Are 4-Stroke Bike Kits better than 2-Stroke Kits? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 October 2018
  • In a previous video ( ), I built and tested a 2-stroke bike engine kit. For $120, it turned out to be a great kit! It does require a little bit of upkeep and maintenance. In this video, I put together a 4-stroke bike engine kit and then compare it to the 2-stroke bike engine kit. We test top speed, ease of use, noise, amount of exhaust smoke, and several other things. I purchased the kit from Amazon for $189. I don't normally provide links to the products I test, since I'm not an Amazon partner and my goal isn't to sell products. These kits are also available on many other websites. So, recommend shopping around for a better price. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 15:30
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  • Josue Melara
    Josue Melara   14 hours ago

    My 4 cicle engine cemtrifugal clutch wear off the pads bery fast any advice?thank you.

  • urbex2007
    urbex2007   19 hours ago

    Why are you shouting from the other side of the room? We can hear you. It ruins the videos. Wear a mic and talk.

  • D25864
    D25864   1 days ago

    You should try this out on the street bikes with the fat tires. Great video it looks fun once you put it all together

  • Colton Johnson
    Colton Johnson   1 days ago

    So I have been mowing lawns and saving up for one of these and now that I have the money I don’t know what one to get but I know that yours is a good one so I’m wondering what kind that one is

  • AmazinChannel
    AmazinChannel   2 days ago

    If your chain falls off it can lock your wheel the same way and since the bigger sproket never gets 100% aligned it's aways a possibility

  • Meof Myof
    Meof Myof   2 days ago

    I found skirts blocking 1/4 of the intake and exhaust in the head. I dremelled them out for much better flow. Also re jetted carbs. Will do 51mph now. So flat here we have arrow signs to tell water which way to go when it rains.

  • Lee Opolka
    Lee Opolka   2 days ago

    If you're worried about safety definitely put it on bit I'm gonna leave it off lol

  • John Paquette
    John Paquette   2 days ago

    The exhaust system would be a great modification. More streamlined and less exposed. Great channel, very informative and many questions answered that float around in the back of my mind. lol

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb   3 days ago

    Overall how many miles do you think each will last with regular maintenance... 5 k miles... 10 k miles......???????

  • Chris God
    Chris God   3 days ago

    I want to put a 4 stroke engine kit into my bike but the frame is too small :( :( :(

  • bmh67wa
    bmh67wa   3 days ago

    Unfortunately the 4-stroke engines have weak clutches so if you live in an area where you have to climb a lot of hills you will burn them up quickly. There are larger sprockets that you can get which will prevent this but they will reduce your top speed greatly while maintaining the torque to pull a hill without too much strain.

  • Jared Gann
    Jared Gann   3 days ago

    So about a month ago my old man had ordered the 2 stroke kit with the belt driven option over the chain driven kit. We had to do a good bit of modification to get it to fit but nothing to serious. We had an issue with the pressure plate in the clutch assembly come from the factory being adjusted as tight as it could be. We built the bike on a Saturday afternoon but then spent the whole day Sunday having to tweak on the clutch pack to get it operating correctly. If you're mechanically inclined and this is something you want to try I would recommend it, but if you are someone who doesn't really know the mechanics of small engines or how a clutch operates I would proceed with caution on doing one of these builds.

  • Ms.AhlexusP1973
    Ms.AhlexusP1973   3 days ago

    On the sprocket use a 1 1/16 half inch shallow well socket. It fits perfectly In the center of the sprocket. You can also put the axle nut over the socket to keep it center. Once you get the sprocket torqued to specs. Then remove the socket. And you'll see the sprocket is perfectly centered.

  • Vince W
    Vince W   4 days ago

    In this day and age, we should do electric conversion kit. Almost no noise, easy to recharge, instant torque and acceleration, environmental friendly.

  • Youtubehasaids
    Youtubehasaids   4 days ago

    Hi, Project Farm. I'd really love to see you build an e bike from scratch and compare it to the petrol bikes!Love your content, as always, and hope you're well :)

  • Bruce Augustine
    Bruce Augustine   5 days ago

    that 4 stroke has a relatively High failure rate, so if you want it to last longer go to a 52 tooth rear sprocket, it will not go as fast likely lose about 8-10 mph but the motor will last longer. I know someone that has one. Check out Mustie1 on You tube he is building a bike with 1 of these engines and doing some mods on his build.

  • Scriptzy
    Scriptzy   5 days ago

    Less noise isn't an advantage it's a disadvantage loud pipes saves lives!

  • Dan B
    Dan B   5 days ago

    I want to try this on a schwinn chopper bike

  • viperz22
    viperz22   1 weeks ago

    I totally prefer that 4 Stroke . I call it the all hands 3sum

  • clickbait numberone
    clickbait numberone   1 weeks ago

    These days no one could really go by two stroke because of the airpollution. Its all over..

  • center builder
    center builder   1 weeks ago

    I got Honda gx 160 engine. Can I use that on bike, or too large?

  • L P
    L P   1 weeks ago

    Fun watch PF. Definitely the 4 stroke kit appeared to be of better build and quality. Rubber engine mounts, centrifugal clutch, pull start, I could go on... 👍Thanks for yet another great video.

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris   1 weeks ago

    What's a good affordable 4-stroke engine? I can get.

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris   1 weeks ago

    How big do the bicycle frame have to be in order for the motor to fit in?

  • Sam Boney
    Sam Boney   1 weeks ago

    I really do enjoy your vids, reminds me of Tinkering in My father's shop when I was a but youngin' :)

  • Harry burford
    Harry burford   1 weeks ago

    hi do you connect up the jacksharft to the chain going back to the gears and changing the gears to get more speed at the back wheel i no it would be quick will u do diesel bike build . oh JGD16 has done a dual chainsaw bike build.

  • bobbofly
    bobbofly   1 weeks ago

    Punch out the cylinder, oversize piston. That's the mod I wanna see. What johnny law don't know won't hurt him...

  • Spivze Spivatron
    Spivze Spivatron   1 weeks ago

    Could you possibly build a monkeyspunk moped please? U can use ur own spunk if the msm hound you for using monkeys

  • Hoosier Hillbilly
    Hoosier Hillbilly   1 weeks ago

    How many MPG will the 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines provide on the bike?

  • Pierce Ryan
    Pierce Ryan   1 weeks ago

    I would love to see you do some mods for 4 stroke just ordered mine today on AliExpress.

  • TrumpVirus-19
    TrumpVirus-19   1 weeks ago

    I had a 2 stroke in the army riding around post. I wish I knew that the 4 stroke had an automatic clutch. I kept jacking up my chain and pulley.

  • 任陈龙
    任陈龙   1 weeks ago

    haha, you should import a XIAONIU e-bike from China

  • ganjablom
    ganjablom   1 weeks ago

    UPGRADE buy or build an upgrade for the 2stroke or bouth