For Honor being communist

  • Published on: 18 January 2019
  • power to the wu lin

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  • Runtime : 12:17


  • jason
    jason   2 days ago

    Roman scares about true darchness

  • Jøseph
    Jøseph   3 days ago


  • David Gee
    David Gee   1 weeks ago

    Come on man.. I get ganking in dominion or breach. Stuff like that. But brawl to? The peacekeepers is a better player than you just because she backed off

  • BlazinAsian
    BlazinAsian   1 weeks ago

    I’m late but the fact that this guy knows my chemical romance secures his position as an edge lord

  • Angelee Vazquez
    Angelee Vazquez   1 weeks ago

    ive never seen anyone have 30 kills in for honor ever

  • Jacob Balga
    Jacob Balga   1 weeks ago

    Watching this now knowing that this was before Sir Zanny gave his life to the AD PRO FUNDIS

  • Phantomfox
    Phantomfox   2 weeks ago

    I’m on ps4 how do I do romans cutscene

  • Feltrapter
    Feltrapter   2 weeks ago

    How does he feint into an unlockable

  • Absolute Phoenix
    Absolute Phoenix   3 weeks ago

    Honestly I think it's better to be honorable to do a real brawl instead of individual 1v1s if your teammate thinks we need to instead of saying "nO iTs hOnoRaBlE" like an asswad

  • atropa
    atropa   3 weeks ago

    6:56 America vs. Vietnam

  • urmom 300
    urmom 300   3 weeks ago

    Not hating but just cause it’s your own race doesn’t mean it’s not racist

  • Ehmet Reed
    Ehmet Reed   4 weeks ago

    Roman wonders when you pk Will respond to his text

  • Taras Myronov
    Taras Myronov   1 months ago

    roman wonders why his rowoman slept with glad

  • Pam Glazener
    Pam Glazener   1 months ago

    Bro you say Roman to much I can’t hear anything when your shouting it

  • Clay Dragonet
    Clay Dragonet   1 months ago

    Zanny: Omg Clan kids, they suckAlso Zanny: FOR THE GLORY OF THE ZAN-CLAN!!!

  • Aramusha
    Aramusha   1 months ago

    Roman awaits his punishment of death for killing many people

  • Yuri 风吼Vya
    Yuri 风吼Vya   1 months ago

    roman cant sleep because darkness covers hims for his sins

  • Joseph Seed
    Joseph Seed   1 months ago

    Roman gets a little too close to his nephew

  • Old Man
    Old Man   1 months ago

    Roman wonders why I’m watching this a year later

  • Bignate 6426
    Bignate 6426   1 months ago

    I luv it when he does his little Emile quote from reach “I’m ready, how bout you?”Fucking beautiful

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown   1 months ago

    A group of weebs is called a, “gaggle”. The more you know.

  • TrickCyber
    TrickCyber   1 months ago

    3:25 - So you're saying love has blinded you?

  • Deviant soul
    Deviant soul   1 months ago

    I’m sorry what do you “what type of orochi player he is” their all the same they only need the light attack button