Everything Wrong With San Andreas In Earthquake Minutes

  • Published on: 19 January 2016
  • San Andreas is a real movie with a very real amount of sins. So we counted them.

    Thursday: Sins from a 2015 blockbuster we kind of hated.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 18:49
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  • James Sn
    James Sn   1 days ago

    6:39... haha beautiful point about modern screenwriting!

  • Cash Limberg
    Cash Limberg   4 days ago

    shout out to the drugs the sin timer is on

    J MONEY   5 days ago

    14:22 he added ten sins for no reason

  • vesito17
    vesito17   1 weeks ago

    More entertaining to watch the movie through the lens of its faults than actually process it scene by scene in sequence. Also, while I’m no expert, I think you missed a sin - where the rock saves his wife from the rooftop, no one is flying the helicopter. Not sure helicopters can fly/hover completely on autopilot.

  • Meredith
    Meredith   1 weeks ago

    am i the only one that gets super fucking annoyed with is voice like bro shut the fuck up and watch the movie

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster   1 weeks ago

    LOL... natural disaster movie, more like fingers crossed, hold my breath and hope it’s an accurate prediction movie!!!

  • dr 99games
    dr 99games   1 weeks ago

    Oh god get the sin timer some help

  • The Addicted Duck
    The Addicted Duck   1 weeks ago

    Pause here 5:38 the screen is duplicated on the top of the screen

  • Alexandra Albarran
    Alexandra Albarran   1 weeks ago

    My island had a 6.4 earthquake in January and we didn’t have service or electricity for a week, and these people had perfect signal, WiFi and electricity in a 9.5 earthquake OKAY AMERICA

  • v BUSTER
    v BUSTER   1 weeks ago

    This is how 2020 is goin to end

  • Prophet Snow
    Prophet Snow   1 weeks ago

    Yeah it’s possible to feel it on the east coast because I’m 2011 I felt the Japanese earthquake on the east coast

  • Poof
    Poof   2 weeks ago

    Just another “ The Rock “ turd, don’t worry they’ll be many many more.

  • Tom Kewn
    Tom Kewn   2 weeks ago

    I hate that you didn't sin the ending like we rebuild like tf

  • Him
    Him   2 weeks ago

    Pretty crap movie

  • The Virtual Captain
    The Virtual Captain   2 weeks ago

    That containership wouldn't just fall on its stern like that when it goes over a wave, it would just GO OVER THE WAVE

  • Reuged
    Reuged   2 weeks ago

    Cinema sim presents San Andreas Me: expecting some joke from GTA AndreasNo joke with Me: got piss and go play Gta Andreas making jokes in my mind

  • Seezuree
    Seezuree   2 weeks ago

    13:27 if you pause at the right time you see 00:13:17 what is that

  • Joseph Kelley
    Joseph Kelley   2 weeks ago

    4:54 yes! There are decepticons under it! I actually said that while watching the movie.

  • Nanan Chooga
    Nanan Chooga   2 weeks ago

    I would absolutely hate to watch a movie with you

  • A Fasanmi
    A Fasanmi   2 weeks ago

    6:26 Is that Alexei from Stranger Things?

  • Korver Pace
    Korver Pace   3 weeks ago

    Some one should make an every thing rong with you

  • Sovietwolf689 USSR
    Sovietwolf689 USSR   3 weeks ago

    Oh no California we sure will miss the people and not cheer in joy

  • Atomic Superior
    Atomic Superior   3 weeks ago

    they thought they would copy San Andreas form CJand just destroy the cityand we would sit watching?

  • Doug Beckett
    Doug Beckett   3 weeks ago

    How about whats wrong with your oppinion. We watch movies because they are entertaining We don't care if they are accurate .

  • Meatyboy Gang
    Meatyboy Gang   3 weeks ago

    You ruin every movie and an 1/8 of the sins are actually real

  • Roblox_ Gamer_YT_Ireland

    I watched the San Andreas Movie 2 years ago when we were in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Munster, Ireland

  • SuperStockLo23
    SuperStockLo23   4 weeks ago

    Just change the title to everything IS wrong with San Andreas and you’ll have the best video on the web!

  • Karolina Surowaniec
    Karolina Surowaniec   4 weeks ago

    aww the calm 2016 voice... cinema sins gets more savage every year (and i love ittttttt)