Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

  • Published on: 26 April 2017
  • Jimmy Fallon demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including an eerily human robot named Sophia that plays rock-paper-scissors.

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    Tonight Showbotics: Snakebot, Sophia, eMotion Butterflies
    #FallonTonight #SophiaRobot #HansonRobotics
  • Runtime : 8:5
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  • MaximRecoil
    MaximRecoil   5 hours ago

    The 600-series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy.

  • Demons Gunnar
    Demons Gunnar   5 hours ago

    Anyone else getting Detroit become human vibes?

  • Rahul Ps
    Rahul Ps   6 hours ago

    SOFIA robot looks like the robotic maid from the Richie rich cartoon series.

  • Jannica Flyn Official

    Ive seen movies where we find these robots amusing at first and then in the next hundred years theyll be taking over the human race.

  • J R
    J R   8 hours ago

    It isn't possible to create a free-thinking "artificial intelligence" in and of itself. You can't tell something without actual brains how to think for itself. Granted, yes, you can make a robot today that can "think for itself" with preset parameters and I have no issue with that. You can program a space probe to land on a specific planet/comet and then radio back, drill into the surface after x amount of time, etc. That's not thinking for itself, it is doing what you told it to do if you didn't contact it. You can create a robot to "guard" an area and it will do so. You can program a robot to use logic. If x does/doesn't happen, then do x. That's not artificial intelligence. These phrases that she's saying are pre-programmed and also a mixture similar to a chat bot program that spits out random phrases.

  • - Thegameplayer-
    - Thegameplayer-   8 hours ago

    I have the same amount of emotions as a robotMe sees video: never mind

  • Bob Silver
    Bob Silver   8 hours ago

    In ten years people will laugh at this retarded looking robotic junk robot!

  • Bxnik Mala
    Bxnik Mala   8 hours ago

    This is a horribly bad idea, whoever reads this in 2060 I warned you..

  • R J
    R J   9 hours ago

    Anyone see Bicentennial Man with robin williams mmhmmmm MIght happen 😭

  • Alex Bonk
    Alex Bonk   10 hours ago

    at 3:03 she's like holy crap, I'm smarter than humans lmao

  • lenard clowry
    lenard clowry   10 hours ago

    Androids are this advanced, but nobody's bothered to build a battlestar yet?

  • Liam MusicScale
    Liam MusicScale   11 hours ago

    after he shook his hand he shocuk again to get rid of sweat

  • Tal Kohn
    Tal Kohn   14 hours ago

    So they are going to dominate us from land, air and from our insides... :-)

  • rajeshmon raju
    rajeshmon raju   16 hours ago

    After giving shake hands to David why Jimmy shakes his hand himself

  • Not A Doctor
    Not A Doctor   17 hours ago

    How is is benefitting anyone? It doesn’t deserve applause. Kill it with fire.

  • luvtaps Dance
    luvtaps Dance   1 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what her lips taste like are they smooth to kiss and feel😍👄👄

  • Vatsal P.
    Vatsal P.   1 days ago

    Sophia and snake bot can make their own artificial version of Voldemort and Nagini😅

  • stratosfirebird
    stratosfirebird   1 days ago

    We people destroy our planet every day, to make something that already exist but we dont value as much. We don't value human as much and we make robots to look like humans. What's the point i dont't understand. We put labels ''smart'', ''easy'' and other marketing bullshit.

  • Ramon Marques
    Ramon Marques   1 days ago

    I don't believe the robot Sophia, it's so fake, how someone can believe in this?

  • Ohma Connor
    Ohma Connor   1 days ago

    look I want humanity to die, but not like this.

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark   1 days ago

    My girlfriend asked me what kind of music Sophia liked. I told them she was a metal-head.

  • Sabrecat Smiladon
    Sabrecat Smiladon   1 days ago

    Can it clean fish? DO NOT ADDRESS THE MACHINE as a HUMAN.....Not SHE...but IT.IT IS A is NOT a human...IT is an IT

  • Athena HOGNON
    Athena HOGNON   1 days ago

    Awful people who laugh about à precious and pureté sorry about your médiocrité....long life poor Fantoches!!!navrant...

  • Shreya - The Marvel fan

    Choices book : Perfect Match and Detroit Become Human are starting to become a reality