I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

  • Published on: 23 May 2019
  • We tried following a fancy soap art tutorial! A huge thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video - you can check Wix out here: https://www.wix.com/go/SafiyaNygaard

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    So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps. So I decided - why not try and make a fancy bar of soap, myself, from scratch? So I followed a colorful, swirly cold-process soap art recipe from Soap Queen TV with interesting results. I've tried following makeup tutorials and nail art tutorials before, and this was by far the hardest one!

    You can check out Soap Queen TV here: https://www.youtube.com/user/soapqueentv
    And the Soap Queen blog here: https://www.soapqueen.com/
    And the Brambleberry store here: https://www.brambleberry.com/

    Also, all of the images on our soap "store" are from the Soap Queen blog! Links below to all of those recipes:

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    Assistant Editor: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley
    Graphics: Nathan Procell
  • Runtime : 26:44
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard   1 years ago

    hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf

  • Vang Nguyen
    Vang Nguyen   6 hours ago

    i feel like she doesn't know what a mini mixer is but she went to orly color lab and used it

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches   14 hours ago

    You should have called it a "Sof-loaf" instead o "Soap loaf"

  • Zainab Damudi
    Zainab Damudi   1 days ago

    4:08 that took me a while to understand cause I was born in 2008

  • Xoxo Kelsey
    Xoxo Kelsey   1 days ago

    4:21 ‘myriad’ nice Please tell me someone gets that reference 😂

  • IGY
    IGY   1 days ago

    def feel like tyler shoulda wore some shades too LOL

  • Taylor
    Taylor   1 days ago

    Next time spray the top with rubbing alcohol so the top doesnt get soda ash

  • Addison Sein
    Addison Sein   2 days ago

    Safiya: leave it in a cool dry placeMe: welcom to my garage

  • Trevor Salmans
    Trevor Salmans   2 days ago

    My parents owned a small soap business when I was a kid and they let me be around the lye 😬

  • Screech Owl
    Screech Owl   2 days ago


  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson   3 days ago

    And just yesterday she posted a soap cupcakes video 😂😂

  • Ginny Weasley!
    Ginny Weasley!   3 days ago

    You haven’t taken chemistry since 2008! I was like nearly born then!Nearly it was 2007 but what ever

  • Ginny Weasley!
    Ginny Weasley!   3 days ago

    I love how the title is “I TRIED following a soap art tutorial” XD

  • potatopie
    potatopie   3 days ago

    Here after the new vid! i love her soap vids

  • Kaitlyn Nakano
    Kaitlyn Nakano   3 days ago

    Safiya. Anne Marie mentioned you in one of her soap making videos!!!

  • Asmr Angel
    Asmr Angel   4 days ago

    I’m waiting for a Franklin soap who else is with me

  • Rossana Sosa
    Rossana Sosa   4 days ago

    https://youtu.be/20W3Stt7tlc Hanger swirls lol

  • Emily Flaws
    Emily Flaws   4 days ago

    You gotta try Anne-Marie's new hanger swirl recipe! I would love to see another soap making video!

  • Hailee
    Hailee   4 days ago

    you should do this again

  • Adrien Miller
    Adrien Miller   5 days ago

    "Huff now, puff later" damn Saf. Whats happinen in your free time? "Other than editing and Dinney wowrld

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma   5 days ago

    Safiya: get it straight!Me: that'll be difficult for me 👌

  • Anna Tsanko
    Anna Tsanko   1 weeks ago

    this video was posted exactly a year ago! wow!

  • Naya Nett
    Naya Nett   1 weeks ago

    I thought I was not working right now I didn't click on a science vid that my teachers said to

  • Violet May
    Violet May   1 weeks ago

    When you said “GET IT STRAIGHT” memories from school popped into my headI’ll tell you what happened (My friend):bla-bla-bla GET IT STRAIGHT Me:BUT IM NOT (I’m bisexual)And then me and my friends were laughing about it the rest of the day

  • Jaylen Miller
    Jaylen Miller   1 weeks ago

    You have got to make more soap videos I love watching them!!! (Not trying to sound crazy or mean) 🙂

  • Children Schmiedicke
    Children Schmiedicke   1 weeks ago

    Where is the "Meet Me At McDonald's" haircut for Tyler we were promised in Safiya's "I Let My Subscribers Pick My Hair Color" video? Like this comment if you want to see Tyler make this video!!!!

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson   1 weeks ago

    I like how she doesn’t cut out the parts where she makes mistakes, that’s an honest YouTuber right there. 🧛‍♀️

  • Little Sass
    Little Sass   1 weeks ago

    Omg I just thought of a idea what if Safiya did a Franken-soap

  • XxGracieR GachaxX
    XxGracieR GachaxX   1 weeks ago

    I was in Europe and got yelled at for running my nails against soap