The US President's Bulletproof Railcar

  • Published on: 02 April 2018
  • US Car Number 1, the Ferdinand Magellan, sits in the Gold Coast Railway Museum in Miami. It's 120 tonnes of bulletproof, armoured railcar: a train carriage designed to move the President of the United States around the country in safety and style. At least, it was, until other transport came along to do a better job.

    Thanks to all the team at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum: they're at, or on Facebook at ! [looks like their main site's down at the moment!]

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 years ago

    I realise I said "railway" instead of "railroad" at the end. Apparently I haven't picked up too many American dialect words yet...!

  • Youngstown529
    Youngstown529   4 days ago

    What a wonderful look at a very special train. Great to see that it's been preserved.

  • KingStormy
    KingStormy   3 weeks ago

    And to think this car went through my little two stoplight town back in the day. When the locals found out the presidential train was stopping here to take on fuel and water we banded together and basically cornered the president asking for help to build the Grand River Dam(aka Pensacola Dam). It must’ve worked because now we got it!

  • notthere83
    notthere83   3 weeks ago

    Haha that muted sort of Nick Offerman laugh at 4:39 - does that maybe come with every glorious beard? ;)

  • Extraordinary
    Extraordinary   1 months ago

    There was no respect back then.“ROSEVELT DEAD!”

  • Jahid Samed
    Jahid Samed   1 months ago

    they all must be in hell right now all these past presidents

  • 5lav
    5lav   1 months ago

    Just how wrong has a country to be, if the leader always lives in fear 😂 like in an autocracy

  • mathis8210
    mathis8210   1 months ago

    Ah, so wrongfully announcing a presidental canidates loss has a long standing tradition in the US

  • sacr3
    sacr3   2 months ago

    The importance we place on a person that can easily be replaced is astonishing.

  • Everett
    Everett   2 months ago

    They planned for it to be knocked over!

  • InventorZahran 327
    InventorZahran 327   2 months ago

    So this train basically had a very primitive mobile phone system onboard...

  • Norbe
    Norbe   2 months ago

    US Rail force 1

  • Ishari
    Ishari   3 months ago

    I'm dying at the idea of an American president smoking in the toilet like a high schooler trying to hide it from the teachers.

  • Canna Blood
    Canna Blood   3 months ago

    Anybody going crazy about that cable right infront of those train wheels?🤣

  • Da Bul PHILLY
    Da Bul PHILLY   3 months ago

    Keep our cell phones I’m not giving that up

  • Varelity
    Varelity   3 months ago

    In Australia, it’s a “train” made of “carriages”

  • Torva
    Torva   3 months ago

    That tour guide is really cool. Explained everything clearly and loved the joke at the end haha

  • CreepTheWolf
    CreepTheWolf   3 months ago

    Imagine wiping your ass with 12 ply laminated glass.

  • J C
    J C   3 months ago

    this guy looks like a 40 year old child

  • kikoredog
    kikoredog   3 months ago

    EIGHTY EIGHT MARTY!!!!!! !!! !1

  • 1291sgtscream
    1291sgtscream   3 months ago

    I know that many us presidents were attacked and / or killed, but it always makes me smile when I see them or any high member of any foreign government travelling around with entire armies wherever they go. I am swiss, you could meet one of the 7 federal counsellors (the highest rank of the government) waiting for a train or shopping alone and no one would give a damn

  • Jonas Müller
    Jonas Müller   3 months ago

    Honestly, that’s how the presidents nowadays should travel ! Much more sustainable then traveling by AirForce One all the time, even for short distances

  • UnspokenPoet82
    UnspokenPoet82   3 months ago

    It's really interesting if you think about it that Theodore roosevelt flew in a plane in 1910 after his presidency was over and then his cousin Franklin roosevelt was the one to fly officially during his presidency

  • Chet
    Chet   3 months ago

    Air Force 1 isnt painted red, white and blue

  • fenrar36
    fenrar36   4 months ago

    So that's what they mean by a whistle stop tour...

  • Equintrinity
    Equintrinity   4 months ago

    I forgot I was in a tom scott video cause the guy took over