Are 4-Stroke Bike Kits better than 2-Stroke Kits? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 October 2018
  • In a previous video ( ), I built and tested a 2-stroke bike engine kit. For $120, it turned out to be a great kit! It does require a little bit of upkeep and maintenance. In this video, I put together a 4-stroke bike engine kit and then compare it to the 2-stroke bike engine kit. We test top speed, ease of use, noise, amount of exhaust smoke, and several other things. I purchased the kit from Amazon for $189. I don't normally provide links to the products I test, since I'm not an Amazon partner and my goal isn't to sell products. These kits are also available on many other websites. So, recommend shopping around for a better price. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 15:30
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  • Ty Martinez
    Ty Martinez   1 days ago

    How do I add a picture of my motorized bike to a YouTube comment?

  • Ty Martinez
    Ty Martinez   1 days ago

    Add pull start and centrifugal clutch to the 2 stroke. Boom just lost 2 of 4 advantages from the 4stroke. They have the adapter kits online for both of these items and you can add an additional 12v coil to your magneto to have light and signal output powered by your gas engine

  • Valium YT
    Valium YT   2 days ago

    For morons: you can't turbo that small 49cc engine. It won't work.

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed   2 days ago

    Hey i have an issue with my chain popping off all the time lol any tips

  • Rattadazong
    Rattadazong   3 days ago

    In Germany the "TÜV Prüfer" will get a heart attack! :-)

  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher   4 days ago

    if you take out whatever you're using as a dampener on the two stroke it will cut your vibration by half.. counter intuitive i know, .

  • Drew Anderson
    Drew Anderson   4 days ago

    I got the 4 stroke and after a few drives on it I can not keep the inner chain on for the gear reduction. Iv tried a few things but I just cant fix it. Not I cant ride it. Can you talk about how to fix a stretched out chain on the 4 stroke? Thanks drew anderson

  • iminit
    iminit   4 days ago

    i have learned that w 2 stroke it wont go fast if you do full throudle you kinda have to wigle it around and find a sweet spot

  • Semaj Ekrad
    Semaj Ekrad   4 days ago

    4stroke goes further on a pint of juice

  • anti-furry-soldier
    anti-furry-soldier   5 days ago

    I bought the 2 stroke engine kit. It isn't really that loud, a 4 stroke bike is only nice because it is silent

  • KillerMemz
    KillerMemz   5 days ago

    I've always been curious on something; what if you cut ojt pedalling completely,and had the motor chain running on the pedal gears? Could you get more speed/efficiency out of the engine with the gearbox? Perhaps you could put the pedals on the spoke intended for the engine, and have it single gear pedal, multi gear engine, instead of no pedals at all. This has tickled my pickle for years and I never got the hardware to try it myself.

  • Cawa Cyr
    Cawa Cyr   5 days ago

    переключения скоростей то нет

  • effyleven
    effyleven   6 days ago

    Please don't shout at me. I am only here!

  • william garcia
    william garcia   1 weeks ago

    Last year I put a 2.5 HP clinton edger engine 4 stroke ,on my bike ,and got unlimited top speed . It takes off slow but with jack shaft installed , I can make any mid range torque speed needed . Top speed easy 39 +.I like it better then my 2 stroke . Easier to start , not as smelly .

  • william garcia
    william garcia   1 weeks ago

    Easy and better power for 2 stroke . Adding chamber , rubber mounts and press on chain ,no link , basic reliability goes up .

  • Larry Ney II
    Larry Ney II   1 weeks ago

    Wow that's a piss poor way to mount the wheel sprocket ????

  • Cristiano Attié
    Cristiano Attié   1 weeks ago

    How the kit works with wheels with disc brakes? Works the same?

  • Chris Katko
    Chris Katko   1 weeks ago

    37 MPH? MUST. ADD. RACE FAIRINGS. Imagine how big of a aerodynamic drag silhouette you present standing on a bicycle at 37 MPH.

  • darragh gregory
    darragh gregory   1 weeks ago

    I just ordered a 2 stroke engine off Amazon for €120 can't wait to fit it on my bike.

  • Isaiah Santana
    Isaiah Santana   1 weeks ago

    What about the fact that 4 stroke can stop at the gas station and refill that 93 and on the road again

  • Sub 101
    Sub 101   1 weeks ago

    Purchase Link please? :(

  • Onyx Gryne
    Onyx Gryne   1 weeks ago

    Try remounting the engine at a 45° forward angle like import tuners. Then use a ducted fan to create a cheap turbo/super charger. make a blow off valve with polished tubing, light weight springs and a cylindrical valve with felt gaskets. This can be controlled with a lever similar to the ones used to control boost pressure in P-51 Mustangs of WWII can allow great control of it.

  • Emmanuel Ferrante
    Emmanuel Ferrante   1 weeks ago

    as a boy I took a 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor and connected it to my 5-speed Sting-Ray bicycle and I kept device speed shifter working, I was able to achieve a top speed of 60mph. I don't know why other people have not tried the same thing with even a 10-speed bike.

  • Data Banks
    Data Banks   1 weeks ago

    You can pick up a pull start for the 2-stroke on ebay fairly cheaply. Then there's with both 2 and 4 stroke kits some of which go as far as electric starters, plus accessories like boost bottles to increase fuel efficiency (had a home made boost bottle once that bumped my range on a single tank by roughly 50%) . I hear you on the 2-stroke vibrations - previous bike had a resonant frequency at the urban back street speed limit of 50km/h that happened to be just the speed the engine vibrated hardest at - got so bad that it made your vision blur! Whole damn bike would vibrate so was safer just to do 49km/h so you could see where you were goingSad to say they became illegal on the road in my state as of December 26th, 2016 (merry xmas, right?) and the bike I had was stolen from my back yard shortly afterwards anyway. Can still use them on private property though - strongly recommend checking local laws before installing any of these motors - just to avoid a fine

  • Dale Allen
    Dale Allen   1 weeks ago

    Would like to see a larger displacement 4 stroke . Possibly using a chainsaw motor.

  • Shazzkid
    Shazzkid   1 weeks ago

    What's the fuel economy like

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith   1 weeks ago

    Does the 4 stroke shake as bad as the 2 stroke that you mentioned in the previous video

    SHAUN DIGITY   2 weeks ago

    I’m only hear 👂 for those insane background beats!