonathan muyeki
    jonathan muyeki   17 hours ago

    One day I gonna buy does shoes for the homeless people

  • Mike D
    Mike D   17 hours ago

    He will be broke in 3 years

  • Peep the Sneaks
    Peep the Sneaks   20 hours ago

    Half of the stuff he purchased can be found on around the internet for the low. Spending 31K on shoes is straight dumb.

  • N R
    N R   1 days ago

    Poor jeans..he to tight for it

  • Francis I
    Francis I   1 days ago

    Could y’all plz get Polo G on this

  • Eric Morris
    Eric Morris   1 days ago

    Damn should've watched the whole video before asking that question

  • Eric Morris
    Eric Morris   1 days ago

    What shoes are thos you have on Joe then hard

  • Nice Barz
    Nice Barz   1 days ago

    Man y’all gotta buy these jawns on goat or something. Them prices be inflated like shit in that store 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Daren Woo
    Daren Woo   2 days ago

    pls make an episode with Edison Chen

  • M.H 75
    M.H 75   2 days ago

    Wait he can talk normal?!?!?1 i thought he mumbled

  • NtheKnife318
    NtheKnife318   2 days ago

    32K?! I hope music continues to go well for the dude. You’d feel like a real ass having to watch this in a few years when your going through bankruptcy court.

  • Informaty
    Informaty   2 days ago

    He Dipped from the faze house to spend 30k

  • TaiFo.1
    TaiFo.1   2 days ago

    He was eyeballin them doernbecher 7's fr