Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum Part 2

  • Published on: 03 December 2019
  • Did we just dodge a bullet? This wrecked 2019 ford f-450 has some sort of weird engine noise! The only way to figure it out is to tear it apart and see where its coming from. This build is going to be absolutely epic and we can't wait to share the journey with you guys. Thanks For Watching!!!




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  • Runtime : 23:6
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  • Misha Karpenko
    Misha Karpenko   10 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me how do they make so much money for their projects?

  • John D
    John D   2 days ago

    I'm new to this channel. You guys made me lol as you talked about how cool your wrecked, stock, Ford pickup is, while a FREAKING LAMBO is just lurking in the background!! :D Subbed.

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan   5 days ago

    The engine damage was probably made much worse by driving the wreck from the tow truck into the garage!

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco   1 weeks ago

    Idiots of course its gonna drained the batteries, duh no alternator...and running the engine with no water pump and no radiator, it's a definitely a good way to damage the engine... good job douches

  • FishNut Jackson
    FishNut Jackson   1 weeks ago

    if you boys didnt have google how would you know how to act like a man!?!?

  • Da Sarge
    Da Sarge   1 weeks ago

    looks like the front support frame is replaceable well thats dandy to know

  • Luke Shapiro
    Luke Shapiro   1 weeks ago

    came here too see the truck build but liked for the cat

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell   1 weeks ago

    running it without the belt and no Alternator, you risked blowing the computer with the unstable current, wait for belt next time, just a thought moving forward - GOOD FIND, LIKE!!

  • xl
    xl   1 weeks ago

    This may be a stupid question, but why don't they order on Rockauto ?

  • Dj dj
    Dj dj   2 weeks ago

    My question is... don't you guys Google or whatever you use on your phones for some quick answers, like example: The rivets or what is used there & why would that spray on glue/insulation be there, what's the purpose? Just thought I'd ask you cause @ the point about the rivets,way to many questions to follow. Here I've almost finished this message... You mentioned Google,so I'm sending it anyways,😂🙃 LMAO!

  • Michael Correia
    Michael Correia   2 weeks ago

    Stumbled across y 'all and your channel. Gotta say I'm really enjoying your positivity. Great job! Subbed.

  • Matt Hoffmann
    Matt Hoffmann   2 weeks ago

    Id like to see the car/ trk that was involved in the wreck. To see how damage it was

  • Robert S
    Robert S   2 weeks ago

    How much was the whole thing all in one piece cost? But after all good series.

  • peter bettis
    peter bettis   2 weeks ago

    too much talking and not enough wrenching. lots of hype.

  • Nick Bednar
    Nick Bednar   2 weeks ago

    How are you gonna talk about how expensive a part is going to be when you are standing in front of a lambo with another super car on top it looks like lol wild

  • Dustin Blakley
    Dustin Blakley   2 weeks ago

    I really don't think y'all needed new batteries. The only reason they were dead is because of the grounds being unhooked during the teardown

  • Austin Steg
    Austin Steg   2 weeks ago

    You don’t have the alternator belt on

  • kevin foreman
    kevin foreman   3 weeks ago

    Do you ever sell these vehicles after fixing backup

  • Simon Espinola A.
    Simon Espinola A.   3 weeks ago

    Tite: Rebuilding a 2019 Ford F-450 SUPER SMASHED PLATINUM of plastic EDITION

  • qaannat
    qaannat   3 weeks ago

    3 packs of bacon, alright. Yall teach me how to work on cars, i;'ll teach you what to do with leeks.

  • ismael delgadillo
    ismael delgadillo   3 weeks ago

    Damn I can't believe that truck had a lot parts damage and still driver

  • Brian Sanderson
    Brian Sanderson   3 weeks ago

    Steering and brakes are hydraulically powered by the power steering pump...

  • James Rouse
    James Rouse   3 weeks ago

    How did these dudes get in to the rebuild game. I have questions.

  • T Nels
    T Nels   3 weeks ago

    "Brakes feel weird, must be out of fluid."

  • michael nunn
    michael nunn   4 weeks ago

    New to your channel. Are you guys twins? If so cool, your commentary is in sync. 👍

  • Keegan Foster
    Keegan Foster   4 weeks ago

    These guys seem loaded with somebody’s money tbh

  • halokillernoob
    halokillernoob   1 months ago

    Bunch of idiots lmao. They do vehicle rebuilds as their profession and they don't even know that when you take off a serpentine belt, the alternator isn't being powered, so the battery, of course, will be slowly drained of all its power. That's like basic basic knowledge. It's not bad batteries, especially if the truck only has 1,000 miles on it and they weren't damaged in the wreck. Also, without the belt, none of the cooling components are working so it can overheat within a couple of minutes. I'm super surprised they don't know any of this and were just willy knilly running the truck without the belt on. I'm just an average joe shade tree mechanic and know more than they do, around their age too. They're super lucky to be in the position they are in with how little they actually know about the operation of vehicles. Extra side note: All the newer model fords have an autolocking tailgate so you have to unlock it first before you can let the tailgate down. It's nothing with the tailgate being broken and then it just magically starts working again smh.

  • Clayton Whitman
    Clayton Whitman   1 months ago

    This is the first time watching you guys. I see you use my technique of pictures, baggies for parts, labeling and keeping a good track of what came from where. Nice Job!

  • Debraj Deb
    Debraj Deb   1 months ago

    If I were in the USA and had lots of money, I would have got this truck, a new one.

  • Darmaine Coker
    Darmaine Coker   1 months ago

    Dumb ass there's no belt on the car to the alternator to charge the battery 😐

  • johnyq
    johnyq   1 months ago

    i may be wrong but i think ford will buy them broken lights off you for the modules and whatnot

  • Bryant Nalls
    Bryant Nalls   1 months ago

    Good job guys!Is it worth money new or used? ? ?

  • SuperBeats4life
    SuperBeats4life   1 months ago

    You didn't need a new battery...but if you don't have the belt on the alternator doesn't work