10 Strict Rules Kim Kardashian's Kids MUST Follow

  • Published on: 18 December 2019
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    Strict Rules Kim Kardashian’s Kids MUST Follow...
    The Kardashians are famous for what exactly? Many people think that being a Kardashian is the easiest job ever.
    Kim Kardashian is possibly one of the most recognizable names in the entire world in 2019. It wasn’t always that way. She’s come an extremely long way from her fame. She first popped up on the radar as the girlfriend of rapper Ray J.That garnered some attention for her but what really put her on the map was a crazy video floating around the internet that I’m sure many of us are aware of and have maybe even seen. Since then she’s achieved great success. Results of this success would be a reality tv show for her family keeping up with the Kardashians which debuted on October 14th of 2007 and is still on air reaching its 16th season in March of 2019. It's up for one of the longest-running TV shows in the United States. She’s also created her own clothing line and makeup line which turned into huge successes as well and most recently she’s taken a shot at even being an attorney and has had good success with that. Now 2019 Kim Kardashian has achieved not only that but has married to rapper Kanye West and has 4 Kids. With tons of Fame, Fortune, and a reputation to uphold comes rules for the 4 children. Watch the entire video to find out what strict rules they have to follow!

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  • Foeko
    Foeko   2 months ago

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  • Zaynah Aziz
    Zaynah Aziz   21 hours ago

    So your saying they can say the f word the b word and more

  • godly goat
    godly goat   1 days ago

    That says 10 strict rules so you need to do 10 rules😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Pola S
    Pola S   1 days ago

    How is that strict? Some sound odd but they ain't bad

  • Kimberly manrique
    Kimberly manrique   1 days ago

    So they can’t wear pink just because there dad doesn’t like it?Wow that’s honestly stupid😑😒

  • Nusrat Hoque
    Nusrat Hoque   2 days ago


  • Harry Priester
    Harry Priester   2 days ago

    I think all the things said is 100% false, but no talking to stangers.

  • Harry Priester
    Harry Priester   2 days ago

    No candy, but being bribed with it is okay that's dumb, because no candy allowed, but being bribe is okay.

  • Harry Priester
    Harry Priester   2 days ago

    When you say no sugar now you're just talking crazy. You told them what clothes they can wear, but now they can't wear them. You must be dumb.

  • Jade Galindo
    Jade Galindo   2 days ago

    Poor kids I feel sorry for them, your only a kid 🧒 once, hope they don’t go wild when they turn 21 as a mom to many dumb rules

  • Nino Adan
    Nino Adan   3 days ago

    I stop at 0:21 because this video is a lie. That part is on Kourtney's kids birthday party, Kim is describing Kourtney's plan & she actually disagree with Kourt's no-candy gluten-free suggestion

  • Sanat Mohd
    Sanat Mohd   3 days ago

    They don't call her Grandma,so They call her Kris?😶

  • Jessica Gobler
    Jessica Gobler   3 days ago

    Learn how to pronounce the designer’s names correctly.

  • mia colon
    mia colon   4 days ago

    He said 20 but the thumbnail says 10

  • Amy Gonzalez
    Amy Gonzalez   4 days ago

    Dang this kids with all these rules they should be depressed

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina   4 days ago

    pls want an iphone x plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Kiki .C
    Kiki .C   5 days ago

    OMG I am not hating but Kim Kardashian's Kids are WAYYYYYY To much spoiled and Bratty and so is Kim Kim is Bratty and I hate people that are spoiled and Bratty! Omg Just like stop,Seriously Like Body Gaurds for the kids?! What the heck! #spoiledandbratty

  • Kenzi S.
    Kenzi S.   5 days ago

    It’s a little to strick

  • Timothy Kevin
    Timothy Kevin   5 days ago

    The rules are great but the pink thing . Anyway I ❤ u guys

  • TØP
    TØP   5 days ago

    You’re telling me they spend $36500000 a year when their combined net worth is $610000000 just for security

  • Jamell Jenkins
    Jamell Jenkins   5 days ago

    Too many rules I get the safety and public eye blah blah blah but like the food sugar and stuff let them be kids and eat sugar and when they are older then teach them be healthy

  • Alex Hegarty
    Alex Hegarty   6 days ago

    Even if they are famous kids should not have to follow stricken rules such as not wearing a girls favourite couller

  • Caroline Ross
    Caroline Ross   1 weeks ago

    The Title Is "10 Strict Rules Kim Kardashian's Kids MUST Follow" But It Says 20 Rules!

  • Jade Edwards
    Jade Edwards   1 weeks ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how the titles say 10 strict rules but then it said 20 strict rules

  • Carrie James
    Carrie James   1 weeks ago

    They just spoiled rotten and that’s not right how they sopose to live in the real word for crying out loud

  • Carlos Salinas
    Carlos Salinas   1 weeks ago

    Feeling sorry for them they can’t even act like kids now

  • Business XX
    Business XX   1 weeks ago

    OMG! North is Lucille from Junie B. Jones!

  • Chloe Owen
    Chloe Owen   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice it says 10 stricked rules not 20?😂