Dance Moms: Mackenzie Holds Auditions for Her Music Video (S4, E14) | Lifetime

  • Published on: 02 April 2014
  • Mackenzie and Abby hold auditions for backup dancers in Mac Z's new music video, in this scene from Episode 14 (Family Comes First) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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    Dance Moms
    Season 4
    Episode 14
    Family Comes First

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  • Runtime : 2:4
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  • Claire Heilmann
    Claire Heilmann   16 hours ago

    0:55 does anyone else see Clara with a number too!! So cute!!!!

  • catie kain
    catie kain   18 hours ago

    i was always so frustrated when abby didnt let chloe in it because she was part of the team

  • Analina Venezia
    Analina Venezia   21 hours ago

    I think Chloe wasent in because she was so much taller then Mack-z.

  • xxPetra2009xx
    xxPetra2009xx   23 hours ago

    Abby: We think you gonna be better sister than be in front of camerasMaddie: *suprised Pikachu face*Mack Z: mAyBe ShE sHoUlD bE oN CaMeRaSFew seconds later...Mack Z: yEa

  • Amazing Gamer
    Amazing Gamer   2 days ago

    mAcKeNziEs “HoLdS aUdITioNs foR hEr mUsIc vIdEo. Abby judges Mackenzie says nothing...

  • Alyssa Macintosh
    Alyssa Macintosh   2 days ago

    Is it just me or does Mackenzie sound like Ronald from Sis vs bro when she said ,some people change their mind though

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice   3 days ago

    1:07 Clara looks like a koala! Sorry but true

  • Sierra
    Sierra   3 days ago

    Who realized that Kenzie is left-handed

  • Bailey’s World
    Bailey’s World   4 days ago

    At 1:42 Maddie was just like no way am I going to be an assistant

  • Nyeh4
    Nyeh4   4 days ago

    Nananana it's a girl party girl party

  • Savanna Laver
    Savanna Laver   4 days ago

    Now I’m watching this in 2020 with the corona virues and she said spread apart it just got me😫

  • Crystal Arellano
    Crystal Arellano   6 days ago

    In the music video Maddie acts like if it was her music video

  • Kendyl Wadell
    Kendyl Wadell   6 days ago

    "kenz when we get home...""SHES ON CAMERA"lol love themm

  • xoChloexo
    xoChloexo   1 weeks ago

    i can’t believe abby cut chloe

  • Cheerleaduhh Love
    Cheerleaduhh Love   1 weeks ago

    that girl that abby said has a great look actually looks a hot mess lol

  • Enyu
    Enyu   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone see cute baby Clara?

  • Red Cherries
    Red Cherries   1 weeks ago

    Clara in the thumbnail is soooo freaking cuteeee

  • Gemma Reeves
    Gemma Reeves   1 weeks ago

    ABBY: Cuts ChloeCLARA: (trying to be fierce but is just cute) boy if you downt-

  • Yin Hei Ng
    Yin Hei Ng   1 weeks ago

    Maddie's face be like😕😒😤

  • Diya Kiran
    Diya Kiran   1 weeks ago

    Mabe when maddie heard that she wouldnt be in the video maddie threatened mckenzienshe will kill her. Thats why she looks up at her mother and sys let her be in it

  • Sanjana Veggalam
    Sanjana Veggalam   1 weeks ago

    she cant even call them by their names, and macz made no decisions

  • Sarah Cookie world
    Sarah Cookie world   1 weeks ago

    Mackz : I think maddie should be assistantMaddie: * gives the eye you are dead * Mackz: u-um never mind she should be in the video YEAH!!!!Abby in her head: OH BOI.........MY CHILD IS FaMoUs!!!!!!!!

  • Iris Mat
    Iris Mat   1 weeks ago

    Maddie is like come on Mackenzie put me in

  • AllissaStimacVEVO
    AllissaStimacVEVO   1 weeks ago

    Abby was the one who didn't want Chloe in the video not Kenzie

  • itsN S
    itsN S   1 weeks ago

    1:52 Aw.. Maddie was offended..