Chelsea v Lyon - Women's Champions League Semi Final 2018/19

  • Published on: 29 April 2019
  • Runtime : 1:57:23


  • godfreemorals
    godfreemorals   8 months ago

    Still annoyed by the blatant handball at 18:24

  • litogor
    litogor   8 months ago

    Congratulations! Chelsea was the only team able to compete with both French teams. I was surprised that she could beat PSG and what they managed against Lyon is great. Let's not forget that Lyon failed in the semi-final and also in the final before winning the first of its 6 Champions League. With this experience of early failures, Lyon is now a safe team that knows how to win important games. The English clubs are now at the top level and soon the Champions League will become very interesting with the French, German, English and Spanish clubs .......

  • Jéssica Luana
    Jéssica Luana   8 months ago

    Aiiii como eu quero tá aí um diaa ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • BW Skills
    BW Skills   8 months ago

    Lyon played so bad but they still managed to qualify for the final

  • Geoffrey Allen
    Geoffrey Allen   9 months ago

    Sponsored by Wonderbra (someone's got to say it.....)

  • Dark Heel
    Dark Heel   9 months ago

    Now England have started investing in womens football and have a multi million pound sponsorship etc, they will overtake Lyon/the French soon.

  • Charles Boakye
    Charles Boakye   9 months ago

    Man city gave them a run for their money and this season Chelsea did give them a run for their money. Lyon days at the top are numbers gone are the days where teams show them respect not anymore.

  • Zaf Mo
    Zaf Mo   9 months ago

    Seen more talent in a homeless man's arsehole

  • Serghei Gramovici
    Serghei Gramovici   9 months ago

    ... мое чисто субьективное мнение... ...по красоте зрелищности и накалу страстей и эмоций женские Футбол, Хоккей и Регби намного интереснее чем мужские смотреть особенно на стадионе.... ... а пока что женский спорт по всему миру представлен ну не совсем так как это рекомендовно природой... ...анекдот... ...ты куда придурок поперся, это же женская парилка...???

  • sjburd7
    sjburd7   9 months ago

    Thanks for posting - what a great watch!

  • Karen Melo
    Karen Melo   9 months ago

    How do you record the games, Ross?

  • slinkiegirl2001
    slinkiegirl2001   9 months ago


  • Papa Ndiaye
    Papa Ndiaye   9 months ago

    Thank you Ross you are a living legend

  • Gary Curneen
    Gary Curneen   9 months ago

    Really appreciate you posting these games Ross! Thank you

  • Raymond Duke
    Raymond Duke   9 months ago

    Poor goal keeping on the 1st goal very slow getting down.

  • A N
    A N   9 months ago

    Commentator: "Is my favoritism obvious? Sorry... It's just joy, we're allowed some joy." LOL. At lease she caught herself. Thanks so much for the upload - great match. Subscribed.

  • jj schäck
    jj schäck   9 months ago

    Très bon match des Lyonnaises ! Bravo les filles...!

  • arlon donian
    arlon donian   9 months ago

    You have to understand that one team can eliminate OL on 1 game but on 2 ou 3 games it is almost impossible !

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M   9 months ago

    Great Women's Football Game good luck to Lyon in the Finals and all the Girls in June at the World Cup. Should be a great Womens World Cup

  • Pedro Parkero
    Pedro Parkero   9 months ago

    Hey bro any chance you can upload the Scotland vs Brazil match from a weeks past. Also Arsenal vs Everton heard it was quite the match to see.

  • SouthbayFan
    SouthbayFan   9 months ago

    You always post the best stuff! Thank You!

  • Rachel Wood
    Rachel Wood   9 months ago

    Two strong performances from Chelsea - they gave it everything but Lyon just too strong in the end.

  • joeparkbravo
    joeparkbravo   9 months ago

    Great match, and quality video. John Wick became a coach after retirement.

  • Wilson23
    Wilson23   9 months ago

    So unlucky for Chelsea not to go through.

  • Chloe Riley
    Chloe Riley   9 months ago

    Did you film the arsenal women’s game on BT Sport 2 yesterday