• Published on: 25 July 2019
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    The ACE Family morning routine!!!
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  • Runtime : 13:41
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  • Janae Venzen
    Janae Venzen   5 hours ago

    I’m going on my way y’all are the way y’all out now y’all know ya know I’m tryna I gotta love 💗 ygcj you know ya boy ya know what you’re doing for me ya ya know ya damn bro ima is the day that we got y’all out there and I’m gonna eerie looking for a new hookah bar and then I wanna get a new one time in the morning I can do it like y’all come to you now I cannot is the way I wanna get to be mad 😠 I wanna know ya like me that I’m not doing anything right right after you get me out here tryna was the way y’all got ya mama you got y’all so much fun you have the most beautiful man you can do for me and I love 💕 I gotta was that one day I was going crazy 😜 is the day that we get to see ya mama I gotta is a bitch day you will love this place you get a good hair color you get a good end up coming out in the summer or if ya like a bitch ya got y’all hair color hair and color you get what ya hair is and it then tyyyttttttty is a great 👍🏽 and the salon was very clean 🧼 was my hair cut the color was favorite spotttt I gotta I like the color of the hookah I gotta do hair cut the hookah is amazing the service was so fun and it is the one I gotta get in the mood and the food 🥘 was good and it is the one I gotta go with and I love 💕 it’s ya who said that it was a little too big for y’all to go back and relax for a little is my mani or something I gotta do ya think 💭 was gonna you know you can y’all come get over there 👉 was a good good night I gotta get it now I cannot I wanna know ya like you tryna is a good day for you and I wanna know how to you feel so sorry 😐 is that I cannot was the only

  • Janae Venzen
    Janae Venzen   5 hours ago

    Xox I love 💕 you like bitch people you know what I do I’m gonna was the only one ☝️ I gotta do y’all think 💭 is this one time I wanna is a time for y’all tomorrow I wanna was the time I got y’all out of the house and then ya uncle got ya mama boo 👻 is y’all getting mad at us when y’all come back out there I wanna was like y’all bitches was a great time to get my kids back in the summer and

  • Red bull Fc
    Red bull Fc   6 hours ago

    Im watching your videos😀😀😀😀

  • Noelysmar Colón
    Noelysmar Colón   8 hours ago

    I can't wait till the moment that Elle has a real boyfriend to see Austin's reaction

  • Maria Pacheco
    Maria Pacheco   8 hours ago

    I’m so happy that they are having a son 🙂🙂🙂

  • Delaina Calderon
    Delaina Calderon   10 hours ago

    He says I am holding her very tightly” watch him drop her

  • Jennifer Limma
    Jennifer Limma   13 hours ago

    Does eny one think Austin is cheating on Cathryn and l think he dose not even whant to marry her. He proposed like a long time ago and they have not even had a wedding 👰

  • Kia Bivins
    Kia Bivins   14 hours ago

    I have 2 sisters but I am a girl my name is Kia

  • 5e1 Ayllin ZIYAT
    5e1 Ayllin ZIYAT   18 hours ago

    Hello I just wanted to say that I really do enjoy watching your videos but what made me really sad was how you guys didn't stop the water from running whilst you were talking as well as when Elle was brushing her teeth. It is just a waste of water and so many people suffer from this in so many countries it is unbelievable. So please take responsibility on how much water you waste! Thank you so much for your understanding but I do truly enjoy watching ur videos they are so cute and funny!!

  • Janessa Rodriguez
    Janessa Rodriguez   1 days ago

    I think that Elle should stay taking a shower with her beacuse l think that's she is to old to be talking a shower with her dad

  • Sydney Camhi
    Sydney Camhi   1 days ago

    Who wants the ace family to do more videos with Alaia

  • Abril Vega Rivera
    Abril Vega Rivera   1 days ago

    Anyone else low-key think that they could be the next Kardashian and Jenners?😂😂

  • Stephany Ferrer
    Stephany Ferrer   1 days ago

    Ace family I love the intro is so excited I was there

  • Tara Hudson
    Tara Hudson   1 days ago

    You guys are the cutest fam. Alaia and elle are so smart about pranks and so beautiful 😀❤❤💖

  • Khyra Maynard
    Khyra Maynard   1 days ago

    How many rolls does Alaïa have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at 7:43 you can see so many rolls in her arms and legs it is so cute aww 🥰

  • Haleigh Collins
    Haleigh Collins   2 days ago

    Elle: i have a boufriend Austin: what you do?Elle:yes 😎Austin: nope. Gose to boyfrind house Boyfriend: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Austin:💪💪🙇 (kills him) hahahahhah

  • Sharon Troy
    Sharon Troy   2 days ago

    Hey Ace Family, teach Elle to turn off the water while brushing her teeth. Could've filled a small pool. Love you all just saying this is California !!! 💝

  • Badass Perez
    Badass Perez   2 days ago

    Let’s be honest we searched this up🥺 Like if u agree💛

  • Jackeline Chavolla
    Jackeline Chavolla   2 days ago

    Doneee pls I always watch your vids and always re watch them like rn

  • Amaya Smith
    Amaya Smith   3 days ago

    Its more and more and more and more hair 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Sariya Lei
    Sariya Lei   3 days ago

    Dh dd did that bad so did but good😷😷😷🙂👼7d

  • Laquesha Lenzy
    Laquesha Lenzy   3 days ago

    I LOVE YOU ACE FAMILY 🤝🤝🤝❤❤🖤🖤💙💙

  • Muna The Queen
    Muna The Queen   3 days ago

    Muna 👼🏽👧🏽👩🏽‍🦱🧑🏽‍🦱👨‍👩‍👧‍👧