How YouTube Video Stabilization Works

  • Published on: 12 May 2014
  • - @tomscott - From tracking a point, to analysing pixels, to plotting 3D camera moves: here's how you go from shaky handheld shots to that "gliding through the Matrix" effect.

    Thanks to Matt Gray for his excellent camera work - he's at - @unnamedculprit
  • Runtime : 4:6
  • tomscott tom scott Image Stabilization YouTube stabilization Computer Vision (Algorithm Family)


  • Шум Шумов
    Шум Шумов   3 days ago

    Ещё можно поля не урезать, а дорисовывать нейросетью.

  • Parjit Khakh
    Parjit Khakh   1 weeks ago

    It’s been a few years Tom, a lot has changed

  • SGG
    SGG   1 weeks ago

    The best stabilisation is locking on to your face

  • ShihammeDarc
    ShihammeDarc   2 weeks ago

    2:49 I honestly thought that was gonna hit him in the head

  • Wolf Elkan
    Wolf Elkan   2 weeks ago

    Or you can just make sure your camera weighs at least 5% as much as the person operating it.

  • Steve Leahy
    Steve Leahy   2 weeks ago

    If it says don’t climb on it why does it spin

  • r0bw00d
    r0bw00d   2 weeks ago

    If only there was a way to keep a camera steady...some sort of legs that it can be given...

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee   2 weeks ago

    This would be really cool redone (:

  • Kombi 88
    Kombi 88   2 weeks ago

    Before that technology we used to mount cameras on chickens head for a sable shot😜

  • kishen980
    kishen980   2 weeks ago

    Gopros have a gyro in them that can be used to stabilize the video realtime or in post production! Look up hypersmooth and Realsteady Go!

  • Mike Kobb
    Mike Kobb   2 weeks ago

    It's an interesting video, but it explained a lot more about all the predecessors and even possible future methods, but only spends a total of 32 seconds on a very vague explanation of what YouTube is doing ("turn it into a camera move").

  • ThePixelator257
    ThePixelator257   2 weeks ago

    I love how the title and the thumbnail both spell stabilization differently.

  • Dragster Bixing
    Dragster Bixing   2 weeks ago

    Why is this video on my recommendation after 6 years??!!?

  • Geeky Boy
    Geeky Boy   3 weeks ago

    Who else just wants to know where the cubes are?

  • James L
    James L   3 weeks ago

    Hope Oscar learned to behave.

  • Noè
    Noè   3 weeks ago

    I use mobile...

  • SaMiN M
    SaMiN M   3 weeks ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I didn't search for this And neither did you

  • nword boi
    nword boi   3 weeks ago

    i see mostpeople use lovked on stabilization on their faces and stuff

  • abcdefg
    abcdefg   3 weeks ago

    So... "give it a few years and there might be something better". Is there?

  • Graybadger06 Ritz
    Graybadger06 Ritz   3 weeks ago

    I didn’t even asked google what this was called! God damn it YouTube stop reading my mind!

  • stella coidan
    stella coidan   3 weeks ago

    It's weird how I don't understand any of these videos but I watch them anyway

  • Victor Pluntky
    Victor Pluntky   3 weeks ago

    This function doesn't exist anymore? Or for premium users only? =/

  • Heinrich Gerber
    Heinrich Gerber   4 weeks ago

    6 years later, most camera shots are either on a drone or a stabiliser rig

  • a4h4
    a4h4   1 months ago

    my eyes hurt

  • Joseph M Orost
    Joseph M Orost   1 months ago

    As Tom Scott gets whacked in the head by a huge rotating metal thingy!

  • Gaming For Live
    Gaming For Live   1 months ago

    Davinci resolce does a gret job at stabilisation when i testet i got better results than the gopro 8 black hero

  • Chris Shelswell
    Chris Shelswell   1 months ago

    I've been enjoying your videos for a while now. I'd love to sit down and have a beer and talk to you. If BBC could do in one hour the information you can give in 4 minutes they might be more highly regarded.Nice work, as ever :)

  • Chandler Zimmerman
    Chandler Zimmerman   1 months ago

    I swear I've subscribed like 4 times now. Idk why I'm not subscribed when I come back to your videos.

  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast   1 months ago

    02:20 Apparently Tom and his cameraman were arrested later that day for being part of a far right wing group.

  • Vincebond 007
    Vincebond 007   1 months ago

    I have a DJI osmo stabilizer for my phone :)

  • A27M Cromwell1
    A27M Cromwell1   1 months ago

    Face tracking is the funniest thing ever invented

  • Kenneth Irgendwas
    Kenneth Irgendwas   1 months ago

    i feel like the youtube video stabilisation part wasnt super well explained Px

  • Ciprian Bolun
    Ciprian Bolun   1 months ago

    3:29 "Steady c*m shots out of nowhere" Sheeet