John Boyega Reveals How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay

  • Published on: 28 November 2019
  • John Boyega reflects on his Star Wars success and favorite memories from filming the sequel trilogy, describes the emotional last days of filming The Rise of Skywalker and explains how he nearly spoiled the film during a move.

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    John Boyega Breaks Down How His Star Wars Script Wound Up on eBay

  • Runtime : 6:44
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    CHURCH KYLO REN   2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday Finn. May the Peace be with u. From Harlingen Texas. March 17, 1992March 17, 2020 through March 17, 3020

  • gderpy1
    gderpy1   1 months ago

    o so boyega leaked the movie. hahaha

  • Dorca
    Dorca   2 months ago

    john boyega's voice is just F U Nit just sounds like F U N

  • Adline Writes
    Adline Writes   2 months ago

    John Boyega: It's the end. Baby Yoda: Hold my bone broth.

  • Danny B
    Danny B   2 months ago

    he is talking like a britsh man

  • Fabri zio
    Fabri zio   2 months ago

    This British accent though..

  • Jack Speedicut
    Jack Speedicut   2 months ago

    Career oven for this guy. Staring in a geek movie is the kiss of death. Just ask Mark Hamill or Elijah Wood

  • JohnstasBACK
    JohnstasBACK   2 months ago

    why is he so buff irl but not in the movies

  • White Supreme
    White Supreme   3 months ago

    People don't seem to realize he was subtly telling everyone the movie was dog crap.

  • Steven Hunt
    Steven Hunt   3 months ago

    The script did not get leaked. It was a fantastic lie that Disney had John propagate to round out his contract. The fact that he is such a great actor is how this was even remotely pulled off, and it's also the reason that Boyega is 100% done with Star Wars now.

  • Rheanna Bulger
    Rheanna Bulger   3 months ago

    John Boyega should have never been a part of this franchise, he never deserved it (shout out to JJ with the favors). Never truly appreciated it. Never will. What a shame.

  • ChrisNowPlays Games
    ChrisNowPlays Games   3 months ago

    Who would like to buy the rights to Star Wars so we can continue the saga

  • oge fina
    oge fina   3 months ago

    Now I understand why his parents got him a paper shredder😂

  • ikato kiyazaki2
    ikato kiyazaki2   3 months ago

    HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE MC or at least focus on him more and make him a legit jedi

  • Brina G
    Brina G   3 months ago

    So humble and honest

  • Brina G
    Brina G   3 months ago

    John Boyega, love him! Great work

  • Ben Ruckus
    Ben Ruckus   3 months ago

    Honestly I hope Boyega never gets work again. Completely unprofessional of him to "forget" his script. Especially since he was upset about his screentime/dialogue lines in Rise of Soywalker.

  • Kkri
    Kkri   3 months ago

    Such good writing, "they fly now", they fly now!?", THEY FLY NOW xD xD EGHHHH

  • Dummkopfjonas
    Dummkopfjonas   3 months ago

    Imagine Johns character actually not getting underused in Star Wars. Hahaha funny dream

  • R Zedd
    R Zedd   3 months ago

    Real niggas know about Moses from attack the block

  • Nylon
    Nylon   3 months ago

    Uhg. Fuck this guy. He's become as trashy as his track suits over the past couple years. Mark my words, he's gonna get a massive reality check.

  • Novi
    Novi   3 months ago

    That suit is similar to Cavill's now that I see it

  • Lord Sobek
    Lord Sobek   3 months ago

    John Boyega, also known as Finn. If he's the one who got the lightsaber to fight a Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren, he knew his friend, Rey is a Jedi. He didn't know anything about the Force but for him and the Resistance, he will not be harm by Kylo Ren. May the Force be with him.

  • Papa Moomin
    Papa Moomin   3 months ago

    Even months before John boyega leaked the script accidentally, a bunch of spoilers were already on the internet. It was crazy to read them just after watching the movie.

  • Gussy .D
    Gussy .D   3 months ago

    Weird hearing his normal accent, seems like a really chill dude

  • Monkee Nez
    Monkee Nez   3 months ago

    Didn't the script get leaked online? I hope it wasn't from this 👀👀👀