I lived in a Luxury Airport for 4 days. Nobody noticed.

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • DISCLAIMER: Do not try to replicate this. Even we entered the airport and missed our flight, however, we had the intention to travel 4 days later. It is not allowed however to enter without the intention of ever traveling.
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    This week, Matt and Thomas lived the Singapore Changi Airport, ranked as the #1 airport in the world, for 4 days to see if it was possible...

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 13:33
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory   9 months ago

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  • M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    *travelling*has a very successful channel*filming at the world’s highest ranked airport“What am I doing with my life?”Something good, I guess

  • iska vevo
    iska vevo   3 days ago

    Wtf i lived there about 16 years and it's my first time know that we have a pool in there.

    ZAC BEATS   1 weeks ago

    I did this for 3 weeks nobody questioned me cos I was wearing a suit

  • Pooja Jagga
    Pooja Jagga   1 weeks ago

    Are all the in-airport amenities free of cost😂

  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee   1 weeks ago

    whyd they show the wilson bridge at 10:12 lmao thats in virginia

  • Shiv kap
    Shiv kap   1 weeks ago

    Remember when u could even go to an airport??

  • Fabiano Peres
    Fabiano Peres   1 weeks ago

    You you use a hotel it doesn't count. The challenge would be to stay in the airport without money like the movie.

  • Lenni Taattola
    Lenni Taattola   1 weeks ago

    If you were to be kicked out of an airport where would you go if you couldn't buy a ticket but couldn't enter the country either...

  • Emila Vallée
    Emila Vallée   1 weeks ago

    I wish I had discovered this sooner lmaooo.You guys are hilarious.

  • O-L Gaming
    O-L Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Its cool how they programmed the camera if they fall to sleep to fly about 5:13

  • TheRagingGamer
    TheRagingGamer   1 weeks ago

    lmao no homo thou that officer at 8:20 looken fresh thou

  • Bobocean342
    Bobocean342   1 weeks ago

    We’re not breaking any rules The sign at security gate thing:Am I a joke to you

  • Nish TDM
    Nish TDM   1 weeks ago

    Your the best,I saw you at the airport but my told me not to talk to stargers😂

  • Phan2GT
    Phan2GT   1 weeks ago

    Personally, I'am a Singaporean my self. And one of my flights was delayed for over 48 hours, although I was a Singaporean, and had the right to return to my Condo for 48 hours, I prefered to sleep in the Movie Theater for every night, until the plane was permitted to fly, after the typhoon in Shanghai... (this was the same day you uploaded this video) what a coincidence!

  • 2theSkysStudios
    2theSkysStudios   1 weeks ago

    I actually went to Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix. I went through to Thailand and I was able to spend about 10 hours in the airport waiting for my flight back to LA

  • M J
    M J   1 weeks ago

    Matt is so cute hahaha

  • Commander Slayers
    Commander Slayers   1 weeks ago

    I am so happy that there are people from other countries who admired and loved our airport 😊 also the fact that you survived 4 days without them knowing shows how lucky you are since Singapore is really strict with their rules and we also have ton of laws

  • PendN
    PendN   2 weeks ago

    People mostly in Asia would trust white people more

  • diamond zieman
    diamond zieman   2 weeks ago

    Worst case scenerio??? What if you guys got black listed? You guys are either stupid or crazy

  • Bob The Dabber
    Bob The Dabber   2 weeks ago

    If you do this challenge now, you’ll probably die

  • Vėjas Zaleskis
    Vėjas Zaleskis   2 weeks ago

    Once I was hitchhiking around Europe and end up at the Graz airport without anywhere else to sleep. I got myself comfortable when soon enough security came to tell me that the airport is closing for the night and that I need to leave. I was like fuck. So I had to lie to him telling I have a flight the upcoming morning and that I have nowhere to go (which was true). The security guy stopped to think or a little while and told me: "okay, you can stay, but I am locking all the doors and switching off all the lights". What the fuck I think :D I end up dancing around in my socks and sleeping in a closed and completely empty airport.

  • Finlay Hamm
    Finlay Hamm   2 weeks ago

    thats since no one was there because of the coronavirus