10 Strict Rules Kim Kardashian's Kids MUST Follow

  • Published on: 18 December 2019
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    Strict Rules Kim Kardashian’s Kids MUST Follow...
    The Kardashians are famous for what exactly? Many people think that being a Kardashian is the easiest job ever.
    Kim Kardashian is possibly one of the most recognizable names in the entire world in 2019. It wasn’t always that way. She’s come an extremely long way from her fame. She first popped up on the radar as the girlfriend of rapper Ray J.That garnered some attention for her but what really put her on the map was a crazy video floating around the internet that I’m sure many of us are aware of and have maybe even seen. Since then she’s achieved great success. Results of this success would be a reality tv show for her family keeping up with the Kardashians which debuted on October 14th of 2007 and is still on air reaching its 16th season in March of 2019. It's up for one of the longest-running TV shows in the United States. She’s also created her own clothing line and makeup line which turned into huge successes as well and most recently she’s taken a shot at even being an attorney and has had good success with that. Now 2019 Kim Kardashian has achieved not only that but has married to rapper Kanye West and has 4 Kids. With tons of Fame, Fortune, and a reputation to uphold comes rules for the 4 children. Watch the entire video to find out what strict rules they have to follow!

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  • Foeko
    Foeko   3 months ago

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  • Carly Jennie
    Carly Jennie   1 weeks ago

    Why does she force them to not wear pink clothes thats every young girl dream

  • Brianna Paddy
    Brianna Paddy   1 weeks ago

    the title said 10 rules and u listed 20! Why?!

  • Dunya Issa
    Dunya Issa   1 weeks ago

    I mean it’s her kids but I feel like some of them are strict.

  • Lee Edelman
    Lee Edelman   2 weeks ago

    this shit is so edited and things are taken out of context. in the start she wasn’t even talking about her kids lol

  • sub to pewds
    sub to pewds   2 weeks ago

    I feel bad for her, I mean she has everything but she cant be a kid!

  • Zoeff
    Zoeff   2 weeks ago

    Brestfeeding?? U mean silicone milk?

  • Chloe Shaw
    Chloe Shaw   3 weeks ago

    The dad seems mean so i would never want to be in that family.

  • Margot Heldmann
    Margot Heldmann   3 weeks ago


  • night dania
    night dania   3 weeks ago

    Girl she's so ooo rich she can spoiled her kids but no thanks mom for my freedom that's awful they need freedom too no pink weird why ?????? She's bad as af Kylie is better she shows her kid respect and let her what she wants girl please stop that's not how you treat a kid and stop giving hate to Kylie she really really nice and she's a billionaire she can spoil her kids how much she wants

  • Lisa Longo
    Lisa Longo   3 weeks ago

    Kim's rules are for her not kids. She's a selfish.....

  • シShanai
    シShanai   3 weeks ago

    Just imagine being able to say Kim Kardashian is my mom and Kanye West is my dad 🤭

  • Terri Castonzo
    Terri Castonzo   3 weeks ago

    It’s Ok but why do all the Kardashian’s marry or date black men it’s unusual !

  • Blade Shadow
    Blade Shadow   4 weeks ago

    It said 10 rules and in the video it said 20 rules

  • alex in the house
    alex in the house   1 months ago

    i heard thank you for watching 20 things... doesn't it say ten? XD I'm so lonely

  • Balmain Chanel
    Balmain Chanel   1 months ago

    Can you give us the title of the memoir that Kim Kardashian’s maid wrote things about her??? Or Amazon Link or something

  • Olivia
    Olivia   1 months ago

    AHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣 “her-meeez” that’s literally what u said ur ment to say “er-mes”

  • fun with oma
    fun with oma   1 months ago

    i was allowed to use hair exsitions at two

  • lena braider
    lena braider   1 months ago

    Title : 10 strict rules Kim Kardashian's kids must follow1:00 : 20 strict rules Kim Kardashian's kids must follow

  • Rissole and Ziva
    Rissole and Ziva   1 months ago

    Title: 10 strict rules Kim’s kids must follow. Video: 20 strict rules Kim’s kids must follow

  • •Val •
    •Val •   1 months ago

    Kim : I don’t let my kids eat sugar or gluten free 👍Also Kim : I bribe my kids with candy so they can do what I say👍

  • Gia 38
    Gia 38   1 months ago

    So many rules and she dress her kids so ugly