The Top 5 Places We Could Colonize In Our Solar System | Answers With Joe

  • Published on: 17 July 2017
  • For the human race to continue in the far future, we're going to have to live beyond planet Earth. Here are the 5 best options in our own solar system.

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    PBS Spacetime on colonizing Venus


    The 5 best options for colonizing in our solar system are:
    The moon

    The moon
    Gravity: 1/6 that of earth
    Air pressure: none
    Temperature: extreme (253 in sun, -253 in shade)
    - Why go - a place to launch to other places
    Orbiting at 2288 mph (3683 kph) - significant boost
    Advantages: Instant communication with Earth
    Good place to learn how to colonize where Experts are available 24/7
    Advantages: Lighter gravity means we could build bigger there
    Advantages: could dome over craters to create housing
    Advantages: water ice in some pole craters

    One place we have talked a lot about is Mars
    Gravity: Just over 1/3 (38%)
    Air Pressure: .6% if Earth’s
    Temperature: 70 in day (20C), -100 at night (-73C)
    Why go: Most comfortable temperature-wise and gravity-wise, but pressure is still abysmal
    Down-side: Thin atmosphere means not enough to support life but enough to make landings difficult.
    Terraforming option - most potential for terraforming. Melting ice caps could pump CO2 into the air and thicken the atmosphere as well as warm the planet

    Gravity: 13% of Earth’s
    Air pressure: barely exists - mostly oxygen
    Temperature: -260F -160C
    This seems like a swing and a miss, but there’s something interesting under the surface of Europa
    Tidal heating causes a sea of liquid water beneath the surface.
    One of the best options for finding life in the solar system
    Underwater habitats might be the answer.
    Downside: radiation carried by Jupiter’s magnetic field would pose an issue

    Gravity: 13% of Earth’s
    Air pressure: 1.5x that of Earth
    Temperature: -290F, -179C
    Of all the places in the solar system, Titan’s air pressure is most like Earth’s
    You could just walk around on the surface without a suit, except for the fact that it’s so cold methane flows in rivers.
    Could use the methane for fuel

    But I promised something controversial, and here it is, my personal favorite option for colonizing another planet… Venus.

    Gravity: 91% of Earth’s
    Air Pressure: 100x that of Earth
    Temperature: 872F, 467C

    Now I know what you’re saying, you’re saying Joe, that only meets one of the three criteria, how can you possibly pick that as your number one?

    Because those numbers are for the planet’s surface. Up in the clouds, it’s a different story.

    Venus’ air pressure is insane. On the surface, it would crush you like a soda can. But about 50 kilometers up in the atmosphere, it’s about the same as here.

    Which means that just like a ship can float on top of the water, we could build colonies that float on the upper atmosphere of Venus.

    It would still be hot, but manageable.

    And I know people will always say, but what if you fall? Or if you drop something, you’ll never get it back. Well, I go back to the ship on the sea analogy. If you fall off the boat, you’re likely to drown. If you drop your phone over the side, you’ll never see it again. But we still have cruise ships carrying thousands of people and entire navies floating around out there.

    Plus the communication time would be smaller than anywhere else.
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  • Zrebbesh
    Zrebbesh   22 hours ago

    I will take would-be interplanetary colonists more seriously after they demonstrate their basic technological competence by establishing and maintaining self-sufficient colonies in Antarctica and somewhere deep on the ocean floor. Both are far easier than the interplanetary targets.

  • J W
    J W   1 days ago

    What about Uranus??

  • Austin Worthington
    Austin Worthington   2 days ago

    Hear me out. Pump the atmosphere of venus into space and store it. Then we use it to thicken Mars atmosphere. Not a perfect plan, but dammit why not kill two birds with one stone!

  • John
    John   2 days ago

    Just wear Kevlar and use nuclear reactors to propel the rocket we can be there in like 3 days,

  • Imran Shishir
    Imran Shishir   2 days ago

    Actually joe we only have 500 million year's Before we're all coolked.

  • Rxnys
    Rxnys   3 days ago

    I haven’t seen the video yet But maybe nr 1 is Venus It’s controversial but many people think it’s a good idea to colonize it’s atmosphere

  • Cheese Block
    Cheese Block   5 days ago

    No one talking about making a death star and leaving on that.

  • Jerry Friend
    Jerry Friend   5 days ago

    not happening only way you are going to leave earth is die, thats how GOD designed it, if you leave you die and never reach heaven but you will fall to hell

  • Ronald Sperling
    Ronald Sperling   6 days ago

    I would love to got to the moon for a visit only. I would jut like to see it from there, but I don't have any money to pay for my trip. So if any one is going there and need a friend or other person to make the trip go better??? Thank you Ronald.

  • chef mike
    chef mike   6 days ago

    If the moons temperature fluxuates -253 to +253 wouldn't that crater ice melt and or evaporate? Just a thought. Unless it's really c02 dry ice then it's not water anyways.

  • Camulus777
    Camulus777   1 weeks ago

    Yep I'll fight you on venus. You can't land on the damn thing, you can't, mine it you can't, stay there for to long or you will dissolve. Not being able to land on something is kinda important. If you can't land on it you have to land on a very very large object floating in the upper atmosphere. Though in order to build that you have to be able to land on it. The conditions might be optimal but you need to be able to mine and produce otherwise there is no point in going there. You would have to bring everything even fuel for the return trip otherwise your stuck. My biggest problem is landing on a cloud. We are not cartoon characters, we need ground to walk on. BUilding things in space would work until you had to get them to that area in the atmosphere. You can't just drop and pull a ripcord to inflate a balloon. The stresses experiences would cause damage to your craft and if that didn't kill you the sulphuric acid eating away at your hull would. Venus sounds good on paper to people that don't have the engineering experience but the problem of landing is so great that unless we create a substance that can withstand the pressures we can't produce things we need to stay there out of materials locally sourced. This is a huge problem. Not a setback like one third gravity but at this point the planet may as well be the sun.

  • benriful
    benriful   1 weeks ago

    Surface / planetary chauvinism ... no planet or moon is good. None. All have issues. The least worst one is Earth, and even that is not ideal - it's prone to disasters, has a soft outer shell only protecting against minor stuff, bad gravity well for leaving, random and mostly unaccountable weather changes (sometimes disastrously so), etc.Once you stop thinking of planets and moons, there is a much better idea, with millions of times the space of all the planets combined. Easy access, quick build times, cheap resources, add modularly as you need instead of having to make an entire planet habitable all at once, and have much better protection against meteors and radiation than any atmosphere can ever hope to provide. What's more is we already have the technology for it - just effort needed, much less effort than establishing a base on Mars, never mind the millions of years worth of effort to terraform it.Spinning cylinder habitats. They're better in every single way, including better than Earth itself, never mind these junk planets and moons. In which case any moon or planet becomes just a resource mine. That's all they're good for once you start looking at these sorts of habitats.

  • Richard Weiss
    Richard Weiss   1 weeks ago

    If we don't master genetic editing, the human Y-chromosome won't last to see the death of the sun anyways.On the topic of genetic editing and colonizing the solar system, have you watched the terrible movie "The Titan" with Sam Worthington? Interesting concept. Awful movie.

  • Reelworthy
    Reelworthy   1 weeks ago

    To survive the sun’s transition to Red Giant, let’s go to Venus!!! Who knows, maybe it’s cooler toward the core of a Red Giant!!! Joe Scott Jr, III for Venitian President, 2120!!! ;)

  • Lofty
    Lofty   1 weeks ago

    Instead of engineering things to change planets, what if we change people to be able to survive in those places? Then you can wear augmented reality glasses to make it look like you're on earth.

  • Chris Dragotta
    Chris Dragotta   2 weeks ago

    All of this is dumb.There is nothing out there. Completely full of problems inside of problems. Bodies break down. Wrong temperature. No air. Isolated. Dumb, egoic crap.We need to lower population.

  • Go MGTOW
    Go MGTOW   3 weeks ago

    You cannot live on the surface of Europa, or even inside the surface of it, and that is because the radiation that spews out from Jupiter will fry you in just a matter of hours.

  • Eka A.
    Eka A.   3 weeks ago

    Actually a more exclusive group of explorers are the 4 who have been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. 3 are still alive, Don Walsh, James Cameron, and Victor Vescovo. Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard went down in 1960, James Cameron in 2012, and Victor Vescovo in 2019.

  • hoyoung Kang
    hoyoung Kang   3 weeks ago

    why not on Mercury. shaded area of Polar area of mercury may have low enough temperature. It is also closest average distance to earth.

  • ahaffke
    ahaffke   3 weeks ago

    All but the earth lack a core that is ferrous and in motion so you would be like a chicken mcnugget left in the microwave after a few weeks on any of these other rocks. We have yet to even make a celestial robot that is immune to the effects of radiation.

  • Phoenixspin
    Phoenixspin   3 weeks ago

    I was looking forward to my cruise ship lifestyle on Venus. Damn.

  • MusikCassette
    MusikCassette   3 weeks ago

    big problem with Venus: There is NO FUCKING WATER

  • Veit Dalee
    Veit Dalee   3 weeks ago

    Great video! The host looks a bit like Michael Brooks from TMBS

  • Cecil Brooks
    Cecil Brooks   3 weeks ago

    Call me old-fashioned, but I'm really partial to 9.8 m/s^2. Toroidal space stations (with shielding), spinning inflated Ni-Fe asteroids, something like that is the way to go.

  • hoosierarcher
    hoosierarcher   3 weeks ago

    We need a space shipyard on the moon and an ore processing facility on Mars for all the more of every kind will could mine from the asteroid belt. One large asteroid out there has so much raw material it is worth more money than has ever been in all of history. The national dept of the United States would not only be paid off we would have a surplus to last until the Sun expands. So we could get the metals we need to build the spacecraft on the moon and in Mars from the asteroid belt and costs to explore further would be minimized due to low G manufacturing and launching of craft. There is wealth out there beyond the avarous of Dwarves(the mythical kind).

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green   4 weeks ago

    So Venus?? Humans living in the upper atmosphere? What is the radiation environment up there in a planet that is closer to the sun than ours??And obviously as the sun dies, Venus goes before Earth does.

  • justin h
    justin h   1 months ago

    "The communication is instantaneous, just a few seconds delay" .... Joe.... Cmon now.5:48 70° to -100°... C or F?...8:01 talks about jupiters gravitational field... Shows magnetic field...

  • oh shit it's me
    oh shit it's me   1 months ago

    If it rains acid, just bring an umbrella. Pshh dumb ass

  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams   1 months ago

    I'm serious here joe! I was surprised that there wasnt a thought to put some type of moon base on the moon .many years ago .Bare with me here the two biggest things is oxygen and water for we human to breathe and drink of course ! And the moon has limited quantities of that .Everyone knows this so I'm not saying anything new here .But it's obvious they manufacture water at the space station to drink and breathe .Surely they somehow could have done this on the moon (even with the distance ) from the earth to the moon .having a base have its advantages .As you said ....And it would have probably been a lot cheaper in the long run .

  • Sasha Berry
    Sasha Berry   1 months ago

    We love you, Joe... but the music is highly distracting in this video. it's hard to make you out over the loud "TSS TSS" beats. :)

  • Lee Chapman
    Lee Chapman   1 months ago

    Hi Joe, just the ice on Mars will be turned back to water if plants were planted,a good one to start off with is Moss, then sea weed for those plants thrive on water and will be able to turn the ice into water, then we want grass, for grass has very little water to drink and the soil underneath the grass can become a water holder with out the water turning in to ice again...then a few bushed with trees, for they will help layer the atmosphere and it will become thicker and hopefully make the sun rays start to rebound again

  • Joseph Walton
    Joseph Walton   1 months ago

    Do you ever play any space-based games, like Stellaris, Astroneer, Kerbal SP, etc.? Any favorites?

  • Drakesfortune
    Drakesfortune   1 months ago

    The idea that we're creating a mass extinction event with climate change is really not well through by the global warming crowd. Even if things do "run away" which in itself is absurd given the atmosphere has had much higher levels of c02 in the past, the worst that can happen is rising sea levels and maybe more hurricanes, but I even doubt that will be much, if any, more significant than history. Leaving out that I think it's impossible for us to destroy the planet with C02, even if we could, electric cars and more are coming in a significant way, that will soon be the preferred way to drive. The reason I think the global warming crowd is full of it, is because we have the answer to our energy needs. It's affordable. It's abundant. It results in no C02. And that's nuclear. If the planet were really at risk, those people crying, literally crying, about global warming and "the children" would embrace nuclear energy. It wouldn't destroy our standard of living. We can produce it safely. And it would bridge the gap between now and whenever we can actually afford solar and produce what we need now, is unrealistic in the extreme.