Stop-Motion Ninja Melk Commercial!

  • Published on: 19 October 2019
  • I was tasked with making a commercial for Ninja Melk... Nearly half a year and over 3500 pictures later.

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  • Runtime : 8:37
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  • M P
    M P   19 hours ago

    Mad respect for Greg! Idk why have I been commenting so much lately on Ryan's channel :D

  • M P
    M P   19 hours ago

    Come on YouTube, recommend it everywhere! Ryan deserves it!! <3

  • Mikael Tabios
    Mikael Tabios   1 days ago

    RHPC was never underrated, just under appreciated

  • Cypress King
    Cypress King   2 days ago

    > 4:20When he said, “It’s a stop motion. How long could it be?”I laughed so hard because I’ve had to do this crap in Film class XD

  • 1Apollos9
    1Apollos9   2 days ago

    Bruh no kidding red bull gives you wings

  • Sindhuja Sai
    Sindhuja Sai   4 days ago

    Wow, the effort! This is the coolest commercial ever!

  • Lxxy Txxy
    Lxxy Txxy   4 days ago

    Either toystroy5 or a character in smash bros

  • - Ducky -
    - Ducky -   5 days ago

    You should make that ninja milk guy and sell loads of them

  • Adrian Rupesh
    Adrian Rupesh   5 days ago

    YouTube what the he k did u have in ur lunch to put in my recommendations?But good job on the drink man

  • Vanessa Evans
    Vanessa Evans   6 days ago

    So I just did the approximate math. There are about 24 frames per second. The ad was about 2 min 50 sec. That's about 4,080 photographs. I have so much respect for Greg. This is underappreciated. RHPC really puts out quality content. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  • EGA 1022
    EGA 1022   1 weeks ago

    This video is criminally underrated he deserves more than 1.9m views

  • Neha Bisht
    Neha Bisht   1 weeks ago

    Wow. Greg you're amazing with stop motion. Hard work truly does pay off.

  • Animated Sketches
    Animated Sketches   1 weeks ago

    Thats not stopmotion. If it is and this is true about 3500 pictures then you deserve some award for stopmotion!

  • ???????
    ???????   1 weeks ago

    IM THE 10,000 COMENT

  • Matthew Smyth
    Matthew Smyth   1 weeks ago

    Where’s the popularity here? This is actually amazing!

  • Alex G
    Alex G   1 weeks ago

    Damn Greg is a real G, this took him almost 6 months

  • 70%water
    70%water   1 weeks ago

    So they turned red bull into a villain..... Interesting....

  • Debam Sarma
    Debam Sarma   1 weeks ago

    Greg could direct his own movie and I would totally pay to watch it😍

  • Carlo Cruz
    Carlo Cruz   1 weeks ago

    Can I make a suggestion from a third person perspective. Can they make a version of Ninja Melk in a glass bottle, some countries like the Philippines don't really buy drinks that use metal cans always, it's always coke in a bottle, Pepsi in a bottle, sting and cobra (energy drinks ) is on a bottle. My opinion isn't really important but if you're going to branch out in my country.

  • Filamese
    Filamese   1 weeks ago

    Okay this finally made me finally buy Ninja Melk. And I’m so glad I did! This drink is delicious, it taste like a more flavorful Calpico. 10/10