Everything Wrong With Oz The Great And Powerful

  • Published on: 21 November 2013
  • For the second time, we return to Oz. Only this time... there's three witches, a young wizard, and for some reason... river fairies. And also some sins.

    Tuesday: Heroic sins.
    Then... Thanksgiving... because we are Americans and we like turkey.

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  • Runtime : 7:54
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  • Jack Strange
    Jack Strange   2 days ago

    Way too harsh on a lot of things here. One point is Oz probably didn't tell his friends his plan to take his death because he wanted her reactions to seem authentic. Or he knew it was a possibility that they could be captured and forced to talk spoiling his plans.

  • Sowski
    Sowski   1 months ago

    Did Oz go back to Cansas in the end?

  • Draugr
    Draugr   1 months ago

    Please ROAST "The Wizard of Oz" from 1939

  • Draugr
    Draugr   1 months ago

    That servant monkey sure reminds me of Sonic mk I

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird   2 months ago

    Not the best book series either.

  • Kyli Gray
    Kyli Gray   3 months ago

    Please, please do 'Return to Oz' (1985)!

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods   4 months ago

    This only got 50 sins. That's not bad for this series. This was a pretty good movie, not perfect, but it was going somewhere. But suddenly everybody changed their minds and decided they hated it.

  • J Phoenyx Blade
    J Phoenyx Blade   4 months ago

    Where is Carmen San Diego?Carmen San Diego Where on Earth could she be?Tell me where is Carmen San Diego Carmen San Diego

  • Lucy Müller
    Lucy Müller   4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that it says in 6 minutes or less, but the video is almost eight minutes long?

  • jim p
    jim p   5 months ago

    "My name is NOOK ...ni**a"

  • No No
    No No   5 months ago

    I never knew this movie existed. So glad I didn't knew about the movie 🙄

  • Scott Pyles
    Scott Pyles   5 months ago

    Wow that civilization reference was amazing

  • Josh Chiavetta
    Josh Chiavetta   5 months ago

    Why are the witches evil in this? I still like the theory Glenda is the most evil of all and played gullible Dorothy into killing the two witches and exposing the wizzard as a fraud so she could reign supreme

  • KaiBowman
    KaiBowman   5 months ago

    3:41 is it just me or does that cgi fireball and fire at the end look fake af

  • steven shewfelt
    steven shewfelt   5 months ago

    you forgot the most important thing ever...all the witches including glinda are all wearing knee high boots not made for the time or place they are at

  • Roy Bright
    Roy Bright   6 months ago

    Right... but it was all Dorothy's dream....so this is some bullshit :P

  • jeremy lunsford
    jeremy lunsford   6 months ago

    every time i hear the green witch talk, i think : "Shut up, meg!"

  • Semantic Samuel
    Semantic Samuel   7 months ago

    You think you've seen all the CinemaSins videos...and you also think you know sci fi/fantasy pretty well. Every now and again, YouTube throws a curve ball in your face and introduces you to complete unknowns...

  • •*Toy ChiChi*•
    •*Toy ChiChi*•   8 months ago

    I hate this movie it just made the original movie wrong reason why bc its about love and he cheats and its just wrong THE TIN AMN NOT THE SCARECROW AND THE LION NOT IN HERE

  • Initials M.A
    Initials M.A   8 months ago

    This was my favourite movie when I was 7 or 8 But why this is garbage

  • Kta Miura
    Kta Miura   8 months ago

    Missed a perfect opportunity for a "shut up Meg" @2:03

  • Ricky Bowen
    Ricky Bowen   9 months ago

    I have your answer....It's a Tim Burton movie. There ya go.

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh   9 months ago

    Wait, did CinemaSins really just ask someone not to be little bitches about something there at the end with the Audible ad? Kind of calling the kettle black, if you ask me

  • Aaron Rayner
    Aaron Rayner   9 months ago

    "Villain convinces protagonist's hot love interest that he doesn't love her to turn her evil" cliche.

  • Snoopy Mochi
    Snoopy Mochi   9 months ago

    James Franco looked high on drugs in this movie.

  • August Dahlström
    August Dahlström   11 months ago

    Omg Meg is in The movie, but none farted in her face what a bad movie or told her to shut up.

  • Kravex_
    Kravex_   11 months ago

    Ima make a video called “ Everything wrong wrong with CinemaSins “

  • Tepidtooth85
    Tepidtooth85   11 months ago

    It just occured to me that this whole movie is a prequel that sets up the main conflicts and characters of the original movie that take place IN A DREAM, how does that work?

  • tom quigley
    tom quigley   1 years ago

    I like James Franco but had know idea this existed. The goop chick blows it for me.

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde   1 years ago

    Mila kunis is not hot, the only thing I can think about when her voice or her is on screen is meg, she’s so connected to that role she is no longer believable in any other role and in my opinion she’s got a really ugly voice