Everything Wrong with Aladdin (2019) in Do You Really Care Minutes?

  • Published on: 19 November 2019
  • They f*cking made a live-action remake of f*cking Aladdin because of course they did, those money-grubbing Disney dicks. They care only for money, and you assholes keep going to see these live-action remakes, so... they will literally never stop.

    Thursday: Action sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:26
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  • Megan Jensen
    Megan Jensen   1 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that Aladdin's monkey is a capuchin, which is native to South America. If they were going to give him a monkey in the live action, it should have been a macaque, because they are actually native to the area in which the film takes place.

  • Francisco Guerrero
    Francisco Guerrero   15 hours ago

    Thank god i never watch this live-action version. Disney is out of ideas.

  • Kai DL
    Kai DL   17 hours ago

    I actually like dates.

  • Adam Volný
    Adam Volný   1 days ago

    I agree with Nostalgia Critic. This should've been Bollywood style musical.

  • R Jensen
    R Jensen   1 days ago

    “This movie exists” should have counted for 1000 sins. I’m so sick of this offensive cartoon. Why did it have to be made into an offensive movie?

  • shahida islam
    shahida islam   1 days ago

    4:54I want to sin the movie because this dude's singing is better than ALL the movie's songs (I mean his voice, not the song)

  • Blue Diamond Isn't Depressed anymore

    Unpopular opinion: It is a pretty good movie with good production and had an amazing designer. Will smith did an amazing job, and its a good movie even if a lot of people hate it.

  • Gihigfygfggc Ghggghvcf

    The original one was way better it had way more energy and this one is just kinda dull in comparison

  • walter conley
    walter conley   3 days ago

    FOR NOT GIVING THE NEW MOVIE A CHANCE BY CONSTANTLY COMPARING IT TO THE ORIGINAL: 1,000,000 SINS TO THE CINEMASINS CREW.Seriously, why didn't you just make a five second video, where essentially you say, "It's not the original, so... 1,000,000 sins!"Geez, nostalgia is the leading cause of blindness for all critics.

  • LilyGachas
    LilyGachas   4 days ago

    Him: 15 minutes or lessTime: 16:257:33 don't you mean a TEA-rex?14:45 female Sultans were actually common! Not as common as males, (I think). But it did happen

  • Pines' Hazel Gaming
    Pines' Hazel Gaming   4 days ago

    Let's be honest, though, they KILLED IT with the songs. I was blown away in the movie theater.

  • Marques Franklin
    Marques Franklin   5 days ago

    This movie isnt as bad as everyone made it out to be. In this PC way of life, its a solid B+. Yes it has drawbacks for not having scenes/songs that are in the animated version. First RIP Robin Williams BUT Will Smith did his thing. Second...think about what it would be like for Disney; if a 16-17 year old girl (one of their princesses) was on screen dancing on a man her fathers age? In the Me too era? Think about that. Or singing Arabian Nights in 2019-2020, In a world where Americans see a turban and lose their mind? No the songs they put there instead aren't better but placing Jasmin solos give a chance for the character to be developed more

  • Dank
    Dank   6 days ago

    Heard your princess was "HAWT" where is she???

  • SuperGameMaster 7
    SuperGameMaster 7   1 weeks ago

    They removed this line "Ten THOUSAND YEEEAAAARRS, will give you SUCH a CRICK in the NECK!!!"1 like = 1 R.i.p. Robin Williams

  • ICA
    ICA   1 weeks ago

    Worst movie ever... Of course, Will Smith wants a love interest... because ya know Genie had one in all three animated films... no? he didn't? jasmines handmaiden is white.. sure she is the princess... no one is that stupid lol the movie was about Alladin, not Genie and his stupid love interest! no, let's make the movie longer to add stupid things like jasmine becoming a sultan... cause that is what she wanted in the original!

  • Walkman007
    Walkman007   1 weeks ago

    hey the narrater voice change on this channel :(

  • Yaxuan Zhao
    Yaxuan Zhao   1 weeks ago

    12:58 I am so pissed that no one noticed the obvious mistake of genie's arm disappearing and reappearing. SIN!

  • K Henao
    K Henao   1 weeks ago

    100 sins for not casting Gilbert Godfrey as the parrot

  • Coryn Amori
    Coryn Amori   1 weeks ago

    They 100% did eago dirty, I hated that they didn’t get the original guy who played him because he would have done it. HES NOT DEAD! Also, I also thought that the sultan could have just changed the law instead of making Jasmine do it.

  • It's Friedrich
    It's Friedrich   1 weeks ago

    "Everything Great about Aladdin 2019 in OF COURSE I CARE Minutes"

  • Zachary Nguyen
    Zachary Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    Logos:CinemaSins:You are the enemy of the people.

  • Baby A
    Baby A   1 weeks ago

    You're only missed when your dead...bc I love Robbin Williams but in an interview he said ppls he knew would say you get on my nerves, now he's gone and ppls are acting like they can't live without him...R.iP

  • MimsaCool
    MimsaCool   2 weeks ago

    The fact that there aren't more Twisted references in the comments is a sin in of itself. Seriously, do yourself a favour and go watch Twisted instead!

  • Nazurath
    Nazurath   2 weeks ago

    Big Willy Style hahaI swear ive heard you say many of these things before. Im not exactly sure where but i swear ive heard it.Ohhhhh horse i thought you said whore. Didnt know why a whore would need so many apples

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil   2 weeks ago

    10:45 But remember, he is voiced by Alan Tudyk. TUDYK!!!!!

  • xJDSx
    xJDSx   2 weeks ago

    13:34 Actually, the genie can have two masters if the previous master hasn't made all three of his wishes yet which is the case for Aladdin. As long as he hasn't made his wishes the Genie still considers Aladdin to be his master so I'd say this isn't against the genie code at all.

  • Wyatt Petelle
    Wyatt Petelle   2 weeks ago

    I feel like you should have done a bonus round for whenever the movie replaced existing lines with new awkward ones, for instance the hip hop part in the redone friend like me, when will Smith said jasmine was hot in the prince Ali song, and those are just two examples

  • Katrina Cutter
    Katrina Cutter   2 weeks ago

    Literally watched this whole movie to see the live action scene of Jasmine in her sexy red outfit when she is "in love" with Jafar at the end, but it never happened. Total bullshit. +100 sins

  • Mish Bish Mash Potatoes

    I watch this movie at least once a month. Because it makes my daughters happy. And I'm here because these sins are making me happy.

  • youtubero gameplays
    youtubero gameplays   2 weeks ago

    5:48 before entering the cave, the cave told aladdin he could touch but not grab or lift anything

  • youtubero gameplays
    youtubero gameplays   2 weeks ago

    I actually like the new jafar and before you burn me alive ( or whatever ) let me tell that there is something call opinion