Try Not To Sing Pop Punk Songs

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
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    Content featured:
    “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”- Panic! at the Disco
    “Stacy’s Mom”- Fountains of Wayne
    “Dirty Little Secret”- The All-American Rejects
    “All the Small Things”- Blink-182
    “Welcome to the Black Parade”- My Chemical Romance
    “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”- Green Day

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    Reactors Featured:
    Jordan B

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    Try Not To Sing Pop Punk Songs
  • Runtime : 11:44
  • Try Not To Sing Pop Punk Songs Pop Punk Green Day Panic at the Disco Brendon Urie Stacy's Mom Jimmy Eat World The Middle I Write Sins Not Tragedies Music Pop Punk Songs Try Not to Sing Dirty Little Secret Blink 182 All the Small Things My Chemical Romance MCR staff react staff reacts react thefinebros fine brothers finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh sr1917 try not to sing pop punk fbe fbe try not to sing react pop punk


    REACT   6 months ago

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  • Silva Triana
    Silva Triana   6 months ago

    GDI I'm emotional and you people are bringing back my emo I buried that in middle school. On the bright side I won because I couldn't sing because I was CRYING SO DAMN MUCH.

  • Tamara Jentoft
    Tamara Jentoft   6 months ago

    Conor and Niomi you made me crack up so much xD

  • Travis
    Travis   6 months ago

    TRY NOT TO HEADBANG CHALLENGE!!!Pretty please? :3

  • TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    They should get 2 strikes if they sing it wrong. It's I'll KEEP you my dirty little secret. Not "I'll tell". Like seriously. The whole song is about a guy banging a girl he doesn't anyone to know about.

  • Klaas in Session
    Klaas in Session   6 months ago

    That Ashley girl could literally be live actioning Daria right now. LOL. I love her deadpan existence so much.

  • Klaas in Session
    Klaas in Session   6 months ago

    "Im having a lot of Panic, and not enough Disco" has to be one of the most quotable quotes to ever be uttered on this channel. IM USING IT!

    FREEZA ON KRACK   6 months ago

    Lowkey lost on the first song one simply doesn't not sing the lyrics close the goddamn door 😂😂

  • Debbie Stephen
    Debbie Stephen   6 months ago

    idea for a new challenge - everyone puts in their LEAST favourite songs and be a 'Try Not to Take Off Your Headphones' challange

  • jeszyjay
    jeszyjay   6 months ago

    I lost on purpose. I knew I was going to lose!

  • Sangye C
    Sangye C   6 months ago

    I would love to know what genre does Ashley listen to !!

  • Juliana Cusson
    Juliana Cusson   6 months ago

    2:15-WiTh A sEnSe Of PoIsE aNd RaTiOnAlItY!😶

  • Kitty Moo Moo
    Kitty Moo Moo   6 months ago

    Oh that linkin Park in the end would of broke me 🤣

  • Josh Welker
    Josh Welker   6 months ago

    Do breaking Benjamin songs or disturbed just metal bands

  • MrsDorr813
    MrsDorr813   6 months ago

    Ooooh who else was obsessed with Post Secret?

  • Random Inspirations
    Random Inspirations   6 months ago

    You know you were in way to deep if you knew every song they played... and that was me.

  • Amanda Love
    Amanda Love   6 months ago

    This is, by far, the hardest try not to sing challenge. I always try to play along and this one is physically painful.

  • Brainman 83
    Brainman 83   6 months ago

    Rock Classics from '60 - '90 would be tight.

  • Kiprozof
    Kiprozof   6 months ago

    wait... there was no good charlotte that is my guilty pleasure from that brought me down a bit :XD

  • Dillon Jaggan
    Dillon Jaggan   6 months ago

    When you realize that you're more emo then you thought 😍😀

  • Luke The Legend
    Luke The Legend   6 months ago

    I was born in 2004 but this song was my jam in like second grade i found it on band hero for the xbox360The song was dirty little secret

  • Hillary
    Hillary   6 months ago

    "This was the first song I learned on piano.""I can play this one on guitar.""I grew up playing instruments, I grew up playing these songs."OKAY SIERRA WE GET IT