My Workout Routine | Annie LeBlanc

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 7:36
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  • Leah Argueta
    Leah Argueta   13 hours ago

    This workout actually helps i lost 15pounds by doing this for a month

  • Lindsey  Houston
    Lindsey Houston   19 hours ago

    At 3:00 looked kinda wrong for me dosent to anyone 😑

  • peace lover
    peace lover   19 hours ago

    bro she makes them look so easy skjsksjs

  • RedHotPepper Gaming
    RedHotPepper Gaming   1 days ago

    Annie asked us if we are dying anyone got a guess what I said.......... I said "no I'm already dead"

  • Flota Work
    Flota Work   2 days ago

    Hola soy tu fan número 1 ❤💗💞💕💋 soy mia

  • Blessing Fredrick
    Blessing Fredrick   3 days ago

    How do u cope with this!😂lol. I tried it and my head hurt so bad

  • Lindsey Bush
    Lindsey Bush   4 days ago

    Tomorrow I have to do my hiit ( high intensity interval training) workout I will also do this workout well most of it

  • Oowiegie MASTER
    Oowiegie MASTER   4 days ago

    u used 5 pound weights for ur squats ;-; i used 25 pounds..

  • Raiza Reyes
    Raiza Reyes   5 days ago

    Hey Annie do you still remember celed your bother

  • xox_j
    xox_j   6 days ago

    me: does a squat: hair is frizzy annie: does star jumps, burpees, planks, all the rest: hair looks perfect <3

  • Bridie Mcenroe
    Bridie Mcenroe   1 weeks ago

    This is my workout routine sees this video and feels really motivatedI try to do one push up and then realize that i suck at fitness. Then i go back to watching netflix in bed with chips

  • Kiri Fruities
    Kiri Fruities   1 weeks ago

    does anyone know where her shirt is from <3 ?

  • maya loz
    maya loz   1 weeks ago

    So first i do chloe ting leg workout because i want skynny legs and then i do this and i lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks

  • Shawn Hines
    Shawn Hines   1 weeks ago

    also another thing that you need to do is stretch before and after sorry if i did not spell something correctly

  • Greg Hernandez
    Greg Hernandez   1 weeks ago

    I loved all of them they were pretty good fitness routines.

  • Morgan Sattler
    Morgan Sattler   1 weeks ago

    1 like = 1 squati actually need this so help me !

  • Aishath Shadhaan
    Aishath Shadhaan   2 weeks ago

    *me, doing the workout routine with AnnieAnnie: “I’m dying, are you guys dying?”Me: “No, I think I’m dead”.

  • robyn claw
    robyn claw   2 weeks ago

    My workout routine is trying to close my window💀

  • Cierra Cabezas
    Cierra Cabezas   2 weeks ago

    Is it weird that I thought she was holding lemons in the thumbnail😂😂

  • Hols and Who
    Hols and Who   2 weeks ago

    Were does she get her leggings, i love then so much.

  • Addi O
    Addi O   2 weeks ago

    Who else is dying just watching this 😂

  • Chatsbugaboo
    Chatsbugaboo   2 weeks ago

    Annie i’m dying how do you do that🥵

  • CC Follos
    CC Follos   2 weeks ago

    Anybody know where her leggings are from?

  • katelin butler
    katelin butler   3 weeks ago

    Hey katelin butler yes 💓 💞 💜 💘 💘 💛 💗 💗 💘 ✌, but I think the best way to