David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

  • Published on: 12 March 2019
  • David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst YouTube comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his YouTube: https://bit.ly/1ZS52we

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    David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
  • Runtime : 15:44
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  • Neal
    Neal   6 hours ago

    Where can I start the petition for this interviewer to narrate my audiobooks. His voice is always really relaxing.

  • SoyPetTurtle
    SoyPetTurtle   20 hours ago

    Aww why'd they have to do him like that bringing up Liza so much. Freaking ruuddee 😔

  • Bella Narith
    Bella Narith   21 hours ago

    its times like this when i just wanna give david a big hug.

  • blah blah
    blah blah   1 days ago

    This video was just 15 minutes of me trying to figure out how to read a lie detector test

  • Cedra Ali
    Cedra Ali   2 days ago

    The “No” at 15:36 was so cute lol 😂

  • Breana Moman
    Breana Moman   2 days ago

    the saddest part of this video is david thinking he is ONLY A 6!! Like whatttt David you're a 10

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson   3 days ago

    When I first saw this video, I wasn’t a fan of David. I thought he was kind of a jerk and he just left a bad taste in my mouth. Fast forward to now, and 300 vlogs, 30 podcasts and some instagram pictures later, and I’m hooked on him. 😂

  • Margot Hahn
    Margot Hahn   3 days ago

    The Dolan twins aren’t even funny 💩

  • Abril Sanchez
    Abril Sanchez   4 days ago


  • Logan McKenzie
    Logan McKenzie   4 days ago

    "Lets talk about Youtube""You started off on vine"

  • Tear Red
    Tear Red   5 days ago

    Shoulda asked if he liked his assistant😂😂

  • Aakriti
    Aakriti   5 days ago

    " Is this your girlfriend ? "" no "

  • Super_Sisters
    Super_Sisters   5 days ago

    I hate seeing him so nervous and uncomfortable 😑

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah   5 days ago

    he said can we cut the interview and the guy said no

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah   5 days ago

    when david would smile he would just awkwardly stop because the guy wouldn’t laugh

  • lil G
    lil G   6 days ago

    Really messed up

  • simply taekook
    simply taekook   6 days ago

    Bruh I just watched the CUTEST video ever WTF...like I'm sad its over😭

  • Kelly Beckley
    Kelly Beckley   6 days ago

    I started crying when he said they are not his bestfriends

  • high rose
    high rose   1 weeks ago

    U ever realize that almost everybodynon here comes on here high😂😂😂

  • curly 21
    curly 21   1 weeks ago

    Soo,he said that he's dating someone? Am I right ?

  • Ola Greee
    Ola Greee   1 weeks ago

    This is messed up the questions are fkn weird

  • Charmed
    Charmed   1 weeks ago

    David Highkey looks HELLA FINE in this vid like.. If liza don't want him

  • SailorRinn
    SailorRinn   1 weeks ago

    Not really diggin the Questions you chose to ask @david Dobrik, alot of them were unnecassary, especially the ones about liza, or asking him to rank his friends, is alittle over the top and rude, no reason to invade his personal life like that when you guys dont seem to do it to anybody else.

  • Alizé White
    Alizé White   1 weeks ago

    Huntyyyyy David dobrik isn’t weirdly attractive he’s just flat out hot PERIODT Like what the heck😂😂😂

  • paris quick
    paris quick   1 weeks ago

    15:35 when someone asks me to give something to them

  • Cheryl B
    Cheryl B   1 weeks ago

    The Liza parts made me cry lmao