My Workout Routine | Annie LeBlanc

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 7:36
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  • Lollovelyprincess Hawa

    I love you Annie and sorry about your brother Caleb he died and I love your all family

  • It’s•Me•T •W•

    I tried doing this thing but stopped at the side planks bc I was literally dying I’m so out of shape 😂😩

  • Alyssa Kawaii
    Alyssa Kawaii   1 weeks ago

    You’re just a LITTLE chubby. No ofense!!!!!! :D

  • Kayli Smith
    Kayli Smith   1 weeks ago

    Crunches your legs are supposed to be up in Christ and you do like sit ups but your legs are up pretty much

  • genevieve yang
    genevieve yang   1 weeks ago

    Did you guys see the mistake at 6:18? It says 20 plank rows left arm but Annie only does 10.

  • NATE M
    NATE M   2 weeks ago

    Her body is nice

  • Sally Snail
    Sally Snail   2 weeks ago

    Anyone else's hips clunk rlly loudly when doing the laying down leg lifts and the bicycle

  • Tara O’Neill
    Tara O’Neill   2 weeks ago

    Hi Annie I love your I love your video I like with video Annie because you are my favourite YouTuber

  • Aila Kilpatrick
    Aila Kilpatrick   3 weeks ago

    No one: Annie every 5 seconds: what I’m I at again?

  • Eva en Noortje
    Eva en Noortje   3 weeks ago

    Every like is 10 seconds planking😂😂😂btw i love annie and hayley so so so much

  • Kay Tube
    Kay Tube   4 weeks ago

    Can we all just stop and talk about how pretty Annie is , like omg you are so stunning and beautiful just wow 😍🤩😘

  • Aieyan Ali
    Aieyan Ali   1 months ago

    Your not supposed to hold onto your neck when you do crunches because it can break your neck so that's why

  • Cake world Gidget XX
    Cake world Gidget XX   1 months ago

    Can you get me down my weight by Christmas get me too 100 likes means I will do planks and squats

  • Autumn tea
    Autumn tea   1 months ago

    I’ll do this and actually update:I’m currently 140 and don’t have a flat stomach at all I have flab every where especially my thighsDay 1: it was the worst I was literally dripping in sweat my legs were shaking so bad by the end

  • Ryan crooks
    Ryan crooks   1 months ago

    Wow you strong so anyone do not want to mess with you

  • Amir Lee Glover
    Amir Lee Glover   1 months ago

    I did it! I followed Annie’s exercise routine. It hurts and I’m dying

  • Luana Meier
    Luana Meier   1 months ago

    from where is this leggings😍pls answer..💞

  • Ellie Wubb
    Ellie Wubb   2 months ago

    Each like equals the amount of sit ups star jumps and squats I do

  • Malu Dias
    Malu Dias   2 months ago

    I started doing this 9 days ago and it’s so good!!thank you annie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤝🤝

  • røs
    røs   2 months ago

    so basically she targets her abs, thighs, and glutes

  • yashi
    yashi   2 months ago

    i was doing it with her and lemme say i diedddddddd

  • Phoebie Ryan
    Phoebie Ryan   2 months ago

    How did she get her guess of numbers when she forgets ??????????????????????👽👽👽👽👽👽👽